A Stupidly Happy Comic About The Real Pain Of Heartbreak

Stupidly Happy Comic Pain Of Heartbreak

This comic will tell you what it means to experience a real pain of heartbreak…

Imagine a box.

Pain Of Heartbreak

It’s sturdy and strong, just like it should be.
Imagine that your relationship was like that box.

sturdy and strong relationship

Sturdy and strong, and bright with hope.
You’re both giving 100% of yourselves, working in sync to make it great.

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For a while, you’re really, really happy.

nothing can go wrong

Nothing can go wrong.

Till it does

It starts small.

A little thing here, another little thing there.

You realize that something isn’t quite right, and you try to solve it by ramping up your 100% to 150%.

But the problem starts growing bigger.

And bigger.

Till it fills that box.

And somehow, you find yourself pushed all the way out.

Pain Of Heartbreak
Pain Of Heartbreak

You try to get back in, but there’s no space for you in the box while the problem exists.

And that’s how I found myself, on the outside looking in.

I want you
I love You
please don't leave

But that’s exactly what you realize you have to do, because when you push on to 200%, you’re just left deflating on the floor.

Pain Of Heartbreak

So slowly.. painfully.. you face the reality of it.

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