“I Will Love You Until…” Based On The Zodiac Signs

i will love you until

10. Capricorn

i will love you until capricorn

Until you give up.

They are the children of the God of time – Saturn – Kronos. These guys truly know how to make things last – including relationships. Capricorn is truthful and warm-hearted. All you have to do is look at what’s best for both of you.

The moment you give up on your life is the moment they stop admiring you. Capricorn falls in love with the ones they admire – in any way they can. No matter how troubled you always find a way to work with yourself and aim higher. They are really patient and this might take you decades. Just make clear you do want to make things better – in any way possible. If you manage to do that they can love you until the end of the days.


11. Aquarius

i will love you until aquarius

Until you look like everyone else.

They are drawn by what makes you unique. These little traits of your personality are the ones who will make an Aquarius attracted by you. You may not feel proud of them but they are keen on picking the right one for them. The one who will make the world unique and different than all other worlds.

Never neglect that you are unique. Embrace your diverse qualities and don’t forget to cultivate your talents. Never stop amazing them with all these little secrets you hold on your sleeve, the one they fall in love with, in the first place. Do not change. Stay unique.


12. Pisces

i will love you until pisces

Until you make me stop dreaming.

They will embrace and love you until you make them lose faith in their dreams. Their dream world is the real world for them and they casually travel there to get inspired. Never stop inspiring them with your tender words and your warm heart.

Pisces are really sensitive although they might look out-worldly and cold. They occasionally love to drift apart and hang out with fairies and elves. It’s ok to remind them to live in this world but never drag them violently into it. Their fairy-hearts need more colors. Respect that. If you do that, they will love you until the end of time.


Source: Magical Recipes Online
“I Will Love You Until…” Based on Zodiac Signs
i will love you until pin
i will love you until pin
i will love you until pin

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