How Do You Cast A Love Spell? 8 Secrets From A Traditional Witch’s Handbook

How Do You Cast A Love Spell? Traditional Witch’s Secrets

Is your person being too stubborn? Or are they stuck with a third party? There’s no problem that a good spell can’t fix! But how do you cast a love spell?

A love spell refers to a ritual or set of magical or spiritual actions believed to attract love, enhance romantic feelings, or bind someone’s affection towards another.

You can cast a love spell to fulfill your personal romantic desires or a different spell caster or witchy practitioner can do it on your behalf. 

All spells are rooted in various traditions, including witchcraft, Wicca, paganism, and other occult or spiritual practices, and work on the principle of Sympathetic Magic.

How do you cast a love spell? The specifics of a love spell can vary widely, involving different rituals, chants, ingredients (like candles, herbs, or personal items), and timings (such as specific phases of the moon).

Love spells work regardless of gender and orientation. These spells work between man and woman, man and man, woman and woman.

But, are love spells real? What do love binding spells do?? Well, patience! We will get you to the answer. Just wait for some time! First, let’s find out how to cast spells in real life and improve your love life!

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How Do You Cast A Love Spell?

Now, come and see how to cast spells in real life, especially for LOVE!!

1. Honey Jar Spell:

Purpose: To sweeten someone’s feelings towards you.

How It’s Done:

Personal items or names of the people involved (written on paper) are added to a jar and then the jar is filled with honey.

Then it is sealed with candle wax and sometimes candles are also burned on top as part of the ritual.

The spell caster may also recite specific chants or affirmations to reinforce their intent. After the jar is prepared, one needs to keep it safe in a personal space and reaffirm their intentions on a regular basis.

2. Pillow Spell:

Purpose: To encourage someone to dream of you and enhance their feelings towards you.

How It’s Done:

You need to tear the edges of a paper and write your specific person’s name on the top left. Then in the middle write “Dreams of me daily” and underline the “daily” part. At the bottom right, goes your name (who is trying to woo the other).

Then you connect both the names drawing a line in a slanting manner that goes over your intention in the middle.

Two additional lines need to be drawn on either side of the main line. Some top it up by spraying one’s favorite perfume.

After all this, you fold the paper into a triangle and keep it inside your pillowcase for 3 nights. Make sure you use this pillow while sleeping for 3 consecutive nights.

On the 4th morning, take the paper out, burn it, and scatter the ashes into the air. The person casting the spell may also recite specific phrases before bed, focusing on the desired outcome.

If you repeat this ritual often, you can use this spell to make a man obsessed with you, or a woman, for that matter. 

To learn more about this powerful spell, check out the link below:

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3. Candle Love Spell:

Purpose: To attract love or strengthen a romantic relationship.

How It’s Done:

A candle (often pink or red for love) is inscribed with symbols, names, or intentions related to love. As the candle burns, the spell caster focuses on their desires, visualizing the love they wish to attract or deepen.

4. Rose Quartz Ritual:

Purpose: To attract love or heal a relationship.

How It’s Done:

Rose quartz, known as the stone of love, is charged with intention (either under the moonlight, with affirmations, or through meditation). The charged stone is then kept on one’s person, in a bedroom, or used in further rituals to attract or maintain love.

5. Love Drawing Bath:

Purpose: To cleanse oneself of negative energy and attract positive, loving energy.

How It’s Done:

A bath is prepared with ingredients associated with love, such as rose petals, honey, and essential oils like lavender or jasmine. Then you bathe in this water while focusing on your intentions to attract love.

6. Love Knot Spell:

Purpose: To strengthen the bond between two people.

How It’s Done:

A cord or ribbon is used to tie knots while focusing on the intention of strengthening love. With each knot, specific affirmations or desires for the relationship are expressed.

7. Photo Spell:

Purpose: To increase someone’s affection towards you.

How It’s Done:

A photograph of your specific person is used in the spell, sometimes placed under a candle or within a locket, and combined with affirmations or chants that express the desired increase in affection or attention.

8. Herbal Love Sachet:

Purpose: To attract love or enhance sexual desire.

How It’s Done:

A small bag or sachet is filled with herbs associated with love, such as lavender, rose petals, or basil. The sachet is then carried on by the person who is trying to attract love or passion, placed under a pillow, or kept in a bedroom to draw in romantic energies.

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Are Love Spells Real?

For those who believe in the ancient path of traditional Witchcraft, Paganism, Neo-Paganism, or Wicca, spells are a very real thing.

According to the new age spiritual beliefs, all spells are based on the power of our intentions and how aligned we are with the spiritual power, how well we can evoke the powerful entities, and how well we can connect, manifest, or co-create our realities with them.

However, it’s important to note that the effectiveness of love spells is a matter of belief, and they are often viewed skeptically by the scientific community, which requires empirical evidence and reproducibility for validation.

But, according to the spiritual community and the practitioners of Witchcraft/Wicca, any spell will be effective if:

  • Your intention is strong
  • You have no inner conflict or doubt
  • You are not desperate
  • You are in alignment with the spiritual world,
  • And with your own desire

The lesser the resistance, negativities, or blockage, in a person’s life or relationship, the more effective or REAL their love spell will turn out to be! 

Are Love Spells Ethical or Are They Black Magic?

Many argue love spells manipulate a person’s free will and therefore are unethical. Wiccans and Neo-Pagans who follow the Rue of Three (what you do, comes back to you three-fold) refrain from love spells altogether.

Traditional witches, however, say that magic is not free but an exchange of energy. Whatever you try to conjure, comes with a price. So, use your discretion while delving into any spell or magic work, especially if it involves:

  • Third-Party Removal or Cord-Cutting
  • Reconciliation or bringing back a reluctant lover
  • Attracting a person who’s already in a relationship
  • Casting a spell to make a man obsessed with you (or a woman, for that matter)

And to answer your question, magic is neither black nor white. At the end of the day, everything comes down to your intention!

If you still feel on the fence and want to know more about the ethical complications, you need to understand the various types of love spells. Here are some common examples:

  • Calling In Love Spells: These are designed to draw a new love or romantic interest into your life. They are not targeted at a specific individual but are meant to attract the energies of love and companionship in a more general sense. They are the safest.
  • Specific Person Spells: Aimed at sparking or increasing a specific person’s romantic feelings towards you. These spells are more tricky and often involve an element that represents the target of the spell, like an item of their garments or their nails, strands of hair, etc.

Under the specific person love spells, come the following sub-types:

  • Commitment Spells: These spells are cast to deepen a relationship’s bond and are used to encourage a reluctant partner to commit or to strengthen the existing commitment between two individuals.
  • Passion Spells: Designed to increase passion and sexual attraction between two people. These spells aim to rekindle lost passion or enhance physical connection in a relationship.
  • Binding Spells: These spells are used to bind someone’s love or affection to you, potentially completely controlling their free will. These spells are often warned against due to ethical concerns and potential unintended consequences. What do love binding spells do? In simple terms, they bind a love interest to you. They cannot leave you.
  • Cord Cutting Spells/Third-Party Removal: Used to end relationships or separate couples, these spells are also ethically contentious. They might be used with the intention of freeing someone from a toxic relationship, but they can also be used maliciously.
  • Sweetening Spells: These spells are used to end bitterness, fights, and arguments in a relationship and make your partner fond of you by mellowing their ego or attitude. Such spells are done with the intention of improving an already-established relationship. 
  • Reconciliation Spells: Aimed at reuniting estranged lovers or ending a breakup, no-contact, or ghosting situation, these spells seek to bring a reluctant partner back.
  • Protection Spells: These spells are cast to drive away any person or situation that can pose a threat to a committed relationship between two people. 

Each of these love spells operates on the principle of intention and the belief in the power of symbolic actions to influence the energy around personal relationships.

The effectiveness and ethical considerations of these spells are subjects of the personal belief of the spell caster and the context of the situation.

How do you cast a love spell then? By being sure of your intentions, motive, and the price you are willing to pay!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why my love spells aren’t working?

The lesser the resistance, negativities, or blockage, in a person’s life or relationship, the more effective their love spell will turn out to be! Your spell will be effective if: your intention is strong, you have no inner conflict or doubt, you are not desperate, you are in alignment with the spiritual world, and with your own desire.

Which crystal is best to cast a love spell?

Rose Quartz stands for love, romance, attraction, and even self-love and healing. It is widely used in love spells.

Can you cast a love spell for yourself?

Yes, you can cast a love spell to enhance self-love, attract true love, and heal a broken heart.

are love spells real

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