“I Will Love You Until…” Based on Zodiac Signs

“I Will Love You Until…” Based on Zodiac Signs

I will love you until the end of time. Love is such a wonderful thing.

It can transmute even the darkest energy into Light. Love can banish sadness, love can heal, love can open the Gates of Heaven. Definitely, Love is the key for all practitioners as this ultimate feeling can help you perform miracles in all parts of life.

“I will Love you until…” based on Zodiac Signs

What happens though when love fades away? Can we predict it? What is this thing that drives us mad? Here you will find what makes a Zodiac Sign lose faith in Love. This can help us predict the degeneration of our relationship, whether this is a romantic one, professional of friendship.

1. Aries:

Until you Betray me

Whatever this may mean. You see, Aries is the Zodiac sign of the God of War – Mars / Ares. This means only one thing. Every day of their lives is a constant battle between anything. They are prepared to fight until they leave their last breath. But what are they fighting for?

Clearly, most of the time, they are fighting ghosts they merely exist. So when they’ve won they might get bored and then they will search for things which make them angry so they need to fight again. Aries wants to conquer. If you are engaged in any way with an Aries keep them occupied. Give them always something to conquer. In this way, they will keep trying to get you… forever.

2. Taurus:

Until you break my heart

Most of the times it takes a lot of bad moves to break a Taurus’s heart. They might get easily hurt but no it’s not easy to destroy them. This is why they are considered to be faithful and steady, enduring whatever problem Cosmos might bring.

Once you’ve earned their trust, one thing can make them change their minds. Betray their trust by making them feel insecure about their own choices – you! It is not easy – I repeat – to achieve that. Don’t break their heart by insulting their house or the way they look. Find an easy – creative way to criticize whatever you want to.

3. Gemini:

Until you try to outsmart me

So you want to play mind games with Gemini… bad idea. You don’t mess with the masters of deception. Their minds run faster than you can anticipate and try to outsmart them can really backfire… a lot!

The Sign of Gemini is ruled by Mercury – Hermes, the planet, and God of Intellectual affairs, communication, and commerce. They don’t always look for games like this but once they’ve realized that you try to fool them that’s it. From this moment, they will find a way to make you look stupid. Don’t play games with the masters…

4. Cancer:

Until you abandon me

They are the sign of the Moon – Artemis / Diana and company (of any kind) is really important for them. Don’t get me wrong, they do love to have some quality time for themselves but through relationships, they look for a balance. Once they trust someone they can give the world to them.

Cancer is sweet and possessive. Do not betray their trust. Emotional security is extremely important to them. Therefore you need to find ways to make them feel safe. They will love you until you make them believe you are unworthy of their trust and love. From this time they will drift apart like the tides of the sea and it’s quite impossible to make them come back.

5. Leo:

Until you make me look like a fool

Everything is about Leo as the Sun is the center of our planetary system. It’s quite natural to feel that they are always judged and criticized. They are very protective of their social image and in a relationship, they need to feel appreciated.

Do not insult them – especially about things they feel insecure – or consider them to be sacred. They will love you until you prove yourself ungrateful for all the things they’ve done for you. Always find something good to say to them. Leos are people who love truth, hence they do know their advantages and their flaws. They just don’t want you – the ones they love – to rub these mistakes on their faces. They want you to be the ones who embrace them because of who they truly are.

6. Virgo:

Until you start lying

They are the children of Mercury – Herms. Masters of truth and criticism. They know what is happening all the time and they are keen observers of human behavior. The moment you start lying to them is the moment you lose them forever.

Virgo can trust anyone and they always come with a heart full of hope. Yet, they are easily hurt. Hence they can easily lose faith to someone, especially if lies are detected at the beginning of a relationship – any relationship. They will love you until you start messing with their heads – making them question every word you say.

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