Celebrating Women: 25+ Surprising International Women’s Day Facts That Will Blow Your Mind


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25+ International Women's Day Facts - How Women Lead

International Women’s Day is celebrated to honor the bravery and fortitude of women. To make this women’s day even more special, let’s check out some interesting International Women’s Day facts.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it’s important to recognize and honor the contributions of women throughout history and around the world. 

These important International Women’s Day facts will highlight the progress and ongoing challenges faced by women and help you recognize the power women hold in our society.

Here are some amazing some facts on women’s day

International women's day facts
Interesting facts about international women’s day

1. Origin of Women’s Day

The first international women’s day was observed on February 28, 1909, in New York City, organized by the social party of America. The Soviet Union was the first country to make international women’s day an official holiday in 1917, just before the October revolution.

2. Evolution of international women’s day

International Women’s day was originally called National Women’s day which was celebrated in the United States only. It was not always celebrated on March 8th. Initially, it was celebrated on different dates in different countries until 1913, when the date was finalized to be 8th March.

3. Why International Women’s Day is important

International women’s day is not just about celebrating women, men also play a vital role in supporting and advocating for gender equality. This day is an opportunity for everyone to reflect on their role in creating a more gender-equal society.

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4. The first computer programmer was… A WOMAN

The first computer program was written by a woman named Ada Lovelace, a mathematician, and writer, in the mid-1800s. Even in the field of technology, women were the pioneers.

5. Women have also been a part of activism and social justice

Malala Yousafzai, a young activist has become the global symbol for girls’ education and human rights. She survived the near-fatal shooting by the Taliban in 2012 and since then she has become a leading advocate for education and peace.

Whereas, Ruth Bader Ginsburg fought for women’s rights in the supreme court.

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6. A woman made the first solo flight across the Atlantic ocean

Did you know women have been flying airplanes for over a century? Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean.

7. Women are responsible for some of the most important scientific discoveries

Rosalind Franklin’s work on x-ray crystallography was instrumental in discovering the structure of DNA.

Marie Curie was the first woman to win a Nobel prize and the only person who has won it twice in different fields (Physics and Chemistry). Her discoveries revolutionized the study of radioactivity and paved the way for advances in cancer treatment.

8. Women are making significant gains in political representation

Today there are more women than ever before serving in national parliaments around the world. Kamala Harris became the first woman of color to be elected as vice president of the United States. 

9. The pandemic highlighted the inequalities faced by women

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the critical role that women play in our communities, as frontline workers, caregivers, and leaders. It also focused on the inequalities that women face, from the gender pay gap to a disproportionate burden of unpaid care work.

facts on women's day
International women’s day facts

10. Women wore heels to imitate men

Did you know men wore heels even before women? To imitate the men who wore heels as a symbol of their masculinity, heels were first made popular for women’s attire in the 1600s. Men soon stopped wearing heels, and ever since then, ladies have been rocking them.

Learned some insightful information on these interesting facts about international women’s day?

Here are some more international women’s day interesting facts that will surprise you!

facts on women's day
We should appreciate women for what they are

11. There is a purification ritual in which millions of women take part

The world’s largest gathering of women is the Kumbh Mela festival in India, where millions of women come together to bathe in the Ganges river as a part of the Hindu pilgrimage. 

This festival takes place every 12 years and it’s believed to bring good luck and purification to those who participate.

12. Millions of girls are victims of child marriage, increasing their risk of mortality

12 million girls are married before the age of 18 every year, which implies 1 in every 2 seconds. Furthermore, girls who are married as minors are more likely to die in childbirth than girls who marry later.

13. Some countries celebrate women’s day as a combined holiday 

International women’s day is a public holiday in some countries such as Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Armenia, Belarus, Cambodia, and China.

14. There is a color associated with women’s day

Colors associated with women’s day are purple which represents justice and dignity, green which symbolizes hope, and white which symbolizes purity.

Women's day facts
International women’s day facts that you should know

15. Women have been breaking barriers in sports

The first woman to run the Boston marathon was Katherine Switzer, who entered the race by using her initials, so that race officials wouldn’t realize that she is a woman.

16. Economic growth correlates with education among women

Women’s day is not just for celebrating women’s achievements but also used for raising awareness about the challenges that women still face. 

A study found that women are more likely to be in formal employment and work in low-paid, low-skilled jobs, which often lack social protection.

17. DigitALL – United Nations initiative for celebrating women

The United Nations Observance of IWD acknowledges and celebrates women and girls who are leading the way in advancing transformational technology and digital education under the theme “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality.”

International women's day facts
Facts on women’s day

18. Women have been contributing to technology as well

Hedy Lamarr developed a frequency hopping system during World War II that later became the basis for modern Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology.

19. It may take another 151 years to close gender parity globally

Despite progress in recent years, women still experience gender-based discrimination, inequality, and violence. According to reports, It will take another 151 years to close gender parity globally. 

Achieving gender parity is an ongoing process that requires awareness, advocacy, and action to ensure women are afforded the same opportunities and rights as their male counterparts.

20. The rise of #metoo and several movements inspired by Women’s Day

International Women’s Day has become a significant occasion for women around the world to rise and speak out against gender-based discrimination and inequality.

Women’s day has inspired many movements and initiatives, such as the #metoo movement and Time’s Up, which aim to create a more inclusive and equal world for all.

These movements have brought to attention the important issues affecting women, such as equal pay, reproductive rights, and ending violence against women.

Feeling inspired by reading these facts on international women’s day? Here’s more…

21. Women still earn less than men

Women around the world perform two-thirds of the work done, but earn only 10% of the income and own only 1% of the property. Research says it will take more than 200 years to close the gender pay gap globally.

22. Women facing gender inequality in politics

Women make up 50% of the population, but only hold about 25% of parliament seats worldwide.

23. Men in the US stay at home more than women

41% of moms were the only or main providers in their household, which indicates that an increasing proportion of married women are out-earning their husbands. Because of the high cost of child care, some dads who earn less than their spouse decide to stay at home.

24. Russia has a larger female population than male  

The number of women in Russia was 10.25 million higher than the number of males as of January 1, 2022, even though historically women outweigh men in the nation.

25. Women breaking gender norms and demanding change in the film industry

The film industry has historically been male-dominated, with men holding most of the key roles both behind and in front of the camera.

However, in recent years women are now working as directors, producers, and cinematographers, breaking down barriers that have prevented them from advancing in these roles in the past. Women made up a record-breaking 18% of the 250 highest-grossing film directors.

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26. Female musicians are challenging gender stereotypes 

Women have been making music for centuries, but their contributions have often been undervalued. 

Nina Simone used her music to speak out against racial inequality and injustice, while British singer Adele has won multiple Grammy awards for her soulful and emotionally charged music.

Women have also made significant contributions in areas like music journalism, radio programming, and music education. However, many women continue to push boundaries and challenge stereotypes in music.

These International Women’s Day facts are not only alarming but also mind-blowing, serving as a powerful reminder of the urgent need to fight for gender equality and empowerment, and let us continue to fight for a world where all women can thrive.

Hope you found these International women’s day facts insightful and inspirational. Make sure to leave a comment below about which fact you loved the most.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. When was the first international women’s day celebrated?

The first international women’s day was celebrated in 1911 and now is recognized as an official holiday in many countries.

2. What are some major issues that women are facing today?

Gender inequality, sexual harassment, and assault, lack of access to education and healthcare, and systematic discrimination in the workplace.

3. What is the International women’s day 2023 theme?

The theme is #EmbraceEquity.

4. How is international women’s day celebrated?

It is celebrated globally on the 8th of march to honor women’s achievements and raise advocacy for women’s rights and empowerment through various events, rallies, and campaigns.

5. What are some of the successes behind gender equality?

Representation of women in leadership positions, and implementation of laws and policies to address gender bias discrimination, and violence.

women's day facts

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