Your Body During a Breakup: 10 Scientific Effects Heartbreak Has On The Body

Your Body During Breakup Scientific Effects Heartbreak Has On Body

All of us have gone through heartbreaks, it can be the death of a loved one, breakup with a lover, loss of a friend, pet or job or anything else. Heartbreaks teach us some crucial lessons of our lives and push us into growing. But, when you are experiencing breakup you feel, helpless, hopeless and worthless. Here’s what happens to your body during breakup according to science. 

From our vulnerable position, we learn to become strong and independent, from being scared to be lonely we learn to embrace solitude. The process of transformation is tough. Our mental and physical well-being gets disrupted. Heart-breaks not only cause psychological trauma but also brings upon physical harm.

Your Body During a Breakup: 10 Scientific Effects Heartbreak Has On The Body

We should be careful about the people we welcome in our lives because heart-breaks are detrimental to our health and well-being. Scientists have found out that heart-breaks cause serious physical damage to our body during a breakup. It’s important that we become cautious of these physical effects.

Here are 10 things which happen to your body during breakup and any type of heartbreak:

Your Body During Breakup Scientific Effects Heartbreak Has On Body
Your Body During a Breakup: 10 Scientific Effects Heartbreak Has On The Body

(1) You experience frequent cramps:

Cramps are common things you experience during this time. Your body will feel more pain because you are emotionally down.

You might get a migraine or a stomach pain or a muscle pain. Since you are busy crying and grieving, it causes a stress to your nerves thereby initiating cramps.

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(2) Your period is preponed or postponed:

Periods are either preponed or postponed because of extreme stress. Your menstrual cycle is more likely to get changed if you keep on remaining depressed.

The stress hormones are responsible for such changes. A lot of women’s magazines focus on this particular issue to make women aware of their menstrual well-being.

(3) There’s a big change in your eating habits:

We all understand you don’t like to eat. You had a terrible break-up and you have lost your appetite. This happens to all of us but we need to move on. If we don’t force ourselves to eat, we will grow physically weak and this will invite a lot of health issues. Eating one thing or the other might remind you of him.

Shrug it off. Eat. But don’t eat too much of carbohydrates.

Even if you eat, you will be attracted to carbohydrates because when a person is depressed, they crave carbohydrates. Carbohydrates act as immediate pain-relievers but increase the level of depression in the long term.

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(4) You will get gastritis:

Gastritis is caused by stress. You are most likely ignoring food or gorging upon junks during this time of your life.

This will trigger gastritis and increase stress hormones. Be careful about this and consult a doctor before it aggravates.

(5) There’s a change in your sleeping pattern:

You are going through a very tough phase of your life. You might stay awake the whole night crying in pain or you are simply unable to sleep.

It might happen that you are crying off to sleep during the day. This creates an imbalance in your sleeping pattern. Some people don’t sleep at all (which leads to insomnia) while some keep on sleeping. Your biological clock gets affected in this way. Poor sleep also interferes with the capacity to make sound judgements.

Try getting out and spending time with positive people, eat well and exercise – it will help boost your mood and distract you from your negative thoughts. Hence, you can sleep better!

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