11 Personality Traits Of A Sigma Male That Sets Them Apart


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Personality Traits Of Sigma Male Sets Them Apart

From alpha to omega, there are six socio-sexual hierarchy ranks. Sigma is one of them. You might not hear much about a sigma male like you hear about alpha males and beta males. But what it is about them, that is underrated but at the same time really, really attractive?

On one end of the spectrum are the Alpha males who are aggressive, confident, extroverted, dominating, and like to lead the pack. It is very easy to spot an Alpha male from a mile away because they are very loud and aggressive and they flex their muscles too hard to stand out.

On the other end of the spectrum are the Beta males who are introverted, collaborative, and submissive and like to follow instructions. You can also spot a Beta male very easily because they are too introverted and submissive and they just blend into the crowd.

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So, who exactly is a Sigma male?

Apart from Alpha males, and Beta males, there is another category, and that’s the Sigma male.

A Sigma male is one who is neither interested in being a leader nor interested in being a follower. He is not the one to be loud or aggressive trying to grab everyone’s attention in the room nor is he shy and introverted pretending not to exist in the room.

Sigma males are the ones who are happy being themselves and doing their own thing and not giving a hoot about what others think of them. They are extremely self-aware and comfortable in their own skin and don’t feel the need to prove a point to anyone.

They are not driven by societal expectations and choose not to follow the herd. Interestingly, they don’t need a lot of material comforts and possessions from society like other men do. This is because they are always driven by their own internal drives and values.

A Sigma male personality is often an entrepreneur or a traveling nomad who goes off on offbeat ventures because he seeks adventure and knowledge more than material possessions or safety and security. He lives on the edge and is extremely independent and pursues his own dreams and goals with unrelenting passion. This is one of the biggest reasons why they are also very attractive to women.

The Sigma male mindset is gradually getting more recognition, and it’s not just about Alpha and Beta males anymore. Now, let’s find out the characteristics of a Sigma male and how to spot a Sigma male.

11 Signs Of A Sigma Male That Sets Them Apart

Personality Traits Sigma Male infographics
Sigma male personality traits

1. He likes to fly solo and is very independent.

A Sigma male is mostly a lone wolf who likes to fly solo and likes it, even more, to do things his way without anyone else’s interference. He is never influenced by societal expectations or labels and is predominantly driven by his own internal values and goals.

He would never bow down to anyone’s ideals, and always prefers to follow his own ideals and carve his own path. Sigmas don’t really care about being in a team or a group, as they are perfectly comfortable doing their own thing, in their own way.

2. He has a mysterious personality.

This is one of the classic Sigma male traits. Most of the time, you will never know what is through their minds. Neither do they want to starkly stand out, nor do they want to conform, and this is what adds to the air of mystery around them.

It’s quite a challenge to figure them out, and that’s why most people are so drawn to them. Their mysterious personality is what makes them so attractive to most people.

3. He likes silence.

One of the major signs you’re a Sigma male is that you hate chaos and excessive noise. A Sigma male likes silence not because he is shy but because he is reflective and observant. He is a man of few words. He will not speak something just to fill in the silence, or just to add to the conversation, for the sake of it. He will take his time to listen, analyze, and think before speaking.

This is one of the reasons why people look up to him and his opinions, every time he talks. Whenever he chooses to speak up, it’s a given that he is going to say something worth listening to.

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4. He lives life on the edge.

A Sigma male is not the one to play it safe all the time; he is always on the lookout for the next great adventure that will blow his mind away. He only does what he wants to do, and he straight up ignores it, when someone else tries to lecture him about what he should and shouldn’t do. Following set rules, regulations, and traditions are not his cups of tea.

Because of this, he might come across as reckless sometimes, but for the most part, it’s for a good reason. He might take the offbeat path sometimes, but he almost always has the right intentions.

5. He is extremely smart.

A Sigma male is very curious and intelligent. He is an expert at observing and analyzing things and can quickly grab their essence, and understand what they are all about. He will ask numerous questions or do thorough research on a topic as much as he can, just to find an answer to something that intrigues his curiosity.

He is both book-smart and street-smart. Due to his inherent curiosity and adventure-seeking spirit, he is always on the lookout for experiences that expand his mind’s horizons, and that’s why he has wisdom that goes beyond his age.

6. He has a rebellious spirit.

A Sigma male will always be doing his own thing irrespective of whatever everyone around him is saying or doing. He doesn’t care about societal labels or expectations and doesn’t feel the need to follow any rules to fit in. A Sigma male will rebel against anyone who tries to impose their lifestyle on him because, at the end of the day, it’s his life.

It’s not that he is trying to prove any point to anybody but he just follows his internal compass and ideals and will not bow down to any outside rules or authority.

7. He is never short of attention.

He gets a lot of female attention because of his mysterious nature, intelligence, and sense of independence. Sometimes, even more than Alpha males. A Sigma male’s brooding, intelligent, and reserved nature is a welcome change from the Alpha male’s loud, aggressive demeanor or the Beta male’s submissive, scared personality.

But a Sigma male would rather prefer to let the woman drool over him than engage in a relationship with just anyone. He is looking for someone who is equally free-spirited and independent. He will quickly get turned off if someone tries to tie him down.

8. He has an abstract way of thinking.

No matter where they go, Sigma males always try to blend in and keep in mind that blending in is not the same as fitting in though. Rather they tend to stand out from the crowd more, due to their mysterious and eye-catching personality.

He has a unique way of looking at life, and he really doesn’t care what the other person is doing. He harbors a lot of confidence and conviction in himself, and that serves as his guiding light in life.

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9. He has his own distinctive style.

A Sigma male does not follow any trends and always chooses to make his own. He is confident and comfortable in his own skin, and his confident and carefree attitude are his most attractive traits. A Sigma male is naturally gifted when it comes to fashion, and he never fails to make amazing choices.

He understands something is going to be a trend, even before it becomes a trend. Fashion and style are two things he never fails at.

10. He is a deep thinker.

Because Sigma male is extremely intelligent, they tend to be deep thinkers, and overthinkers even. He has a highly analytical mind, and with that, he is constantly thinking deeply about things that others might not even spare a thought to. He thinks about the nitty-gritty of everything and doesn’t stop once he has the right answer.

He is always finding ways to steer clear of complications and drama and stick to his lane. Fights, drama, and unnecessary conflicts are things he absolutely hates.

11. He can adapt to anything.

A Sigma male gets his power and validation from within, he does not demand power or validation from outside, nor does he wait for any leadership to get started with his work. He is very comfortable with walking up to any stranger and striking up a conversation and he can adapt himself quite easily to any group.

Also, a sigma male has vast areas of interest owing to his curious nature and a vast network of acquaintances from diverse fields. However, he still remains distant and a loner at heart because he knows that ultimately he has to walk his own path. He will move in and out of different groups very easily and fluidly and not stick to any particular group for long.

Being with a sigma male can be an extremely rewarding and enriching experience as it will totally expand your horizons, and make you see the world in a different way. To be honest, Sigma males are very rare to spot and can be hard to understand but if you encounter one in your life, be sure to take note.

Want to know more about the signs you are a sigma male? Check this video out below!

Sigma male

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between alpha and sigma male?

Alpha males are normally very aggressive, over-confident, and extroverted, while sigma males are more introverted in nature, don’t feel the need to be overly aggressive, and are modest and silently confident.

How common are Sigma males?

Sigma males are the rarest breed of men and constitute only 0.02% of the population.

What celebrities are Sigma males?

Some of the most famous Sigma males are Steve Jobs, Quentin Tarantino, Bob Dylan, Clint Eastwood, Keanu Reeves, and James Dean.

What are Sigma male rules?

Some of the rules that a Sigma male lives by are – he never conforms to societal standards, loves spending time alone, is not desperate for attention, is self-sufficient, and most importantly, never looks for validation and approval from others.

How are Sigma males in relationships?

Sigma males are generally very loyal and committed in relationships. However, if they feel that a relationship is not working out, they are honest with their partners and try to end things on a positive and mature note. They never leave anyone hanging, and prefer to deal with everything with dignity and class.

10 Traits Of A Sigma Male What Makes Them Special
What is a Sigma male: Sigma male traits
11 Personality Traits Of A Sigma Male That Sets Them Apart
How to be a sigma male: Sigma male signs
Personality Traits Sigma Male pin
Are you a sigma male: Sigma male examples
Personality Traits Of Sigma Male Sets Them Apart pin
11 sigma male traits

Personality Traits Of Sigma Male Sets Apart
11 sigma male traits

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  1. robert wilkinson Avatar
    robert wilkinson

    Sigma males are the most adaptable guys out there, and are easily mistaken for beta. However, they live in their own world and understand when they are needed. Other than that. The best way to describe a sigma male is that he is a servant to those around him and leads by example.

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