12 Key Signs of a Decent Man That Sets Him Apart from A Narcissist


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Markers Of A Decent Man That You’ll Never See In A Narcissist

There are several traits that set a decent man apart from a narcissist and it is crucial for you to know and identify those traits so that you always make the right choice. Narcissists are masters of disguise and can easily fool people. If you want to be with a good man, then you need to know the 12 signs of a decent man.

Narcissists always come into your life with some ulterior motive. It’s hard to see past their façade of charm and glamour but sooner or later, they will slip up and reveal their true face. Anyone who has ever had to go through the experience of being a narcissist’s prey can tell you how terrible it is. Time with them can drain the very life out of a person.

There is no one undeserving of happiness and you wouldn’t wish this kind of relationship on your worst enemy. Keep reading to learn about the markers of a decent man and ensure that you check these off every time you meet someone so that you don’t become a victim. Remember that life is short and precious so be cautious and look out for yourself.

So, what are the signs of a decent man? Read on to know more about the attributes of a good man and the qualities of a good boyfriend.

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12 Signs Of A Decent Man That You’ll Never See In A Narcissist

Make sure to look for these 12 signs he is a good man before giving away your heart to him.

1. When You Have Something To Say, He’ll Pay Attention

You will not have to struggle to make him pay attention when you two are talking. Even if you’re worried about something he might consider trivial, he’ll take it seriously because it’s important to you.

He won’t interrupt you or get distracted even if he doesn’t agree with your opinion. It’s not easy to listen to another person especially if they’ve brought up a subject that the other party is not eager to talk about, but if he does it, he is responsive and he’s a decent man.

2. You Won’t Become An Outlet For His Negative Emotions

This is one of the biggest qualities of a good man.

He could have had the worst day possible but he’s not going to come back and take it all out on you.

Everybody gets stressed out now and then but he’ll acknowledge that he’s having some issues and he’ll feel genuinely bad if he’s acted out to you. If you truly love him, you’ll do the same for him.

Signs of a good man

3. He’ll Never Let Go Of His Humility

Narcissists are incredibly vain and they’ll go on and on about everything they’ve achieved, even if it’s really not that big a deal. Moreover, they’ll never let anyone else be appreciated around them because they don’t like losing the spotlight.

A decent man will choose to stay humble and won’t brag about all that he’s done. But you can take pride in his work and appreciate him.

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4. He’ll Offer His Assistance In All Your Endeavors

You might not be in perfect agreement but that doesn’t mean he’ll stop you if you truly wish to do something. He’ll only try to help you progress toward your goal.

He appreciates your strength and will do whatever he can to bolster it so that you can achieve everything you want to. This is invariably one of the signs of a decent man who knows how to provide support and encouragement.

5. When He’s Made A Mistake He’ll Own Up To It

One of the major signs of a good man, he will never shy away from taking accountability.

Taking responsibility is one of the most important markers of a decent man. When he slips up, he’ll acknowledge that it was his fault and he’ll apologize to whomever he’s hurt.

Both of you do this for each other. A narcissist’s pride will not allow them to do this. Owning up to one’s mistake is the quality of a secure and honest man.

6. Even When Times Are Tough, He’ll Look At The Bright Side

Life is full of ups and downs but a good man knows how to look for the silver lining in every cloud.

He’ll try to think positively and be there for you whenever you need someone to have your back. Of course, he’ll have his own dark days so ensure that you support him the way he supports you.

7. He’ll Never Try To Turn Your Own Feelings Against You

A narcissist will take any opportunity to tear you down so it’s like hitting gold for them when you’re feeling terrible about yourself.

A good man will want you to love yourself the way he loves you so he’ll do whatever he can to make you feel better and boost your self-esteem.

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8. He’ll Be Open To You About His Emotions

One of the biggest signs of a decent man is this.

Whenever some issues come up that trouble him, he’ll let you know about it. He’s not going to beat around the bush when something is wrong.

It’s not his intention to make you feel sad but he knows that communication is important for the survival of any relationship, so he won’t hide anything from you.

9. You’ll Never Feel The Need To Doubt Him About Anything

You can always expect openness and honesty from him. He’ll never be unfaithful to you and he certainly won’t abandon you.

A decent man values the trust that his woman puts in him. So, place your trust in him and do your best to make yourself trustworthy to him.

12 Key Signs of a Decent Man That Sets Him Apart from A Narcissist

10. Through The Good Times And The Bad, He’ll Have Your Back

A narcissist doesn’t really care about anyone but himself so just like a rat, he’ll flee the ship if he so much as gets a hint that it is about to sink.

A decent man will never let you suffer anything alone. He’ll be there for you whenever you need him, be it in celebration or in mourning. You can reach out to him no matter what time of the day it is.

11. He’ll Do His Best To Help You Love Yourself

It’s too dangerous for the narcissist if you have good self-esteem so they’ll do what they can to make you doubt yourself.

But a decent man won’t even let you beat yourself up over something. He’ll always be good to you and heal you when you’re hurting. You’ll never feel less than beautiful when you are around him.

12. When You Draw A Line He Won’t Cross It Without Your Permission

One of the most important and defining signs of a decent man is that he will always respect your boundaries.

A decent man is always respectful and when you’re not comfortable with something, he’ll stop doing it. You can draw a line and he will care about you enough to not cross it.

A narcissist will never give you that sense of security, and will only do what he wants to, no matter how much that hurts you or bothers you.

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Good Men Exist

If you have given up on love, know that decent men do exist, and when the right one walks into your life, you will not fail to recognize him if you remember these signs of a decent man.

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Signs of a decent man
Signs Of A Decent Man Never See In Narcissist Pin
Signs Of A Decent Man That You’ll Never See In A Narcissist pinex
Signs Of A Decent Man That You’ll Never See In A Narcissist pin
Signs Of A Decent Man Never See In Narcissist
Signs Of A Decent Man Youll Never See In Narcissist

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