17 Connections Between A Narcissist And Their Victim With Anxiety Disorder

Connections Narcissist and Victim With Anxiety Disorder

For a narcissist, being in a relationship with someone with an anxiety disorder is the best possible thing. Most of the time, a narcissist deliberately chooses a person with an anxiety disorder as their victim, because they know very well that they will be able to feed on their insecurities and fears and make them do whatever they want.

A person with an anxiety disorder has all those things that a narcissist needs to trap in their web of manipulation, lies, deceit and abuse. Believe it or not, there are many connections between a narcissist and the anxious person they choose as their partner.

Here Are 17 Connections Between A Narcissist And Their Victim With Anxiety Disorder

1. A narcissist will make you feel crazy while someone with anxiety already doesn’t trust themselves.

A narcissist is never to blame and someone with anxiety will always be the one to apologize. When a victim takes responsibility for the unkind actions of a narcissist it feeds into their ego and how much control they have.

Someone with anxiety tends to apologize for things they don’t even need to. Someone with anxiety is a narcissist’s easiest prey.

2. A narcissist doesn’t want to change while someone with anxiety constantly tries to improve.

A narcissist is never wrong. Not only do they think they are incapable of change but they don’t want to change. They want everyone else around them to change so it benefits them.

So when someone with anxiety is trying to improve and get better a narcissist will see that and try and get them to revert back to self-doubt and lack of confidence. Because if someone with anxiety can overcome themselves then they will be able to overcome a narcissist and that’s when they lose their power.

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3. A narcissist will pick any fight and someone with anxiety is always anticipating a fight.

You never actually know when a narcissist will lose their shit. And someone with anxiety expects really bad fights that result in name-calling and someone leaving. A narcissist will leave which triggers abandonment issues when you have anxiety. You suddenly start clinging to people and fear fights that lead to ends.

4. A narcissist uses fear to control the situation and someone with anxiety is always afraid.

Someone with anxiety constantly walks on eggshells because they never actually know what they are going to walk into and if they will have to go into defense mode. Someone with anxiety is always nervous. The phone rings. They have to answer. If they don’t they’ll get called 12 more times. Then they’ll get threatened. Then they’ll get something taken away.

A narcissist will use threats when someone does not act accordingly. So someone with anxiety is constantly on edge with every little thing.

5. A narcissist uses the tactic of manipulation and someone with anxiety folds.

A narcissist wants you to do something and they get you to do it. It’s not even about the task they are asking, it’s more because they asked you. Rather than fight, someone with anxiety does what is asked of them and a narcissist checks it off as a win because everything is about keeping score with them.

6. You point out a narcissist flaw and they tell you – you’re too sensitive.

A narcissist doesn’t have flaws. It’s everyone else who does.

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  1. Avatar of Althea Jenkins

    I’m a 64 yr. old woman. We’ve been married for almost 46 yrs. His Mom, from the beginning would tell him I had another man, and she would call me a whore. I should have spoken up. I left it to him to speak to her and tell her that none of this is true. It was a slow process for us. He’s a crier and when I would ask if he talked with her, he would start crying and tell me how bad his life was at home, which I completely understand. He went from telling me he would talk to her and make her stop, to saying “Well, you are just taking what she said wrong,” then to say, she didn’t mean it like that. I would ask, how can I be taking it wrong when she says I have another man and calls me a whore. No answer. His Mom would have fits and all the 7 kids would come in to soothe her, which was weird to me, but I said nothing. She is dead and now there’s nothing that can be done. So I just let it go. About 5-6 yrs. ago he told someone about how wonderful his parents were and that they didn’t do anything wrong to anyone. After someone dies, it’s probably normal to overlook lots of things. I asked him why he would lie to someone about that. I said, I don’t expect you to run them down, but why would you lie. He said “I didn’t lie” I said, you know what she did to you as a child and to myself after we were married. He said, she NEVER done or said anything wrong to you. I said ” you were there in the same room when she said those very ugly things.” He said she never said anything bad to you or said anything. He proceeded to tell me that I made ALL that up. He said ” you Misunderstand everything.” This was when my eyes were opened to his abuse. I, in the past would just let it go cause he would cry about how she abused him with words. I’ve examined my life since then. How could I let this happen. Why did I let her and him get away with this. About 15 yrs. ago, his sister came to US and told US that she was part of the plan to get rid of me from the beginning, along with another sister and their Mom. She said she finally realized that what their Mom was saying was a lie. She asked me to forgive her and I gladly did. I never knew this was happening even thought It certainly felt that way, but who does this to someone. I was always shy and I never slept around or did things like that. I told him we need to talk about this. He would say I’m going to bed {We haven’t slept together for about 12 yrs., because of his snoring, which he can’t help. I have told him for yrs. to get help for his snoring, he NEVER did, which tells me that he don’t care if he sleeps with me or not.} His other excuses for not talking was I’m going hunting or I’m going to town and etc. I wanted to see a marriage counselor and he said NO. He said, we don’t have any problems. I kept trying to communicate and all he would do is give excuses. So, I just quit trying and started to make arrangements to live in a low income Senior facility, based on my S.S. We’re not poor or rich, Our money is in his name only, which tells you how much I trusted him. We did finally see a counselor, but he just made more excuses and cried and said I was lying on him and his family. He throws me under the bus often. I’m making my life better and I’m glad my eyes were finally opened. I have a lot of work to do, I’m getting a job for support. I’m working out and getting stronger. I was always independent. I don’t know how or when I lost myself.

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