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Blue Jay Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism: What Does Seeing A Blue Jay Mean?

Blue Jay Spiritual Meaning And Symbolism

Do you associate Blue Jays with aggression and dominance? The blue jay spiritual meaning will come as a surprise to you then!

Birds are deeply connected with spirituality and the astral plane. They are often seen as a messenger from our ancestors, angels, and spirit guides. Coming across feathers on our path bears spiritual significance as well. So, is there anything special about Blue Jays?

Yes, there is! Stick with us, while we explore the Blue Jay spiritual meaning by delving into the following topics:

  • Spiritual meaning of Blue Jay
  • Spiritual meaning of Blue Jay feather
  • Blue Jay symbolism in various traditions
  • The dead Blue Jay symbolism
  • What it means to have a Blue Jay spirit animal
  • What does seeing two Blue Jays mean
  • What does seeing Blue Jay in dreams signify

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Spiritual Meaning Of Blue Jay Birds

Although the Blue Jays are commonly known for being aggressive, loud, and territorial, you can alternatively perceive them as protective, assertive, strong, confident, and great communicators. They represent loyalty, community, boldness, and self-expression.

In many cultures, the Blue Jay spiritual meaning stands for good omen for luck. Repetitive sightings of Blue Jays often indicate that the Universe or Source is trying to send across a divine message to you! We will get into that shortly, but before that, let’s take a look at the 4 spiritual meanings of seeing Blue Jays in most common situations.

The Blue Jay Spiritual Meaning

So, what does it mean spiritually when you see a Blue Jay?

1. Self-Expression And Communication

Blue Jays are vocal. The color blue is also connected to the Throat Chakra, which is responsible for communication and self-expression. If there’s a blockage in the way you communicate your true feelings to others, then the Blue Jay spiritual meaning for you will be to work on your interpersonal communication. Express your ideas, needs, and desires more authentically without worrying about what others might think.

2. Confidence And Boldness

If you have observed Blue Jays, you must have noticed how boldly they chase away predators or other birds away from the bird feeders. Not only these birds are strong, but they are bold as well. They approach their enemies or competitors with confidence.

If you lack self-confidence and struggle to cope with your life challenges, then the Blue Jay spiritual meaning is an indication for you to be brave and to face every adversity with resolution and courage.

3. Love And Loyalty

Blue Jays take time to choose a partner and once they pair up, they mate for life and stay together all year round. If one of the partners dies, the other doesn’t pick a new mate but grieves the loss and stays alone till its own death.

These birds are “true blue”, not only literally, but also figuratively. So, what does the Blue Jay meaning in love stand for?

  • If you are thinking about someone romantically and asking the Universe for a sign, then spotting a Blue Jay would mean, your love interest is the right choice for you.
  • If you are not asking for a sign but you’re involved with someone who is not good for your overall well-being, a Blue Jay might appear to ask you to take an inventory of your belief system and unhealthy patterns regarding relationships.

4. Authenticity And Boundary

These birds are very loud and vocal. In a large group, Blue Jays are often seen attacking and driving away intruders. Hence, they are judged as being noisy, selfish, and greedy.

Whereas they are loyal and protective of their family and community members. And what can be seen as aggressiveness or gluttony is actually a strong survival instinct.

They scream in a loud way to alert other Blue Jays of imminent danger. They belong to the Air element, and that’s why they are also sharp and intelligent.

If you are someone who tries to please people all the time and fears being misjudged by others, here’s a spiritual lesson for you. The Blue Jay spiritual meaning, in this case, is that you need to be more assertive and set firm boundaries with people who threaten your sense of self. Take a good look at the people present in your life and decide who among them is a bane to your growth and happiness.

The Blue Jays don’t care if they appear to be aggressive and they do what is best for them. You too need to stop shrinking yourself down to fit others’ narratives and start living your authentic life. Have faith in your intelligence and judgment and be yourself unapologetically.

Blue Jay Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism: What Does Seeing A Blue Jay Mean?
Find out the Blue Jay spiritual meaning

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The Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing A Blue Jay Feather

If you find a Blue Jay feather quite unexpectedly or keep stumbling upon them, then there is a Blue Jay spiritual meaning in this happenstance. It is a divine message from your spirit guides, angels, or ancestors. Depending upon your individual situation, it could mean any of the following:

  • You are on the right track by being honest, firm, and courageous.
  • You need to express yourself more creatively.
  • You are divinely protected, so stop fearing others’ opinions and do what is right for you.
  • You need to be more confident and strong.
  • Luck is on your side and you are very close to a positive turnaround 
Blue Jay Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism: What Does Seeing A Blue Jay Mean?
Find out the Blue Jay spiritual meaning

Blue Jay Symbolism In Various Traditions

  • In Christianity, Blue Jays are considered God’s messengers and there’s a widespread belief seeing them in homes or yards is a good omen for luck and good fortune.
  • The Native Americans associated Blue Jays with divinity as well. They also believed that these birds are harbingers of positive changes.
  • However, some tribes like the Coast Salish and Sioux natives believed Blue Jays to be related to Ravens and Coyotes and to represent trickster energy. According to them, the soul of a Blue Jay is dark and it can even summon death.
  • The Celts believed Blue Jays travel to the realm of Spirits undetected by others and they are a symbol of abundance and prosperity.

The Dead Blue Jay Symbolism

The Blue Jay meaning of death is actually based upon determination and courage. Blue Jays ferociously attack their enemies because they are focused on the protection and survival of themselves and their offspring.

So, if you chance upon a dead Blue Jay, the Blue Jay spiritual meaning could be that Spirit is asking you not to run away from your troubles, but deal with them with more grit. Be it your overwhelming emotions, a difficult choice, or any problem for that matter, you have to face them head-on.

The Blue Jay spiritual meaning stands for resilience, strength, courage, love, and confidence.
Find out the Blue Jay spiritual meaning

What It Means To Have A Blue Jay Spirit Animal

If you feel called to make Blue Jays your spirit animal, then the Blue Jay spiritual meaning for you would be:

  • You are eloquent and use your communication skills to fulfill your desires
  • You don’t care about others’ perceptions of you and always be yourself
  • You  stand up for yourself and fight for your rights

What Does Seeing Two Blue Jays Mean

  • Anticipation of a romantic partner who shares your beliefs and core values
  • Strengthening your existing relationship and deepening your love for your partner
  • You need to be more caring and compassionate toward your partner

What Does Seeing Blue Jay In Dreams Signify

There are several interpretations of seeing a Blue Jay in dreams. The most common are given below:

  • A new opportunity is soon going to reveal itself
  • You need to exert more control over your enemies and competitors 
  • You need to be more confident, vocal, and assertive of your needs and decisions
  • A warning from your protective angels that you should be careful as hidden dangers are lurking on your path

Pay Attention To Repetitive Signs

Blue Jay Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism: What Does Seeing A Blue Jay Mean?

If anything occurs repeatedly in your life, then it is a sign that the Universe is trying to either draw your attention to something or deliver a divine message.

If you keep seeing Blue Jays repeatedly, then the Blue Jay spiritual meaning is that you need to communicate better and defend your rights. You must also be careful of the people in your life and lay down clear boundaries to keep away the shady ones.

Above all, you should be brave enough to believe in your dreams and follow your goals with determination. Be unfazed by any adversity or opposition and live your authentic life.

There is also a divine mission for you to be caring and protective of your loved ones. So, embrace the traits of the Blue Jay, and be more powerful, driven, confident, and compassionate. 

We hope by now you have gained proper insights into the question of what is the spiritual meaning of Blue Jay. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Blue Jay Spiritual Meaning Symbolism pin
Blue Jay Spiritual Meaning And Symbolism pin

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