12 Signs You Are Cursed By An Evil Energy


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strong signs you are cursed

Are you feeling a little down in the dumps lately? Seeing or hearing weird things? Or experiencing a series of negative events? These are strong signs you are cursed. Learn how to overcome the evil eye.

Curses are one of the most common practices since the Dawn of Human Civilization. Unfortunately, this magical activity still is extremely popular in witching rituals in many parts of the world. This is why it is very common to be cursed.

What Is A Curse?

In order to defend ourselves, we must first know what we are dealing with. Let’s see some facts about curses from our article “Defying Black Arts – What’s a Hex, Curse and Evil Spell”.

  • A Curse or a Hex is a form of the spell, cast either spontaneously (driven by anger or other dark emotions) or strategically (using ritual magic) with exceptionally malevolent and ill intention.
  • The Word Hex comes from the German language – Hexe – and it actually means a Witch.
  • A curse can target a person, a location, or even an object. Once the Curse is cast it will try to mark and harm the target by any means possible.
  • Whether the Curse will succeed depends on how protected the target currently is.
  • The Curse can endure years and they can endure even Death, thus following the target for his/her next incarnations.

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Is Cursing ok?

You probably need to think of it in another way. Will the Wars ever stop while humans still invest in creating and inventing new weapons? The same applies to curses. The Karmic burden of this material plane is getting heavier as we still insist on cursing instead of liberating and healing ourselves.

Cursing is an active attempt to ‘bend’ someone else’s Free Will. This violation of the highest spiritual Law brings an instant lowering of our spiritual vibrations.

An it harm none, do what ye will”. Please remember that we are all connected. We are all part of the same energy matrix. The more we ‘blacken’ it, the worse will the consequences be for all.

How Do I Know If I Am Cursed? 12 Signs You Are Cursed

Signs You Cursed
How To Tell If You Are Cursed? 12 Signs You Are Under A Curse

1. Finding scary stuff in your house.

Witches who target you need to establish contact in order to effectively curse you. To do so, they have to employ several ways. The most usual tool of Dark Witches is Fear. Fear links people.

If you feel cursed then this is likely to occur like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Psychologically speaking, when we are convinced we are targeted, we may act like cursed people.

What To Do:

1. Has someone broken into your house? Regardless of the ‘curse’, call the police, if you believe that someone broke into your house and left something that is spooky to terrorize you. Any possible ‘breaking and entering’ as well as an act of vandalism should be reported.

2. Call the local ‘Ghostbusters’ aka the Witches or Exorcists who professionally deal with stuff like this.

3. Get rid of the spooky artifact. Never throw a possible cursed artifact in a lake!

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2. Weird symbols on your house.

In a similar way, witches may need to ‘mark’ your territory with a sigil or a demonic talisman.

Finding ‘magical’ talismans or sigils of unknown origin on your territory means a Witch or someone who impersonates ‘a witch’ was there. This sigil is possibly inscribed by a knife (ritual dagger) or painted with magical ink.

What To Do:

1. Is this Vandalism? Regardless of the ‘curse’, call the police if you feel that you should report vandalism that took place in your territory as it may mean that someone, may try to terrorize you. Any possible ‘breaking and entering, as well as an act of vandalism, should be reported.

2. Call the local ‘Ghostbusters’ aka the Witches or Exorcists who professionally deal with stuff like this.

3. Get rid of the spooky symbols – remove them. Throw Holy Water on the spot AFTER you cleanse it.

3. Missing photos.

Photos (especially the older or non-digital ones) are believed to possess something from your Auric energy on them. They can actually act as a link to the photographed person or animal or place. It is used as a focal point for many rituals, both good and evil.

Hence, missing photos from your room or house mean that someone may steal them to use them for dark rituals.

What To Do:

1. Has someone broken into your house? Regardless of the ‘curse’, call the police if you believe that someone broke into your house. Any possible ‘breaking and entering’ as well as an act of vandalism should be reported. Of course, just a missing photo would be hard to explain. So don’t exaggerate.

2. Call the local ‘Ghostbusters’ aka the Witches or Exorcists who professionally deal with stuff like this.

4. Missing underwear or VERY personal items.

Underwear or clothes (especially worn) have a strong Auric Imprint drenched in them. The same applies to your very personal items (for example your watch). This thick energy of yours can be used as a link in rituals both for good or ill purposes.

What To Do:

1. Regardless of the ‘curse’, call the police if you feel that someone broke into your house. Any possible ‘breaking and entering’ as well as an act of vandalism should be reported. You may not want to report some missing underwear, but what about expensive personal items like a watch or jewelry?

2. Call the local ‘Ghostbusters’ aka the Witches or Exorcists who professionally deal with stuff like this.

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5. Unidentified spilled liquids on your doorstep or elsewhere around or in your territory.

Sometimes a Witch might use enchanted potions to hex you or your territory. To do so, the liquid has to be spilled around or in your house or on your doorstep.

To find such liquids along with iron nails or scattered glasses might mean that someone is trying to curse you.

What To Do:

1. Call the local ‘Ghostbusters’ aka the Witches or Exorcists who professionally deal with stuff like this.

2. If you don’t know the origin of the liquid, call a professional team to cleanse your territory from this substance. Throw Holy Water on the spot AFTER you cleanse it.

6. Experiencing random pain.

Sometimes, a psychic attack – aka a curse – interacts with your energy matrix which you may probably feel as pain.

Hence, this pain is actually a warning from your Aura that something bad has happened. Especially if this pain is nothing like you’ve ever felt or affects a part of your body that is 100% healthy.

What To Do:

1. Call your Medical doctor. Any pain should first be examined by a medical professional.

2. Monitor the pain. When did it begin? Was it on a waning moon? On the night of a Full Moon? Keep a log.

3. Cleanse and Shield your Aura.

7. Trees act weird or healthy houseplants get sick.

If healthy houseplants get sick without any reason, first you have to check the soil. Usually, ‘undercover’ evil witches prefer to bury enchanted items on houseplants.

The houseplants get easily sick because they don’t have an effective way to cleanse their aura. They are the first to get affected.

Peach trees that bloom early are also believed to be a dark omen.

What To Do:

1. Examine the soil and the pot. If a mystical or unidentified item or liquid is found, then get ready for cleansing. Get rid of the item.

2. Consult a professional if more of your plants are affected.

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8. Pets or local animals act weird.

Usually, a curse attracts low-vibration entities that lurk around the cursed target. Hence, animals – who are more sensitive to spotting spirits and/or energies – act weird.

Bear in mind the following examples:

  • Birds – usually ravens – flying around your house or territory.
  • Dogs barking at absolutely nothing. At least, so you think…
  • Cats sparring out of nowhere. At least so you think…
  • Cats assuming a defensive pose.
  • Ants (especially red ones) occupying a place (where they were not before).

What To Do:

1. Observe closely the animal behavior.

2. Try casting a cleansing spell or rinsing your home with Holy Water. Do animals behave differently now?

9. Seeing someone cursing you in your dreams.

Usually, witches who curse are enraged people who are prone to making mistakes. Therefore, they don’t cover their ‘psychic tracks’.

Hence, an intuitive yet cursed target might persistently see the target in his/her dreams. This might be a warning signal.

What To Do:

– Ask yourself: Is there a reason why this person is cursing me? If you think that you may have done something bad to this person, try to make things right.

– Make a ‘forgiving ritual’. This is the ultimate way to break the connection.

1. Forgive yourself for letting your guard down or for any mistake you believe you made.

2. Forgive the one who you believe has cursed you or for any mistake.

3. Love and embrace yourself and all the World creating a powerful shield of Light around you.

4. Conjure a Shield against Darkness.

10. Encountering dark omens.

Spotting a blue butterfly is an omen that Magic is at work here. Unless the magic is yours, bear in mind that you may need to read between the lines.

Crows and Owls are also attracted by magic, both good and evil. If an owl is hooting before dawn or a raven accidentally crosses your path try to see what is going on.

Deathwatch Beetles making weird noises. It is believed to be an ill omen as this sound is more commonly observed around dead or dying people.

Finding a dark egg yolk is considered to be a dark omen of black magic. It is also a way to find out if you are cursed. See here about the Way to scry for curses with an egg.

What To Do:

1. Observe the Omens patiently. Write it down.

2. Ask for help with what you’ve seen. Prophetic dreams might be very helpful. If the omen persists cast a cleansing Ritual and Conjure a Shield.

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11. Will-o’-Whisps.

Will-o-Wisps are commonly believed to be ill omens of Dark Magic or even Death. They are also known as ‘corpse candles’ or ‘ignis fatuus’.

A will-o’-whisp is an atmospheric ghostly yellow, greenish, or pale white orb which seems to follow someone. In Mexico, it is believed that the brujas aka witches, actually transformed themselves into flickering balls of light to follow their targets.

Curse Signs: An actual ‘Will-o’-whisp’ and a Japanese depiction of an evil ‘will-o’whisp’.

What To Do:

1. Don’t follow the Orbs.

2. Conjure a Protection Shield.

3. Call the local ‘Ghostbusters’ aka the Witches or Exorcists who professionally deal with stuff like this.

12. Protective amulets break or disappear.

The last is my ‘favorite’. Amulets are worn so that they take all the damage instead of the person or house they are protecting. Hence, when an amulet is broken or disappears it means that its energy has been consumed.

What To Do:

1. Replace the Amulet with a New One! DO NOT FIX THE BROKEN ONE.

2. Return the broken amulet to the Earth and thank the spirits for helping you.

Want to know more about the signs you have been cursed? Check this video out below!

Am You Cursed? 12 Signs You Are Cursed

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    I have experienced a few of these.they are very real.i have had runes or demonic writings on my back fence.i have also seen the white orbs,still do.i have seen the darkness .they feed in fear and vulnerable people.i had to enlist a shawman to help me.very good article

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