7 Reasons Why You Keep Falling For The Wrong Guy


Why Keep Falling For Wrong Guy

Have you ever wondered why you always keep falling for the wrong guy? There is definitely something about you that they are drawn to. There is definitely something about you that makes them treat you horribly, and not even feel bad about it, even for a second.

I’m not saying it’s your fault. All I’m saying is your vibe attracts your tribe. What we send to the universe is what comes back to us. It’s time we stop tagging out your best friend in fuckboy memes and start understanding how and why we attract the wrong people.

Here Are 7 Reasons Why You Keep Falling For The Wrong Guy

1. You run low on confidence.

The reason why you accept a toxic person in your life is that you aren’t very confident about yourself. This is why you fall for every lie they say. You just like the compliments they give you and fail to see beyond that. You do not focus on seeing what else they have to offer you.

I don’t mean to be rude, but you like seeking validation from them because they make you feel good. Whereas deep down you know that they don’t really bring any sort of motive in your life, neither do they help you in becoming a better person. You fall for words more than actions.

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2. You are too nice.

This is one of the biggest reasons why you keep falling for the wrong guy. You have a very humble and giving nature. This is why toxic men are drawn to you. They know you are filled with goodness and they take advantage of it.

They know if they play the victim in front of you, you will fall into their trap.

3. You have a lot of empathy for others.

Even though it is a gift, some people make you regret being an empathetic person. They pretend to be deeply hurt and sad just so that you can give them a shoulder to cry on. I know it’s harsh but some people are just bad and there isn’t any sort of reasoning or justification for that. Some people become bad due to circumstances whereas some just like hurting others.

And yes, this is true. Such people play the victim card in front of you just to keep you on their side and then ruin you emotionally.  They will constantly hurt you and blame it on their past experiences for being this way. It is true that science says that opposites attract. However, too much of this can lead to harming one person and breaking their heart.

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4. You can fix anything.

You are known to be a problem fixer. You have a solution to everything. This is why your family and friends always want you around. But this is also the reason why toxic men are attracted to you. They want you to fix what’s wrong in them. Now if someone is really willing to change into a better man, then you should totally help them in their journey. But some people just use it as an excuse to waste your time and play with your emotions.

You need to detect the wrong ones until you have the time to. Please understand that you can only change a man who is willing to. If his mother couldn’t change him, nothing on this earth should make you feel like you can change him.

5. Your heart is broken.

A broken heart can easily fall prey to toxic men. When our hearts are starving we all are ready to eat lies. Toxic men aim at women who are emotionally weak or have a broken heart. They take advantage of this situation and make you feel like they are the perfect one for you. You believe them because when someone is hanging on the edge they hold any rope thrown at them.

None of us wants to be alone. The only difference is that some of us are willing to wait whereas others rush. You are so fragile that it is very easy to trick you. A broken heart can make the strongest of people fragile.

6. You don’t know where to draw a line.

You do not know how to set boundaries. This is why you don’t even realize when someone is crossing a limit. You allow them to hurt you because you aren’t of what you want in your life and what you strictly condemn.

This makes it easier for them to play with your emotions. They are well aware that you haven’t set a standard for yourself. Maybe that is why you choose them in the first place.

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7. They see you as hope.

As I said before, some men become toxic because of what they have gone through in the past. Maybe they had their heart broken too.

Some toxic men are attracted to strong females because they see hope in them. They feel like she is the only one who can bring him back to the right path and stop his life from being miserable.

But as convincing as it sounds, this isn’t the case always. Some men just pretend to be seeking help.

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Reasons Why You Always Get Stuck With The Wrong Guy
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