17 Signs You Are An Angel In A Human Body

Signs Angel In Human Body

In the previous blog, we discussed how archangels of the Zodiac can help us to understand our astrological birth sign and our life path. This blog covers everything that you should know about angels in the human body.

What if you’re an angel in a human body? How do you know that? Human angels are the people who have awakened to their goal of accomplishing the path of humanity for society. Their approach towards life is very different than the rest. 

If you can say Yes to 12-17 of the points below, you can be sure you are an Angel in a Human Body.

1. If you have always dreamed of mitigating the sadness of all living beings.

2. If you feel that you have an extraordinary talent to help others.

3. If you have supersensitivity.

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4. If you have conquered difficult trials in your life, then it is another sign of an angel in a human body

5. If you think that whatever may be, life should be lived with happiness.

6. If, since childhood, you have wanted to change the world and have not stopped believing in it, if you have always dreamed of relieving the sorrows of other people, you have an angelic aura.

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7. If you want to work for the well-being of people around you, who are in sorrow, then you are on the path of becoming an angel.

8. If you feel that you have a special talent to help others if you have an extraordinary sensitivity, it means that you are one of those people who are extraordinarily natural in a cause to help others.

You possess the qualities of a born social worker.

9. While always trying to give meaning to your suffering, you believe that there must be a way to stop yours and others’ suffering. It’s a clear sign you’re an angel in human body

10. You are not one of those people who believe in giving up. Actually, you are a fighter who doesn’t give up at any cost.

11. You believe in enjoying every up and down of your life. You are not one of them who get hopeless when surrounded by difficulties.

12. You seek a door that will open umpteen ways for you to get rid of your difficulties.

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13. If you always try to change evil into good and darkness into light, then you’re surely an angel in a human body.

14. If you always follow your heart even when it seems to be the hardest thing to do if you have always had a vision of heaven on earth and would like to spread it throughout the world.

Then you possess one of the most significant qualities of a human angel.

15. You must be a visionary enough to envision the possibility of a utopian society.

16. If you pray and wish good for everyone you meet in your life then, trust me, your life state is in much higher than your surroundings.

17. If you, from the very beginning, have always felt a sense of not belonging to this world, if you have never been able to relate yourself to any group of people, but you have always had a deep desire to connect yourself with your Souls’ family here on earth, then you stand apart from the crowd.

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If you feel you were born for a greater purpose and would like to express it.

Reference –  We are Human Angels

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 Angel In A Human Body
Signs You Are An Angel In A Human Body
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16 thoughts on “17 Signs You Are An Angel In A Human Body”

  1. Avatar of Valori Ruth Atkinson
    Valori Ruth Atkinson

    I HAVE ALL these an many others gifts God Jehovah thru Jesus an Holy Ghost an Spirit have been made new…I have been anointed an sing songs of praise to the Father..all the time an he surrounded my life with his Love an Amazing Grace…Who an What am I.

  2. Avatar of Subhamita das

    Why do I feel special all the time? Even at the sad and toughest times I feel special like I have something special in me? Why so I feel like this all the time? Please answer me

  3. Avatar of eVeronika

    I truly appreciate this information you provided because now I know who I am and I have been lost looking for the inner me because I never fit in to this world.. on April 23rd of 2020 the heavens came down to earth for us.. and it’s like dancing on the clouds..for real… I have seen the unseen since I was a child and have experienced supernatural occurrences since the age of 12… in 2016 I received several prophetic dreams and the new heaven and earth were one of those dreams and it’s so very beautiful… God is real… keep your thoughts in the heavenly places and it’s like walking on water like Jesus did but keep your thoughts on the things of world and we be feeling like we are drowning just like Peter did… Am3n many blessings upon all of you in Jesus Name we pray Am3n!!!

    1. Avatar of adrienne

      what happened on april 23rd? you say you’ve had prophecies id love to know what they are… if your an angel and the heavens came down to earth in April, what is your angel name? pls email me back as i am also an angel trapped in this damn body.

  4. Avatar of Bartholomew

    depends what sort of angel is being referred to. There are different types. Angels who help and protect and angels who want to discipline humans in order to steer them away from the ruinous path.

  5. Avatar of Gayle

    I am honest with myself as well as others, so I can say I totally identified with most of the criteria. I’ve always known I felt things deeply, etc., so it’s nice to think there is a bit of an angel in me. ☺️

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