20 Brutally Honest Things Women Turning 40 Want All Women In Their 30s To Know

20 Brutally Honest Things Women Turning 40 Want All Women In Their 30s To Know

20 Things Women Turning 40 Want All Women In Their 30s To Know

I will be 40 in less than a year. I would be lying if I said that turning the big 40 didn’t bother me. It seems that 40 is a number where I believe I should have finally ‘arrived’ in life, or my life should be the perfect picture of a successful wife, mother, business woman or whatever other demanding expectation I put upon myself when I was younger. My life right now is pretty good, but if I could have planned it all out or done things differently – it definitely would not look like how it actually turned out. I am a blessed mother of two children and I do have a few accomplishments under my belt but I sometimes compare my life to others and it just gets me down.

As I reflect being on this earth for almost 40 years and I rewind to when I was in my 30s, I would have definitely done a few things differently. Luckily, because of some of my past challenges in my life, I was forced to learn new tools.  Some of my past experiences forced me to do things differently which turned into a good thing eventually.

20 Brutally Honest Things Women Turning 40 Want All Women In Their 30s To Know
20 Brutally Honest Things Women Turning 40 Want All Women In Their 30s To Know

Here are 20 brutally honest things women turning 40 want all women in their 30s to know.

1. Love and accept yourself – fully

I truly believe if I had accepted the good and bad parts of myself at a younger age, I would have avoided many of the wrong decisions that I made in my life. Once you know who you really are inside, you begin to accept and love yourself fully.  Once you truly love yourself from the inside, you are able to love and accept others which provides a much higher probability of maintaining healthy relationships.

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2. Feed your soul

Whatever your passion, or whatever you enjoy in life, make sure you feed your soul with what inspires you. If you are not sure what your passion is, try new things and find different activities until you find a few that give you that feeling of warmth, freedom and acceptance inside.

3. Find a strong support network

For a long while, I tried to do everything in my life in my own power and with little help from others. I later realized having a strong support network of friends and safe people to share my life with is so rewarding. Finding and cultivating new relationships with others that will love and support you no matter what is so important to have in life.

4. Be authentic

During some of my harder times in life, I wore a pretty and smiling mask on my face no matter what I was going through. Only a few close people in my life knew what was really going on during my hardest trials. Once you begin to show others you have ups, downs and struggles in life just like everyone else, you become more trustworthy and sincere to others.

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5. Live for you

The major life milestone of a women turning 40 is often a time of reflection and transition.A huge part of my life was taken up by taking care of everyone else which resulted in having no time for myself. My motives and reasons for doing things were wrong which in turn made my life much harder than it had to be. You cannot make everyone in your life happy – ever. Once you begin to make the best decisions for yourself instead of others, life gets easier.

6. Don’t compromise too much

I could have avoided a few bad relationships if I would have figured this out when I was younger. Compromise is required in any close relationship because we are all different and have different wants. Compromise is a good thing most of the time if the compromising is equal on both sides. Once you give up your wants and needs the majority of the time in any one relationship, it’s time to re-evaluate that relationship and decide if it really is healthy for you to be a part of it.

27 thoughts on “20 Brutally Honest Things Women Turning 40 Want All Women In Their 30s To Know”

  1. I am crossing 47 now and these are golden tips that are very much related to my life…. I am learning all this now and that i am experiencing it day by day

  2. I’m 38, and I can’t argue with any of these. I would like to add something that has helped me. To many of us are waiting to “arrive” of until wehave our “head on straight” or “have our shit together.” Looking at ourselves this way sets up an expectation to which we will all fall short. It also takes away from the moments in between. So what if you’re not there yet? Where is there anyways? Every day we grow and change as a person, and this isn’t a dress rehearsal for the real deal. Every day is a gift, and no single moment is more valuable than the next.

  3. I am 47 and going through divorce and walking this path with my 3 kids who are hurting too. This resonates with me and I feel what you are saying. I long for the time in my journey when I feel like these lessons stick and I can actually transform myself. It’s always 2 steps forward and at least 1 step back. I pray I can get to a place of greater acceptance and peace and stay there longer than a night..

  4. i felt like i was reading my life story…..
    they are absolutely true for many others..

    am 43 now but thank God when I turned 41 there was a complete turn around of events in my life….

    that was the day when I surrendered to God the so-called “brutal things in life”…. and boom!!! everything just starts falling in its right place unexpectedly …

  5. That part about putting an expectation on another is just a premeditated resentment is pure brilliance. Well done!

  6. Now I’m 63, but unable to do strenuous work because of a back problem. I worked from 15 until I could worn no more, at 58. I was a competent woman, fairly intelligent, loved hard work, and had a few talents which were never tapped in a work situation. I earned good money for the last 25 years of my employment and worked for 43 years, but was I happy? No, I never did a job I felt was me. I never felt I was doing something I was happy in, but bills need paying! I look now at some people’s careers with absolute envy, and think I would have loved that job, but it’s too late, so my advice, for what it’s worth, is if you aren’t fulfilled in your work, the sooner you find out what you really want to do, the sooner you make a few sacrifices and get out and do it xxx

  7. I will be 68 on the 27 th of this month, every word you wrote is so very true. But just remember one thing, it’s never to late to make each day the best day ever. I turn my life around three years ago and I’m so happy now. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, theirs nothing wrong with needing help with your life. And yes, it’s better late than never.

  8. I just entered my 30s and i must say i happened to read it at a perfect time. I have had a few ups and downs in my life. Some left me heartbroken while some made me stronger. Reading this just makes me realise all this is just a part of life. The earlier i accept it, the sooner i am a step towards happiness. Beautifully written. Thank you 🙂 :*

  9. Lots of good advice there. Now in my 50’s I see all of those choices and learning experiences as an important part of my journey. We learn as we go. Maybe we aren’t ready for the lessons of our thirties when we’re in our twenties, or of our forties or fifties when we’re only 30. There are things we only learn by experience and when we are ready to receive the lesson. And some lessons take repeating to actually GET IT. I would say enjoy it all. It’s all your life. Every minute, every day.

  10. Better to start practising these in your thirties so that by the time you get to your forties you’re ready! The hardest one for me was ‘No is a complete sentence’ Being a people pleaser stops you from being who you are. Nice article, thank you.

  11. I turned 40 in july 2015 to see this made me realize my moms right ive accomplished issues overcame life- controlling issues and had to swallow more bitter pills then some but im not selfish im taking care of me and reading this article helped me see that turning 40 is what it’s all about

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