10 Traits Of A Sigma Male

10 Traits Of A Sigma Male

Sigma Male: What separates them from an alpha and a beta.

We are aware of two main male personality types.

On one end of the spectrum are the Alpha males who are aggressive, confident, extroverted, dominating and like to lead the pack.

On the other end of the spectrum are the Beta males who are introverted, collaborative and submissive and like to follow the instructions.

It is very easy to spot an Alpha male from a mile away because they are too loud and aggressive and they flex their muscle too hard to stand out.

You can also spot a Beta male very easily because they are too introverted and submissive and they just blend into the crowd.

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But what about the guys who don’t lean into the crowd?

Who are neither leaders nor followers?

Who are the rebels and the rule breakers: who dance to the beat of their own drum?

This is a new personality type that is emerging which is neither Alpha nor Beta.

Meet the Sigma Male.

Sigma male is the hottest topic in psychology circles today and the world is taking note of this new breed of male that is rising up.So, who is precisely a Sigma Male? Let’s find out.

A Sigma male is the one who is neither interested in being a leader nor interested in being a follower. He is not the one to be loud or aggressive trying to grab everyone’s attention in the room nor is he shy and introverted pretending not to exist in the room.

Sigma male is the one who is happy being himself and doing his own thing and not giving a hoot about what others think of him. He is extremely self-aware and comfortable in his own skin and doesn’t feel the need to prove a point to anyone.

Sigma male is not driven by societal expectations and doesn’t follow the herd.

He doesn’t need a lot of material comforts and possessions from society like other men do. He is driven by his own internal drives and values.

Sigma male is often an entrepreneur or a travelling nomad who starts offbeat ventures because he seeks adventure and knowledge more than material possessions or safety and security.He lives on the edge and is extremely independent and pursues his own dreams and goals with unrelenting passion.

Sigma male was once considered a rare breed but with the rise of technology and the ability to work from anywhere in the world, the number of Sigma males is rising rapidly.

Sigma males are also very attractive to women because they are extremely independent, self sufficient and mysterious.

Infact sigma males are so mysterious that you will have a hard time telling if the guy in front of you is a Sigma male.

Although he is introverted and a lone wolf, but if he finds you intriguing enough, he will let you see some of these signs that show that he is a Sigma Male:

10 Traits Of A Sigma Male that makes him different

1) He likes to fly solo.

A Sigma male is mostly a lone wolf who likes to fly solo.

A sigma male is not influenced by societal expectations or labels. He is driven by his own internal values and goals. He doesn’t like to bow down to anyone’s ideals, follows his own ideals and carves his own path.

2) He likes to be self sufficient and independent.

A Sigma male doesn’t like to dependent on anyone. He is extremely courageous and resourceful.

His dedication, passion and hardworking nature are awe inspiring.

A Sigma male has all the leadership qualities of an alpha male but he doesn’t flaunt any of them because he has no point to prove to anyone.

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3 thoughts on “10 Traits Of A Sigma Male”

  1. Sigma males are the most adaptable guys out there, and are easily mistaken for beta. However, they live in their own world and understand when they are needed. Other than that. The best way to describe a sigma male is that he is a servant to those around him and leads by example.

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