5 Good Luck And Fortune Spells For The New Year: Safe Yet Powerful Rituals To Bring Love, Money, And Health In 2024


Good Luck And Fortune Spells For The New Year

Are you looking for more good luck in 2024? You can start the new year with these 5 easy yet effective good luck and fortune spells!

With every new year, many of us seek ways to improve our lives. While setting New Year resolutions is a common practice, a bit of magic and spirituality can be an intriguing start. Don’t you think?

Do you want to try out some spells for good luck? We can suggest some very powerful and effective good fortune spells that are safe and simple to follow.

These spells of luck and abundance rely heavily on candle magic and candle rituals. When done with strong and pure intentions, these ancient spells for good luck are bound to bring positive outcomes, without harming anyone, including yourself.

These spells of luck are most beneficial when cast at the beginning of the year, whether you follow the Gregorian calendar, the Pagan Wheel of the Year, or any other solar or lunar calendar. It’s the intention and belief that matters the most.

If any period seems like the beginning of a new cycle, (like every New Moon) to you, then it’s the best time to set a new intention, harness the power of the elements, and perform rituals to bring in your desired changes. 

So, here are five easy-to-follow spells for the new year, each focusing on the important aspects of life, to help you channel positive energy and luck in the upcoming year.

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5 Good Luck And Fortune Spells To Cast In The New Year

Here are five potent good fortune spells from the Handbook of Witches:

1. Spell For Abundance: Cinnamon Abundance Ritual

good luck and fortune spells
5 Good Luck And Fortune Spells For The New Year: Safe Yet Powerful Rituals To Bring Love, Money, And Health In 2024


  • A green candle
  • Cinnamon sticks or powder
  • A small pouch or container


Do this spell for abundance on the first new moon of the year (January 11, 2024) or the first day of any month. Light the green candle, symbolizing growth and abundance. Hold the cinnamon sticks in your hands and visualize your financial goals for the year.

Cinnamon is known for attracting wealth and prosperity. During this cinnamon abundance ritual, whisper your intentions to the cinnamon and then place the sticks or sprinkle the powder into your pouch or container.

To finish this ritual for good luck in terms of money and abundance, carry this pouch with you throughout the year or place it in the wealth corner of your home (southeast).

2. Spell For Love: Rose Attraction Ritual

good luck and fortune spells
5 Good Luck And Fortune Spells For The New Year: Safe Yet Powerful Rituals To Bring Love, Money, And Health In 2024


  • A pink or red candle
  • Rose petals
  • A piece of paper and a pen


On a Friday night, that is the night of Freyja, the Goddess of love, sex, fertility, and beauty, light that pink or red candle, which represents your love and passion.

Write down the qualities you desire in your ideal partner on a piece of paper. Scatter rose petals around the candle, symbolizing the blooming of love.

Focus on the flame and visualize your life filled with loving energy. Keep the paper in a safe place or under your pillow, and let the candle burn down completely (safely). Do not discard the paper before you meet the love of your life.

Disclaimer: You can also use this love spell for the new year to manifest a specific person.

However, if you are in a complicated situation, such as a third-party, toxic, or no-contact situation, we urge you to reassess your intention, use your discretion, and consider the potential consequences of your action, before casting this spell for luck in love.

Whether or not you believe in the three-fold rule (whatever you do, comes back to you three times) of the Wiccan rede, know that whatever energy we put out into the world, demands some price.

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3. Spell For Health: Clear Quartz Ritual

good luck and fortune spells
5 Good Luck And Fortune Spells For The New Year: Safe Yet Powerful Rituals To Bring Love, Money, And Health In 2024


  • A blue or white candle
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • A clear quartz crystal


To do this spell for luck in health, light the blue or white candle to bring in healing and purity. Hold the mint leaves, known for their healing properties, and the clear quartz, which amplifies energy and thought.

As you hold these items, visualize your body strong and healthy. Speak aloud your wishes for good health in the coming year.

Place the mint leaves and quartz near the candle. Once the candle has safely burned down, carry the quartz with you or place it where you spend most of your time.

4. Spell For Protection: Banishing Mirror Ritual

good luck and fortune spells
5 Good Luck And Fortune Spells For The New Year: Safe Yet Powerful Rituals To Bring Love, Money, And Health In 2024


  • A black candle
  • A small mirror
  • Salt


This candle magic spell is best performed on a Saturday, the day associated with banishing and protection.

Light the black candle, representing protection and absorption of negativity. Surround the candle with a circle of salt, creating a protective barrier.

Hold the mirror and envision it reflecting all negative energy away from you. As you focus on the flame, affirm your intention to be safe and protected throughout the year. Dispose of the salt outside your living space after the ritual.

Disclaimer: While doing this banishing spell for the new year, if you feel tempted to seek protection from a specific individual or a group, ensure that you are not doing this out of spite and you have valid reasons to believe that this person or people mean you harm.

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5. Spell For Good Luck: Bay Leaf Ritual

good luck and fortune spells
5 Good Luck And Fortune Spells For The New Year: Safe Yet Powerful Rituals To Bring Love, Money, And Health In 2024


  • A gold or yellow candle
  • Bay leaves
  • A piece of aventurine or jade


To do this ritual for good luck, light the gold or yellow candle on a Thursday, a day associated with luck and fortune.

Hold the bay leaves and the aventurine or jade, stones known for bringing good luck. Think about the areas in your life where you need luck the most.

Write your wishes on the bay leaves and then burn them in the candle flame (safely). Keep the stone with you as a good luck charm throughout the year.

Magic Is Neither Black Nor White; It’s All About The Intention

These candle rituals and spells for the new year, infused with personal intentions and natural elements, are a beautiful way to set the tone for a year filled with love, health, protection, and abundance.

Let us know whether you will enjoy reading more such spells that are free, in the comments below, and if you did enjoy these effective and free spells, share them with your friends!

Remember, the most important ingredient in any spell is your intention. So, be aligned with your desires and belief in the positive changes you wish to manifest with these five good luck and fortune spells. Happy New Year to all!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you summon good luck?

You can set intention, practice manifestation and the Law of Attraction, cleanse your aura, carry good luck charms or talismans, and also try spells that involve candle ritual, bay leaf ritual, banishing ritual, cinnamon ritual, smudging, etc.

How can I change my luck?

Speaking from a strictly spiritual point-of-view, you can change your luck and co-create with the Universe/Source energy, if you work on your intention, pray or say affirmations, meditate (tap into the spiritual insights), and practice rituals that are aligned with your goals.

What are signs of good luck coming?

It’s believed that when you witness synchronicities like angel numbers, spot certain birds and animals, or find money or feathers on your path, good luck is coming your way.

good luck and fortune spells
5 Good Luck And Fortune Spells For The New Year: Safe Yet Powerful Rituals To Bring Love, Money, And Health In 2024

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