8 Things A Good Man Will Never Do In A Relationship

things a good man never does in a relationship

Look out for these revealing things a good man will never do in a relationship. 

A person can never be judged on the basis of a standard of goodness; there’s no specific yardstick to measure it.

By talking about “good men” I do not mean to humiliate or disregard any particular type of men as “bad” or “undesirable”. Nevertheless, there are definitely some remarkable qualities which when a man has, turn out to be beneficial for a relationship.

As a man, you either possess these qualities or you don’t. There is no middle ground to it. The harsh truth is, a genuine gentleman does act in ways that are positively influential to the relationship and that is how we come to the concept of behaviours expected from a good man in a relationship.

Here are 8 things that a righteous man contributing to a healthy relationship will always avoid doing:

1. A good man will never make you feel insecure

It’s undeniable that people often feel insecure in a relationship. Insecurity in a relationship may stem from various issues – it can rise from some unresolved internal conflicts or can be external, based on how your partner is making you feel.

A man, who has good intentions for the relationship, will never make you feel like you are a sidekick to his life.

Even if the problem is rising because of the partner’s low self-esteem, a good man will not add to her insecurities. Most importantly, he will give her undivided attention she deserves, the constant reassurance and positive regard to make her feel secure in the relationship.

Such a man will make sure his partner understands that her space in his life is exclusive and she does not have to constantly compete with other people to secure her position in his heart.

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2. A good man will never limit your potentials

With two dynamic individuals interacting, there are high chances of their ideals clashing. This fact will not instigate a good man to clip your wings, cage you and limit your horizons. A man who has high regard for his partner’s personal growth will actively take part in identifying the capabilities of his partner, motivate and inspire her to reach her zenith.

He will never let you give up on yourself until you have achieved what you deserve and desire. His selfish needs will not be a reason for you to compromise your flair. Instead he will be that extra boost for you to manoeuvre.

3. A good man will never invade your personal space

Every healthy relationship requires having a clear boundary. However closely connected you might be with your partner; there are certain things which are exceedingly personal.

If your man is snooping around in an attempt to invade your personal space – prying through your phone, your laptop or your diaries or trying to log in to your Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts in your absence, he is undoubtedly projecting his insecurities and other internal issues on to you.

A good man will trust you and respect your personal boundary and never be willing to cross his limits.

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4. A good man will never abuse you

Abuse in any form – be it physical, emotional, sexual or verbal, towards anyone is a supreme crime to commit. No living organism deserves such a pathetic treatment from anyone. Abuse won’t always be overt or easily recognizable. Often, abuse is subtle and difficult to identify.

A good man exudes self-integrity and will never stoop down to abuse a woman to exercise control in the relationship.

Instead of making use of manipulative techniques to mold a relationship to his advantage, a good man will make use of his rational sense and emotional maturity to handle crisis situations that might arise in the course of a relationship.

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