14 Things All Over-Thinkers Will Understand

14 Things All Over-Thinkers Will Understand

8. When you go out you can be the life of the party

If a party is genuinely exciting you will like to enjoy in the moment till you get a hangover.

The next morning you are horrified of the thoughts of what you could have said or done while being intoxicated.

You would avoid facing the people once again when sober.

9. Of course, any pain in your body leads you to imagine the worst-case scenario.

While pondering over what a small bruise or pain on your body would mean, you need someone to talk you off the ledge.

We need someone to tell us that they’ve experienced a pain similar to the one we’re describing.

10. You can’t make quick decisions

Making a decision about anything is the most difficult job for an over-thinker. We are always stuck on the pros that the cons. This thought keeps shifting until we get someone else to decide it for us.

11. You send a lot of screenshots of stuff and evocative details.

We always have a second option and some backup plans. Because who knows when we need it?

12. You would actually enjoy a break from your thoughts

If someone takes you somewhere stimulating enough that you won’t have to be mind-numbingly introspective for once, you’ll love them forever.

13. What did you mean by “I’ll see you soon?

What does “soon” mean?

We like when someone makes our lives a little less complicated and tells us straight up what they mean. If we don’t we’ll probably spin it to mean something more, anyways, but it’s still nice.

14. If you meet someone that makes you live in the moment, you’ll hang on to them for life.

Or as long as you possibly can.

14 Things All Over-Thinkers Will Understand
14 Things All Over-Thinkers Will Understand
14 Things All Over-Thinkers Will Understand
14 Things All Over-Thinkers Will Understand

51 thoughts on “14 Things All Over-Thinkers Will Understand”

  1. Avatar of jbecklett1

    I always tagged myself as an over thinker. Its nice to know there are a lot of people like me; all the points are on point. Huh, still overthinking

  2. Avatar of Cathy Fitzpatrick

    I would not be here by my choice that’s for sure ( always felt like it has a kid growing up .. I belong in the countryside which only springs to mind my world before this was I was a country person and not a townie. I love please with less people

  3. Avatar of Amme Akkoraw

    Faith… if you have faith and give your worries to the highest divine.. nobody will ever be over thinker. Life will be much much easier.. Alhamdulillah Thank God Namaste

  4. Avatar of sri baba

    start doing any kind of inner martial arts, qigong, bagua, zhang zhuang, kung fu and so on. solves the issue by giving choice about thinking or not. i thought 20 years. without pause. now its up to me to start or stop thinking. try! 🙂

  5. Avatar of Freeatlast

    I agree. Nice to once again find out who I am and that I am sensitive and also an over-thinker too.

  6. Avatar of Neil Roberts

    I overthink and I hate it. I was awake in bed until 4 am last night because my mind wouldn't shut up. Round and round and round and…… It's exhausting because it leads nowhere – it doesn't lead to clarity or peace or motivation. It leads to mental paralysis and anxiety. It makes me wish I was someone else 🙁

  7. Avatar of Jennifer Sebits

    Wow. That about covers it all. There's one point that really stood out in particular. Finding someone or something that helps me get out of my own head and just stop the constant analyzing, is like heaven on earth for me. Constantly looking inward so that I can figure out all the "why's" and "what for's" of every little situation takes it's toll, mentally and physically. Even the smallest things like writing a simple message or email can take forever because I'm trying to word everything "just so". I'm completely obsessed with accurately interpreting my thought process in a manner that is as easily understood as possible. Obviously, I fall short of that mark all too often. It's when I'm sitting quietly and seemingly doing nothing but stare at the same place (often without blinking), that all the action takes place. This is the time when my brain is in it's highest gear and I'm actually expending an amazing amount of mental energy thinking things through to the tiniest detail. I can come out of this introspective state totally amazed by how much time has gone by. I, literally, feel like it's only been a few moments. The whole thing can feel like I just ran a marathon. Getting a break from my own thinking process is vacation time that I use to recharge my mental energy levels. My mind hits autopilot by letting my subconscious take over and work things through for a while. If only I got paid overtime for all the the extra effort I put into overthinking things! Lol.

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