The Painful Side Of Love – When Two People in Love Can Never Be Together


The Painful Side Of Love - When Two People in Love Can Never Be Together

When Two People in Love Can Never Be Together

Love is a powerful emotion. It can make and break people. Love can have many different colors and not everybody in love experiences the same emotions. For some, it can be the most blissful experience and for some, it can be the most unpleasant thing in their lives.

It’s pretty difficult to understand how a single emotion can reveal itself in so many different ways. But it is also a fact that love is the only thing that is closest to perfection.

Love can be strange and ordinary, heady and calm, good and bad. It can be the most beautiful thing to behold and has the power to bring two people together. Yet it is this very emotion that can become dark and ugly.

Love is the only flawless thing that humans can experience in the material world.

People associate love with happiness, fulfillment, and everything beautiful. True love for most people is a soothing experience that brings life to their dull and drab life.

There is also a different version of love that does not bring happiness to those involved. It brings darkness and grief. This love is between two people who can never be together. They can never have each other for life.

It is not the beginning of a beautiful story, but the end of what could have been. It can never blossom, never thrive. This love should either remain alive in the hearts unfulfilled or eventually dies.

We want to see love always leading to happiness, the lifelong union of two people. But, that does not happen many times. Some lovers never get united, never are together. They are meant to part ways.

Two people deeply in love are sometimes cut off due to circumstances. Despite being soul mates they are forced to be apart and that is the irony of this kind of love. The worst part of this type of love is the inability to get over the feeling despite knowing there is no possibility of ever being together.

Those involved know very well they cannot make it happen because there are plenty of other factors that affect them. They would rather not be together than destroy everything else around them. It is a sad truth, and it does exist.

In real life, love is very different from love in fairytales and stories. Love is an emotion but you need so many more things to live. Love is not enough because life and its circumstances don’t let you live only on emotions. You are required to be rational while love tends to drive you in the opposite direction.

We hear contradictory things about love. While love is called irrational, it is also believed to be the strength behind successful relationships.

The actual fact is love alone cannot make things work. It may seem to drive things in the right direction for a while, but rationality demands more. One cannot help but be practical as sooner or later, irrational illusions vanish.

The reality of life demands us to weigh the pros and cons of anything that we come across in life. Even though you may want to drift with the flow of love, you can’t do it or you have to pay heavily for being impractical.

Strange as it might seem, some people cannot co-habit with others. They have such habits or beliefs that they cannot stay with someone even if they love that person’s heart and soul. Actually, there are hardly any couples who don’t detest something or the other about one another.

They may find some of the unusual habits cute or unique or simply try to ignore these. But, truth be told, its sheer compromise and nothing else. The weird habits and tendencies make some people completely incompatible with their beloved.

But, still, they may love each other fully, even though their own personalities prevent them from getting along.

Some people can’t compromise and sometimes they can’t get along even if they want to because of circumstances.

Compromise is a matter of choice. You may or may not choose to compromise. For the sake of being together, one may compromise as long as it doesn’t hurt. However, even compromising won’t work in some cases. It is impossible to stretch to such extreme lengths and still be in a sweet loving relationship with someone.

There are many more reasons why people can’t be together. One may not be able to get along with their partner if the partner inflicts pain and is the cause of their distress. Despite all the pain and gloom, the couple may be deeply attached, yet they will not and cannot stay together.

The ability to forgive and forget will play the deciding role here. But it will definitely have a negative impact on both involved.

In reality, the intensity of emotions may persuade people to make wrong choices. That is why couples reunite again and again and try to give their relationships a fresh start. But soon the past repeats itself and the differences resurface.

A setback in love hurts the most. It cuts deep and the pain received can never be forgotten. The person you hurt and destroy emotionally will never come back. And if you still love them you know you can’t have them back because there is all the possibility you will hurt them again.

When two people see no chance of healing each other’s wounds, they know they have to leave those wounds alone. The only way to live is by allowing other people in their lives so that they can move on.

It gives you a kind of peace when you know your lover has finally moved on and you don’t have to worry if they will ever be happy again.

You desperately hope that the old will be replaced by the new ones. A better and more compatible person will ensure their happiness and that actually happens. They are able to build a new future with someone else.

But even as both of you drift away and decide never to be together again, love still remains, it breathes in your bosoms. It happens as that is the nature of the love which thrives, despite those in love never coming together.

Some people love each other till their last breath, even when they live to stay apart.

And this is what the dark side of love really looks like.

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The Dark Side Of Love - When Two People in Love Can Never Be Together
The Painful Side Of Love – When Two People in Love Can Never Be Together
The Painful Side Of Love - When Two People in Love Can Never Be Together
The Painful Side Of Love – When Two People in Love Can Never Be Together

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  1. Socrates Avatar

    “It gives you a kind of peace when you know your lover has finally moved on and you don’t have to worry if they will ever be happy again.” The love which defines the best…wishing for each other’s wellbeing, as circumstances pushes them apart.
    At the back of my head, all my life, I knew love have a dark side, never thought it’ll be this painful.
    Anyways…life rolls as the world rotates.

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