How To Spot A Good Man: 11 Ways You Know That You’re With A Good Man


Ways You Can Spot A Good Man

There is a difference between boys and men. Men are a class apart. But there are men and then there are good men. As men, it’s our duty to be gentlemanly to those we encounter, especially women. And this post is going to help you understand how to spot a good man.

Now the question is what makes a good man? There are various ways to identify a good man and understand what makes a good man.

Let’s find out more about the signs you’re with a good man.

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11 Ways You Can Spot A Good Man

1. He inspires you.

A good man is already inspirational in his deeds and words. His strong morale and character are an inspiration. Still, he never loses an opportunity to evoke inspiration in you.

He inspires you to be yourself and brings out the best in you, and this is one of the biggest ways to spot a good man.

spot a good man
How To Spot A Good Man: 11 Ways You Know That You’re With A Good Man

2. He makes you feel beautiful.

There may be many who say you’re beautiful but none will make you feel it like he does. A good man makes you feel beautiful inside and out with not just his words but his actions too and the way he interacts with you physically and mentally.

3. He makes you feel safe and secure.

What makes a good man, you ask? This right here.

A man who is inherently good will always be there to stand up for you and defend you in an unfortunate situation. The feeling of safety and security is vital for a woman in a relationship. It is the man’s duty to make sure you feel safe.

4. He seeks constant improvement.

A good guy is never content and always works to better himself. Be it learning a new skill, building his body, or improving any other aspects of his life. He is constantly seeking ways to better himself.

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5. He is always honest.

Another one of the classic ways to spot a good man. This is the most important attribute of any man. A decent man never lies, cheats, or betrays anyone, especially their loved ones.

Neither do they hold back from saying things as it is, whether good or bad. They never fabricate things.

6. He is never abusive.

Good men are never abusive towards you or anyone else. They will never abuse their partner physically, emotionally, or mentally. Even when it comes to dealing with external problems, they will choose to do it with their intellect and strength instead of becoming abusive.

7. He is supportive.

He always has your back. It doesn’t mean he will be your ‘yes man’ but he knows the importance of being supportive and will be there when the situation calls for it.

He will stand by you like a rock, no matter what happens, and is one of the greatest signs of a good man.

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8. He does the little things.

It’s not the expensive gifts that make a woman feel loved but the little things that a man does and a good man knows this well. Opening doors, appreciating the new makeover, or just feeding the kids, he is never too busy to acknowledge it with a gesture.

spot a good man
How To Spot A Good Man: 11 Ways You Know That You’re With A Good Man

9. You’re his top priority.

It doesn’t mean he will forget everything else and appease your every whim. It means he will be selfless in his deeds and he will put you first. Good men always put their partners first, and always take their feelings and opinions into consideration.

10. He stands by you.

Good guys, no matter what the situation, will always stand by you. He will never ignore you. Once he is committed to you, there is no in-between, and he will be there for you through thick and thin.

11. He trusts you and makes efforts to keep you happy.

Trust cannot be forced or brought but earned, and the right person works to earn your trust and once he does, he works to keep it. He never leaves his trust in doubt.

If you have earned his trust, there is nothing that can shake it unless you create such a situation. This is one of the most important ways to spot a good man.

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When you are in a relationship with the right person, you will always see signs of that. If you are one of the lucky ones who has a good guy in your life, then hold on to him tight and never let him go.

Spot a good man
Good Man Signs
11 Ways You Know You're With A Good Man
Good Man Traits
Ways You Can Spot A Good Man pinex
How To Spot A Good Man: 11 Ways You Know That You’re With A Good Man
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How To Spot A Good Man: 11 Ways You Know That You’re With A Good Man

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