12 Things Women Who Have Been Hurt In The Past Do Without Realizing


Things Women Hurt Many Times Do Without Realizing

For women who have been hurt before, heartbreak can transform the way they see the world – people, relationships, and even themselves. Below are 12 things women do if she’s been hurt too many times.

Each heartbreak leaves a mark, shaping a new perspective on love, making them more cautious than ever. Their actions speak volumes, reflecting the shifts in behavior, response, and demeanor.

Unknowingly, they adapt to new patterns, their reasons buried deep within the pain inflicted by the men they once trusted.

Have you been hurt too many times?

Things Women Who Have Been Hurt In The Past Do Without Realizing

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Women who have been hurt before and are tired of feeling it all again, tend to do these things:

1. You Doubt Everything:

If you find yourself doubting the intentions of any guy who shows interest in you, you are one of those women who have been hurt too many times.

It’s hard for you to believe that someone could genuinely be serious about you because you have been let down in the past. You often assume the worst, even though it may not be true.

2. You Never Have Anything Good To Say:

Even when a guy seems perfect, you tend to look for a catch to protect yourself from potential trouble.

Even when your friends date good guys, you find yourself searching for flaws in them rather than being genuinely happy for your friends. Your past experiences with cheating and heartbreak have made you somewhat paranoid, and you struggle to be fully satisfied.

3. You Accept Sadness:

All the heartbreak and pain caused by men you’ve loved has left you feeling perpetually sad. You have a hard time allowing happiness to enter your life, and you’ve become somewhat adept at coping with sadness. It has become familiar to you, almost like a constant companion.

4. Romance Looks Funny To You:

Romantic movies and displays of affection between couples often seem silly or contrived to you.

When a guy says something romantic like, “You are so beautiful, I can look at you forever,” you can’t help but respond with a dismissive “Yeah, right” and a chuckle. In short, your experiences have made you skeptical and cautious about love.

5. Your Secrets Are Yours:

You’ve learned not to trust people easily, and as a result, you keep some secrets to yourself. Your past expectations and subsequent disappointments have made you wary of sharing everything with others, as you fear it could be used against you.

People who have experienced heartbreak multiple times can be quite guarded and difficult to know completely.

6. You Crush Big Time:

The most interesting aspect of your love life now is having crushes on men you know you can never have. These may be celebrities or athletes who are seemingly out of your league.

By crushing on unattainable individuals, you protect yourself from the possibility of getting hurt again.

7. You Play And Ruin:

Due to your fear of abandonment, you sometimes abandon others before they can abandon you. In order to avoid being ignored, you ignore others first.

These self-protective games often end up ruining potential relationships, as you unintentionally repeat the same hurtful behavior that has been done to you.

8. Love Becomes a Joke:

When people ask about your love life, you respond with statements like, “I’ll just die alone” or “I’ll keep hooking up.” Love has become something you treat as a joke, and you struggle to take it seriously anymore.

Multiple failures have shattered your hopes, and you blame the people who have let you down.

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9. You Become The Flirting Kind:

After experiencing heartbreak too many times, you start to see relationships as purely for fun and avoid getting too attached.

You flirt and fool around with multiple men because staying with just one person feels like giving them the power to hurt you, and you’re determined to avoid that at all costs.

10. You Jump Back in Dirt Willingly:

Despite the pain you’ve experienced, you sometimes find yourself willingly engaging with past partners or seeking out destructive situations.

You’ve become accustomed to pain and may even seek it out, believing that you are already so damaged that things can’t get much worse.

11. Love Stories Make You Cringe:

When you see a romantic movie or witness a love story unfold, you often find yourself scoffing and thinking, “That never really happens; I call bullshit.”

Love stories now feel far-fetched and unrealistic to you, and they elicit a strong cringe reaction.

12. You Secretly, Very Secretly Hope:

Despite your feelings of hopelessness and cynicism, deep down, you still harbor a secret hope that things will get better.

As a human being in need of love and attention, you yearn for someone who can heal your wounds and bring happiness back into your life.

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Calling all women who have overcome past hurts! Share your thoughts below!

Women Who’ve Been Hurt
12 Things Women Do If She’s Been Hurt Too Many Times
Things Women Hurt Many Times Do Without Realizing pin
Women Who Have Been Hurt Before Do These 12 Tragic Things
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