12 Things Women Who’ve Been Hurt Too Many Times Do Without Realizing

Things Women Hurt Many Times Do Without Realizing

What Women Who’ve Been Hurt Too Many Times Do Without Realizing?

Having your heart broken over and over again can change the way you look at people, relationships, and at times even yourself.

Heartbreak changes us and affects us. We grow a different perspective of love and become extra cautious. We behave differently, we act differently and we react differently and all these changes are evident from our actions. We start doing the things we do unknowingly but the reason behind the changes is nothing but the pain men we dated put us through.

12 Things Women Who’ve Been Hurt Too Many Times Do Without Realizing

These are the 12 ways in which women who’ve been hurt show they are sick of all of it.

1. We Doubt Everything:

We doubt the intentions of the guy who shows interest in us. Is he in it for sex or is he just bored? We never really think about the possibility of him being serious about us because that is how much we have been let down in the past. Women who’ve been hurt assume things (wrong, most of them) about men who maybe genuinely interested in her.

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2. We Never Have Anything Good To Say:

Even if a guy is seemingly perfect, women who’ve been hurt always looks for a catch to save herself from trouble. Even when our friends date a good guy, we want to look for bad things about him as much as we want to be happy for our friends. All in all, cheating and leaving men made us paranoid and now we are never really fully satisfied.

3. We Accept Sadness:

All the heartbreaks and ignorant behavior of men we loved has left us perpetually sad. We don’t allow happiness to set camp in our minds and bodies anymore and are comparatively better at coping with sadness than we used to be before all the heartbreaks. We accept sadness and keep it like it is meant to be for us.

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4. Romance Looks Funny To Us:

For women who’ve been hurt romantic movies become crappy and couples kissing on the roadside become stupid for them. And when a guy says something romantic to us like “You are so beautiful I can look at you forever” we can’t help but reply with “Yeah, right” and chuckle. In short, our love lives start becoming hopelessly risky.

5. Our Secrets Are Ours:

Women who’ve been hurt too many times stop trusting people and keep some secrets to themselves only. Expectations and then disappointments have left us so hopeless of any meaningful relations that we decide to keep some things to ourselves so that no one is able to use it against us. You can never really know everything about people who have had their heart-broken one too many times.

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6. We Crush Big Time:

All that is interesting about our love life now is our crush on men we cannot get. They are mostly celebrities or athletes who we know are out of our league. We mostly crush on them because we know that we will never be with them and that is one good way to stay away from getting our hearts broken again.

7. We Play And Ruin:

Due to having abandonment issues, we abandon people before they abandon us in order to prevent any more pain. In order to not be ignored, we ignore first. We play games like this to protect our hearts and these games ruin things for us. We start doing to other men what men before did to us. We play with and ruin the wrong people.

31 thoughts on “12 Things Women Who’ve Been Hurt Too Many Times Do Without Realizing”

  1. Avatar of Susan contters

    Yes and yes 28 yrs of hurt…at the end of it i still would have taken him back. But now with some time apart from him igmoring him i found myself and real love.

  2. Avatar of Angel Myne

    nope lol. I think they have totally gotten the label wrong here. This is for pessimists who love to wallow in self pity or perhaps borderline personality disorder in the least it is the Victim Mentality. Whole other kinda person. too distracted to think enough to put the proper sub type to this one but it’s off, way off, in its title. If you actually Learn from your mistakes and accept them as what they are-yours-you move on, you’re wiser but you’re not closed off acting like the world is out to get you. Blaming other people as the source absolves you from changing anything you do and you can just be lazy and miserable blaming the world for it rather than your own choices.

  3. Avatar of Keith Sutherland

    “Often those who are heartless, once cared too much” ! The abused become the abuser’s and become blind to their abusing, the blind leading the blind. Very sad ! Love yourself enough to protect yourself first. Xxx

  4. Avatar of Kim Thien Chau

    Ahahaha I have been doing all of these lol no hope. Just no hope. My heart is just a block of ice, frozen heart can’t feel anything even a sincere love from a dear person. I doubt them all.

    1. Avatar of Keith Sutherland

      If you doubt them all, then you doubt yourself. If you allow your heart to become a block of ice, you have become blind. Kim, take it for what it is, not what you want it to be. There’s always hope ! It’s not about them, it’s about you ! Kind regards. Xxx

    2. Avatar of Keith Sutherland

      Your very welcome Kim. I know that pain very well ! Its heartbreaking. You are in my thoughts, never stop loving, but start with yourself first, one day that love will return home to you ! ☺ Xxx

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