10 Actions That A True Gentleman Never Resorts To


10 Actions That A True Gentleman Never Resorts To

Any man, who is reading this and says that all of this is too much to be expected from men- it’s a request- please think better of yourself. It is not as if these articles about good men are written by someone who writes fiction on the side. These have been observed in real men, good men and anyone can be like them if they wanted it bad enough. The following are some basic no-no’s that no grown, mature and stable man would do. And if you know someone who is, well need we say that it’s time to let them go. Ladies note.

1.  Condemn or criticize a woman’s looks

No good man would comment disrespectfully about his woman’s looks. He will not try to point out if she had a bad hair day. Much worse if he’s always telling you to drop a few pounds or the likes. When a man demeans you by commenting on your looks, he is being a selfish morning. The only thing he’s trying to achieve is to make you question your self-confidence. When you are less secure about your body image, the less likely are you to leave his sorry ass. Do yourself a favor and walk out if this is a regular habit of his.

2.  Invade her personal space

Here’s the thing with mature relationships, you have got to respect each other’s privacy. A good man doesn’t jump on any chance he gets to through your texts or emails. In fact, there shouldn’t really be any need for a relationship to be a never-ending game of hiding and seek. So neither should give your partner a reason to be suspicious nor should they be sleuthing around on your stuff. Snooping in someone’s privacy is not to be tolerated at all.

3.  Put her down and discourage her ambition

That is simply not what you’d expect from your partner. Couples should support each other and help build each other, not tear them down. If your man is derisive of your dreams, chances are he has too little confidence in his own. If he is insulting and rude and doesn’t boost your confidence, better let that roll of negativity out of your life and focus on your dreams.

4.  Continuously make her feel insecure

If a man is insecure in his own self, he would project it on you and make you feel like you continuously have to prove to him your worth. That should not be the way of things. Both the partners should respect and value each other and neither should be made to feel like that. You should not have to feel like a salesman whose trying to make a sale. You should not have to parade your skills or beauty like those assets are here for his approval only.

5.  He doesn’t make you fight for his priorities

This one should sound familiar to many. Does he spend a lot of time hanging out with the boys and comes home just for the food and the bed? Then definitely walk out of such a situation. Being in a relationship means giving each other time. Of course, nobody is condemning a healthy social life, but there has to be the balance between his social and personal life. If you are feeling neglected and taken for granted, he is not treating you the way he should.

6.  He will not make you feel like the only one working for the relationship

2 people make a couple, not 1. 2 people have to work for their relationship, not 1. This might be the most simple numerical equation anyone’s heard. If he still can’t follow it, then you are wasting your time. If he’s not willing or able to put the same effort in the relationship as you, then you need to call him out on that. If you two have been together long enough and you know he’s not like this then cut him some slack, otherwise kick him to the curb.

7.  He will not cheat

Cheating is never an option. And it’s a personal opinion that there is no coming back from it. I especially get irritated who claim they made a mistake. No brother, mistakes are made when you don’t know what you’re doing. When you chose to cheat on your partner, you had every will and intention of doing so and you damn well knew what you were doing. When do people commit themselves to each other, they have made a promise to be together. Nobody gets to decide whether that promise could be made void for a few times.

8.  He will never be disrespectful

This just doesn’t hold true for his partner, but in fact, should be practiced towards every person he comes across. Those who are actually confident in themselves, don’t feel the need to put down or sneer at others. True humility is a sign of a great man, not a condescending attitude.

9.  He will not put off talking about things that matter

A good man is not afraid of facing the uncomfortable truths. He knows that it is normal to have problems, whether at work or home and he knows that the only way to get through them is to face them and talk about them. He also realizes the importance of doing so in a timely manner. And so he will never try to avoid you when you are about to bring up some rather conflicting conversation or the likes. He also knows how to handle the said conversations and can be expected to maintain his cool during them.

10.  He doesn’t abuse

Abusing behavior is far too common than we would like to admit. It arises from a need to enhance and validate one’s self-worth by making another suffer. It can be physical suffering, mental suffering or emotional. And it is found in all kinds of relationships. Needless to say, this is not healthy. So educate yourself towards the signs and if your man is the abusive kind, let him go. There are absolutely no excuses for such behavior.

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10 Actions That A True Gentleman Never Resorts To

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