100+ Scariest Two Sentence Horror Stories That’ll Scare The Living Daylights Out Of You


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Best Two Sentence Horror Stories That'll Freak You Out

Love scares? Looking for some scary stories to tell in the dark? Then here are 100 scariest and twisted two sentence horror stories that will keep you up all night. Keep the lights on tonight!

We all love scary ghost stories. But these highly popular two sentence horror stories can scare the living daylights out of us and deliver a gut-wrenching shock at the same time all in a matter of seconds.

And that’s the beauty of these bite-sized mini horror gems that have gone viral all over the internet over the past few years. So we have compiled a list of over 100 of the best two sentence horror stories and the internet have to offer.

Two sentence horror stories: A terrifying way to feel good

Love reading short horror stories? Each of these short scary stories that belong to this genre of micro horror tells a creepy stand-alone story with a sinister twist.

Exploring various themes of horror, these 2 sentence horror stories are an infinite pool of unexpected frights and dread. 

These short scary stories can burrow under your skin in an instant leaving you feeling unsettled and terrified for a long time.

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100 two sentence horror stories

Here are over 100 two sentence horror stories that are downright scary, creepy, spooky and shocking. This compilation of classic and new creepy stories from Reddit and the darkest corners of the internet will scare the hell out of you. So dim your light and read them slowly in a raspy creaky voice.

Let’s begin the spookfest with the best two sentence horror stories –

Scary Story #1

two sentence horror stories
two sentence horror stories

I begin tucking him into bed and he tells me, “Daddy check for monsters under my bed.” 

I look underneath for his amusement and see him, another him, under the bed, staring back at me quivering and whispering, “Daddy there’s somebody on my bed.”
by justAnotherMuffledVo

Scary Story #2

Scariest Two Sentence Horror Stories
one sentence horror stories

There was a picture in my phone of me sleeping. 

I live alone.

by guztaluz

Scary Story #3

Scariest Two Sentence Horror Stories
2 sentence horror stories

The driver wasn’t very chatty, so I checked my phone.

“Hey it’s your Uber, I’m outside.”

by Thecoldflame

Scary Story #4

“Being closer than usual, I couldn’t understand what was wrong with my shadow as I walked in the pale moonlight.

As I felt an unexplained fear paralyze me, I saw my shadow open its eyes.”

by Darkdreams79

Scary Story #5

“Can you get me a blanket, please? It’s really cold here,” her voice echoed through the cold room as I watched her shivering under the white sheet. 

Putting on my earphones, I realize I’ve learned its best to ignore these complaints after a decade of working the night shift in a morgue.

by Darkdreams79

Scary Story #6

Scariest Two Sentence Horror Stories
2 sentence horror stories

The last thing I saw was my alarm clock flashing 12:07 before she pushed her long rotting nails through my chest, her other hand muffling my screams.

I sat bolt upright, relieved it was only a dream, but as I saw my alarm clock read 12:06, I heard my closet door creak open.

by Jmperson

Scary Story #7

I decided to kill off a few characters in the book I’m writing.

It would definitely spice up my autobiography a little.

by Killroy137

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Scary Story #8

The doctors told the amputee he might experience a phantom limb from time to time. 

Nobody prepared him for the moments though, when he felt cold fingers brush across his phantom hand.

by Gagege

Scary Story #9

Scariest Two Sentence Horror Stories
2 sentence horror stories

I woke up to hear knocking on glass. 

At first, I thought it was the window until I heard it come from the mirror again. 

by Therealhatman

Scary Story #10

She wondered why she was casting two shadows. 

Afterall, there was only a single lightbulb.

by pgan91

Feeling creeped out yet? Oh, we are just getting warmed up here. Keeping reading for more 2 sentence horror stories spookiness.

Scary Story #11

Growing up with cats and dogs, I got used to the sounds of scratching at my door while I slept. 

Now that I live alone, it is much more unsettling.

by Miami_Metro

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Scary Story #12

In all of the time that I’ve lived alone in this house, I swear to God I’ve closed more doors than I’ve opened.

by EvilSteveDave

Scary Story #13

Scariest Two Sentence Horror Stories
two sentence horror stories

The grinning face stared at me from the darkness beyond my bedroom window. 

I live on the 14th floor.

by bentreflection 

Scary Story #14

I just saw my reflection blink.

by marino1310 

Scary Story #15

Scariest Two Sentence Horror Stories
two sentence horror stories

Working the night shift alone tonight. 

There is a face in the cellar staring at the security camera.

by hctet 


Scary Story #16

They delivered the mannequins in bubble wrap. 

From the main room I begin to hear popping.

by Mikeyseventyfive 

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Scary Story #17

You wake up. 

She doesn’t.

by tuskedlemon

Scary Story #18

Scariest Two Sentence Horror Stories
two sentence horror stories

I awoke to the sound of the baby monitor crackling with a voice comforting my firstborn child. 

As I adjusted to a new position, my arm brushed against my wife, sleeping next to me.

by Doctordevice

Scary Story #19

Scariest Two Sentence Horror Stories
two sentence horror stories

I always thought my cat had a staring problem – she always seemed fixated on my face. 

Until one day, when I realized that she was always looking just behind me.

by Hangukbrian

Scary Story #20

There’s nothing like the laughter of a baby. 

Unless it’s 1 a.m. and you’re home alone.

by Wartortlesthebestest

Scary Story #21

“You get home, tired after a long day’s work and ready for a relaxing night alone. 

You reach for the light switch, but another hand is already there.”

by Madamimadamimadam

Scary Story #22

She went upstairs to check on her sleeping toddler. 

The window was open and the bed was empty.

by Aerron

Scary Story #23

I never go to sleep. 

But I keep waking up.

by Genetically_witless

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Scary Story #24

My daughter won’t stop crying and screaming in the middle of the night. 

I visit her grave and ask her to stop, but it doesn’t help.

by Skuppy

Scary Story #25

“I can’t sleep,” she whispered, crawling into bed with me. 

I woke up cold, clutching the dress she was buried in.

by VaultKid321 

Damn! That one is definitely creepy. Here are more 2 sentence horror stories for you to enjoy.

Scary Story #26

Feeding a 2-year-old child is surely not an easy job but I still managed to get her tummy full, affirmed by her cute burp.

Now that she was stuffed, I could finally start marinating her for dinner. 

by Darkdreams79

Scary Story #27

Don’t be scared of the monsters, just look for them. 

Look to your left, to your right, under your bed, behind your dresser, in your closet but never look up, she hates being seen.

by AnarchistWaffles 

Scary Story #28

They celebrated the first successful cryogenic freezing. 

He had no way of letting them know he was still conscious.

by KnowsGooderThanYou

Scary Story #29

It sat on my shelf, with thoughtless porcelain eyes and the prettiest pink doll dress I could find. 

Why did she have to be born still?

by Horseseverywhere 

Scary Story #30

Day 312. 

Internet still not working.

by fluffyponyza 

Scary Story #31

You start to drift off into a comfortable sleep when you hear your name being whispered. 

You live alone.

by anonymous_abc 

Scary Story #32

I kiss my wife and daughter goodnight before I go to sleep. 

When I wake up, I’m in a padded room and the nurses tell me it was just a dream.

by StoryTellerBob 

Scary Story #33

You’re laying in bed and with your feet dangling out of the covers. 

You feel a hand grab your feet.

by HesusMendez 

Scary Story #34

The funeral attendees never came out of the catacombs. 

Something locked the crypt door from the inside.


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Scary Story #35

I was having a pleasant dream when what sounded like hammering woke me. 

After that, I could barely hear the muffled sound of dirt covering the coffin over my own screams.

by vigridarena 

Scary Story #36

The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. 

There was a knock at the door.

by Scry67 

Scary Story #37

Scariest Two Sentence Horror Stories
two sentence horror stories

You hear your mom calling you into the kitchen. 

As you are heading down the stairs you hear a whisper from the closet saying “Don’t go down there honey, I heard it too.”

by comparativelysane 

Scary Story #38

A girl heard her mom yell her name from downstairs, so she got up and started to head down.

 As she got to the stairs, her mom pulled her into her room and said “I heard that, too.

by Drrd777

Scary Story #39

She asked why I was breathing so heavily. 

I wasn’t.

by Calamitosity

Scary Story #40

My wife woke me up last night to tell me there was an intruder in our house. 

She was murdered by an intruder 2 years ago.

by The_D_String

Ooh… this one gave me the heebie-jeebies! Do we dare to read more 2 sentence horror stories? Oh yes, we do. bring on the spooky scares.

Scary Story #41

Nurse’s Note: Born 7 pounds 10 ounces, 18 inches long, 32 fully formed teeth. 

Silent, always smiling.

by ichokedcheryltunt  

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Scary Story #42

The longer I wore it the more it grew on me. 

She had such pretty skin.

by blaqkmagick  

Scary Story #43

You hear the scream across the hallway, but your eyes won’t open and you can’t move.

by dkmino 

Scary Story #44

Being the first to respond to a fatal car accident is always the most traumatic thing I see as a police officer. 

But today, when the crushed body of the little dead child boy strapped in his car seat opened his eyes and giggled at me when I tried to peel him out of the wreckage, I immediately knew that today would be my last day on the force.

by scabbycakes  

Scary Story #45

I looked out my window. 

The stars had gone away.

by Owllette 

Scary Story #46

The pairs of emaciated eyes outnumber the single round in my gun. 

With pleading tears falling on her doll’s hair, I point the barrel at my last surviving daughter.

by yoshkow 

Scary Story #47

After working a hard day, I came home to see my girlfriend cradling our child. 

I didn’t know which was more frightening, seeing my dead girlfriend and stillborn child, or knowing that someone broke into my apartment to place them there.

by Cobaltcollapse 

Scary Story #48

“Don’t open….Don’t open…Don’t open,” the raspy whispers of invisible children kept cramming my ears.

I woke up to hard knocks on my door in the dark of the silent night, the eerie whispers from the nightmare I just had still ringing in my ears.

by Darkdreams79 

Scary Story #49

Sandra watched her son swinging in the playground.

The police were trying to cut the noose.

by Tennoa

Scary Story #50

My husband has been very upset with me since my failed suicide attempt.

He’s crying nonstop and he won’t acknowledge me.

by Amelia-M-2000

After her best friend Julia committed suicide, my daughter Sara started a charity in her honor to combat cyberbullying.

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Scary Story #51

While it took a lot of work to finally push Julia over the edge, my husband and I are just so happy that Sara can add this activity to her college applications.

by ace250

Scary Story #52

The dog sits at my gate every morning and night when I leave and come home from work. dri

Even after all this time she can still smell her owner’s blood on my hands.

by Anonymous

Scary Story #53

“We found your daughter,” the officer said as he drew an X on the map…

…and then he drew another, and another, and another, and another.

by BrianHotshot

Scary Story #54

They say a shiver down your spine means that someone’s walking over your future burial site.

As my husband walks around outside gardening, the shivers won’t stop.

by mypzyrpz

Scary Story #55

It took 5 minutes and a screwdriver, but the cap finally came loose with a satisfying “pop”

Now for the other knee.

by ketamineforpresident

Scary Story #56

“We’ll find the source of that smell,” I assured the homeowner as I knelt down and wedged myself into the crawl space.

But just as I saw a very familiar-looking uniform and the grey of long-dead flesh, I heard the floorboards being hammered back into place.

by minithemermaid

Scary Story #57

I always found the idea of Batman to be laughable.

But just to be safe, I shot the kid too.

by CamC159

Scary Story #58

I told her there was no monster in her closet as I picked her up told her she could sleep with us tonight.

I figured that was the safest way off getting her out of the house without him realizing I saw him.

by Monghostwriter

Scary Story #59

I had a dream I was being dragged to hell, burning and writhing in agony.

I woke up with the doctor standing over me saying “whew, we’d lost you for a few minutes”.

by Monechetti

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Scary Story #60

Pizza guy delivered my pizza and said “Enjoy it you two”.

I was just glad I wasn’t the only one that saw it.

by Meatloaf_Hitler

Okay! I am going to be very careful ordering pizza from now on. But there are a lot more scare in store for you this Halloween. Here are some more really scary 2 sentence horror stories.

Scary Story #61

Claire adored her blue-eyed, black-haired little doll so much that she played with her everyday; until one day she ripped her head off.

Now the doll plays alone.

by divyanshdubey

Scary Story #62

“I’ve always wondered, what’s the scythe for, anyway?” I asked, as Death escorted me to the underworld.”

“Protection,” he answered nervously.

by shoutsfrombothsides

Scary Story #63

My brother and I sat down with the ouija board, and both place our hands on the planchette,

He said “Cole are you here with me?” 

I moved the planchette to yes.

by Magical77

Scary Story #64

After the final push, I didn’t know what was more frightening.

The fact that my baby wasn’t screaming, or because the doctor was.

by CreamySpudz

Scary Story #65

They said it was normal for the black hole to look like an eye.

That was before it blinked.

by TheSebtacular

Scary Story #66

The scary part wasn’t that all the lights in the house suddenly turned off.

It was that Alexa said “no” when I asked her to turn them back on.

by AlienRouge

Scary Story #67

I was always told not to play with my food, as it is a blessing to eat.

However I’m one to tease my meals, and killing is always a treat. 

by Anonymous

Scary Story #68

It sat on my shelf, with thoughtless porcelain eyes and the prettiest pink doll dress I could find. 

Why did she have to be born still?

by Horseseverywhere

Scary Story #69

My cat is asleep beside my computer in his favorite spot. 

I’ve buried him 10 times.

by Anonymous

Scary Story #70

The wailing from the baby monitor just won’t stop. 

Problem is, my daughter is with her mother this weekend…over 200 miles away.

by Ariel_273

Scary Story #71

My husband woke me up by kissing my cheek when he got home late. 

This morning I checked my phone — he stayed with a friend last night.

by Marshmellow4444 

Scary Story #72

The upstairs neighbors are awfully noisy. 

I told my landlord… it’s been vacant for months.

by Marshmellow4444

Scary Story #73

My TV keeps turning on by itself. 

It’s annoying, but what’s more worrisome is how it only shows footage of me standing in my living room.

by 2manyships2sail 

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Scary Story #74

“Home alone tonight :(“, she posted on Facebook around midnight.

But just as she heard an invisible whisper calling her name from the other end of the dark corridor, she realized being “truly” alone wouldn’t have been such a bad thing after all.

by Darkdreams79

Scary Story #75

I have a recurring dream I’m murdered by a man I’d never met. 

I thought it was stupid until I went on a blind date and saw him at the table.

by 2manyships2sai

Scary Story #76

My mom told me she had the best time playing with my little sister today. 

My sister went missing in 2002 – they found her body in 2006. 

by Anonymous

Scary Story #77

Roses are red, violets are blue.

You’d better run, I’m coming for you. 

by RedDeadRevengeance

Scary Story #78

I hate desperate, needy and clingy nice guys.

I really thought he would leave me alone once I killed him.

by Darkdreams79

Scary Story #79

“Hello, Georgie!” The creepy-looking clown chuckled from beneath the sewers.

Bored with killing his pets, Georgie finally found someone new to play ‘games’ with.

By Darkdreams79

What the hell did I just read? Pennywise is surely in for a shock! Let’s explore some more creepiness with these 2 sentence horror stories.

Scary Story #80

I sobbed as my daughter begged me not to pull the trigger.

It gets harder and harder to kill her each time she Returns.

By amateurnewbie

Scary Story #81

John was relieved when the shadow in the graveyard turned out to be an old caretaker chipping at a grave.

Until the man turned around and said, “They spelt my name wrong.”

by shufaLin

Scary Story #82

All I ever wanted was to be skinny like the models, so for my third wish, I told the genie I wanted to lose 50 pounds.

Did you know that one human leg weighs about 25lbs?

by BrookeEMx

Scary Story #83

That awkward girl from high school turned out so smoking hot nobody recognized her.

She was only identifiable by her dental records.

by Tonynferno

Scary Story #84

As she finally drifted off to sleep, she felt the cold, bony fingers caress her body. 

She prayed it was just a dream.

by Anonymous

Scary Story #85

I thought the landlord was joking when she told us there were rumours this house was haunted.

Until the real one walked in apologising for being late.

by warm_guns

I seriously did not see that twist coming. These 2 sentence horror stories are no doubt fun. Shall we continue? Oh, hell yes!

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Scary Story #86

Last night, I could have sworn I saw someone outside of my window, looking in at me.

I was so hopeful, but of course, there is no one left.

by HorrorInTwo

Scary Story #87

I thought telling the genie “I want to live forever” was the ultimate win.

But the universe went dark 3 billion years ago, and I’m desperate for “forever” to get here.

by douggold11

Scary Story #88

I sleep next to the love of my life every single night.
She just doesn’t know it

by otareadit

Scary Story #89

It’s been 37 years, still, the bloodstain from the day I stabbed her to death is visible in my arm.

It’s been 37 years, still the bloodstain burns like hell.

by Darkdreams79

Scary Story #90

I keep seeing red eyes on my security camera feed.

The cameras are black and white.

by YallJealous

Scary Story #91

“So if you really are responsible for those unsolved kidnappings,” started the skeptical amateur reporter, “how do you lure your victims?”

“With an interview.”

by MintClicker

Scary Story #92

I’m on a killing spree at the fifth zombie now.

But why are they all coming to my front door with candy bags?

by Impostorbot

Scary Story #93

I was video chatting and dropped my phone on the floor as I picked it up my husband’s face changed.

he held his hands to his lips as if saying to be quiet and to my horror, he wrote: “there’s a man under your bed.”

by Shape81 

Scary Story #94

When I found a box of videotapes buried in the back of my dad’s closet, I thought I knew what they were. 

I realized how wrong I was when I hit play, and the screaming started.

by Anonymous

Scary Story #95

As I tried to order something weird on the dark web for the first time, I realized how truly dangerous it was.

The shady website already had my image, address, credit card and personal details saved in the order form.

by Darkdreams79

Scary Story #96

I received a call from my doctor, verifying that the lumps on my chest weren’t tumours.

They were eggs.

by TheOnlyElemental

Scary Story #97

I used to think the scariest thing you could see on your doorstep at 3am was a crazed killer with a knife.

Until I saw the two solemn-faced police officers and remembered my daughter wasn’t back from her night out yet.

by Summerisle_Apples 

Scary Story #98

According to the computer’s readouts, the astronaut’s oxygen gave out five days ago.

So why were they still screaming?

by Lots42 

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Scary Story #99

From afar, the doll looked just like her. 

From close up, she could see it was made out of her lost teeth and dead skin.

by Anonymous 

Scary Story #100

I can’t move, breathe, speak or hear and it’s so dark all the time. 

If I knew it would be this lonely, I would have been cremated instead.

by Graboid27

Scary Story #101

“Dad…please take Mr. Puggles to the dentist,” my 5-year-old daughter told me her teddy bear has ‘gum pain’ for the 7th time this week.

Realizing how cute she is, today I played dentist with her and her teddy only to find a set of bloodied rotting teeth inside the lifeless teddy bear.

by Darkdreams79

Feeling creeped out yet after going through these 2 sentence horror stories?

I know I won’t be getting any sleep tonight. But I do hope you get some well-deserved sleep and the creature that hides in the darkness of your closet gets to watch you again tonight. Just kidding!

Or am I?

Crawling out of the grave

Most people love ghost stories. Whether you read it, hear it, or watch it, horror stories have a unique relationship with our psychology and emotions.

Whether it’s vampires, werewolves, zombies, skinwalkers, wendigos, creepy mythical creatures, or psycho killers, horror stories capture our imagination and take us to a world that we might never experience in reality. These not only scare us but also make us feel excited. 

Whether you are a fan of Stephen King or H. P. Lovecraft or even these creepy two sentence horror stories, reading a scary story, especially in the dark of the night, releases a good load of dopamine in our brains that boost the feelings of pleasure and activates our body for something exciting.

Feeling scared through a fictional story enables us to explore the deepest corners of our fear while being in a safe and controlled environment.

As we invest ourselves in this spooky fictional world, we experience a sudden rush of excitement by pretending to face and overcome a great evil along with the protagonist of the story.

Horror stories and scary ghost stories are designed to create an atmosphere of suspense and terror inside our heads and we can quickly escape that terrifying world simply by closing the book. This ability to escape the real world as well as the scary fictional world whenever we want makes horror stories even more exciting and popular. 

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Which of these creepy two sentence horror stories were your favourites? Do you have any more to add in this list of short horror stories? Do let us know in the comments down below!

Happy nightmares folks!

Scariest Two Sentence Horror Stories
100+ Scariest Two Sentence Horror Stories That’Ll Scare The Living Daylights Out Of You
Two Sentence Horror Stories pin
100 Two-Sentence Horror Stories That’ll Freak You Out
Scariest Two Sentence Horror Stories Pin
100 Two Sentence Horror Stories
Two Sentence Horror Stories Freak Out pin
100+ Scariest Two Sentence Horror Stories That’Ll Scare The Living Daylights Out Of You
Two Sentence Horror Stories Freak You Out pin
100+ Scariest Two Sentence Horror Stories That’Ll Scare The Living Daylights Out Of You
2 sentence horror stories
100+ Scariest Two Sentence Horror Stories That’ll Scare The Living Daylights Out Of You

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