What is a Dreamcatcher and How Does It Work?


Dreamcatcher Popular Theories Behind Its Magical Power

Do you have a dreamcatcher in your bedroom or planning to get one? Then read about all the secrets behind this mystical charm in the following article.

There are many wonderful traditional enchantments all over the world. But frankly, one of the most popular and bestselling charms is the dreamcatcher.

However, have you ever wondered what exactly is a dreamcatcher or how it works? Well, let us travel you to the religion and the wonderful stories of Native American Culture.

The Spider Grandmother

According to the Hopi religion, the Spider Grandmother, or the Spider Woman is the creator of all humankind. She is actually related to Gaia, Mother Nature, or Great Goddess.

Also known as the great protector and helper of humans (according to Navajo tradition) the Spider Grandmother dates back at least to Teotihuacan – pre-Columbian America, where she is depicted as the Great Goddess. 

Also known as Asibikaashi, the Spider Grandmother is believed to protect the infants and all children of the Land. To honor Her and conjure her blessings, people in these lands created charms that have evolved into what are widely known as dreamcatchers. 

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What is a Dreamcatcher and How Does It Work
What Is The Purpose Of A Dream Catcher?

The Dreamcatcher

As the tribes spread all around America, people believed that Asibikaashi was unable to effectively protect all her children. This is why people used these charms – or better portals of Asibikaashi from which she could extend her blessings and protective powers.

Frances Theresa Densmore was an American anthropologist and ethnographer who noticed and researched these charms writing that ‘even infants were provided with protective charms.

Examples of these are the “spiderwebs” hung on the hoop of a cradle board. In old times this netting was made of nettle fiber. Two spider webs were usually hung on the hoop, and it was said that they “caught any harm that might be in the air as a spider’s web catches and holds whatever comes in contact with it’.

What Is A Dreamcatcher?

Traditionally the Dreamcatcher is a handmade charm drenched in Knot Magic Power. It consists of a Willow hoop on which a spider web is woven. Its use is not confined to only driving off bad dreams. The Dreamcatcher’s purpose is to protect children not only from nightmares but from all causes of bad luck and misfortune.

The Native Americans believed, that all cause of bad luck, ill health, and misfortune is actually the result of a spiritual agent. In other words, diseases, sudden deaths, accidents, and other unfortunate events are caused by spirits.

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How does the Dreamcatcher Work?

There are two theories of how the Dreamcatchers Work. 

1. The Portal Theory

According to this belief (which makes more sense), the Dreamcatcher is nothing but a spiritual portal, an instrument of the Great Goddess. It acts like a sigil, conjuring her Divine powers over the room where the dreamcatcher is placed.

This is why it is hung over cradles or beds. Asibikaashi, the spider goddess, will bless the room with her magic and trap all evil agents and spirits on her web. The Great Goddess shall not let evil pass through this space because Evil is afraid of the Her.

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2. The Dream Web Theory

According to another popular theory, all dreams are attracted by the woven spider web. However, only good dreams can pass through as the bad ones are stuck on the web. Hence, when hanging over cradles and beds, a dreamcatcher ensures that anyone can have a good night’s sleep without any nightmares or bad dreams. 

What is a Dreamcatcher and how does it Work
Dreamcatcher Meaning and Spiritual Significance

How to Make a Dreamcatcher?

In order to make a dreamcatcher you need to:

  • Get a willow bark to create a hoop
  • Weave a spider net in it
  • Hang around sacred symbols

There are of course many do-it-yourself kits like this on Amazon where you get all you need to create it. I personally believe that once you make it you weave the net with your magical intention. Hence it’s more powerful. 

Dreamcatcher’s Proper Care

Dreamcatchers are charms that drive off evil. This is why they need proper cleansing. Hence, you either place the dreamcatcher where it can be exposed to sunlight or you should periodically manually place it outside when the sun shines. This will ensure that the dreamcatcher works effectively and undistracted. 

Moreover, I would advise you to intentionally call upon Mother Nature’s guidance and help to bless this charm with her might and wisdom. 

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Have you had a Dreamcatcher?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it right to hang a Dreamcatcher?

Yes. Traditionally, the Dreamcatcher’s purpose is to protect children from nightmares and all causes of bad luck and misfortune. It is a protection sigil that offers positive energy.

In which direction dream catcher should be placed?

According to many, a dreamcatcher must be hung in the southwest direction.

What is the spiritual significance of wind chimes?

Windchimes, also known as windcatchers are very similar to dreamcatchers in purpose. It’s believed that windchimes drive away evil forces and attract positive energy.

What is a Dreamcatcher and how does it Work
What is a Dreamcatcher and How Does It Work
What is a Dreamcatcher and How Does It Work
What Is A Dreamcatcher And How Does It Work?
Spider Woman
Dreamcatcher Meaning, What Is A Dreamcatcher
Spider Grandmother
How To Make A Dreamcatcher, What Is The Purpose Of A Dream Catcher

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