How To Let Go Of Someone You Love? 5 Steps To Move On And Rediscover Yourself


How To Let Go Of Someone You Love? 5 Powerful Steps

Every now and then, we meet someone who leaves an imprint in our life, leaving us heartbroken. So how to let go of someone you love? Below are some powerful steps.

The reason why we can’t let go of someone is because deep inside we still hope. For all reasons, most people that come into our lives are forgettable. But for most of us, there is that one person that leaves an indelible impact.

They are etched into our minds, unforgettable and irreplaceable. Every inch of us longs for their presence, hoping they’ll recognize our worth. Every moment becomes agonizing, consumed by thoughts of shared memories.

Our every action and sight triggers a rush of nostalgia, replaying those cherished times. The pain of not forgetting them becomes a constant companion, as we yearn for the day they’ll realize our absence.

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You try to run away from his/her memories only to end up with their thoughts. You will keep on obsessively checking their social media handles just to get a glimpse of their personal space. Questions keep plaguing your mind.

“Are they doing good without me?”
“Do they miss me?”
“Do they also visit my social media accounts just as I do?”

You cannot but wonder about that song that reminds you of the person every now and then. Unknowingly you start acting like a stalker.

You can never stop hoping unless your mind accepts that there is no option other than moving on. 

Despite repeated imploring with your mind and heart, your head may keep humming with memories of the person you have missed so much. No amount of closure is good for you to forget the person. The blow of the loss was so impactful that forgetting is implausible.

This person has made such a lasting impression that if you let go of him or her, you risk letting go of the countless memories and learning from your association with that person.

For better or worse, you cannot change the part of you that was changed because of this person. Love will always conquer all things. Meaningful connections are a must between different two people.

We all have a unique touch that we add to a relationship in the world. A special force always changes you and the fate alters. Staying next to each other in times of vulnerability is always a must.

Your old flame is someone that lingers in your mind to teach you to rise up from the ashes of the loss.

Focus on something that sets your soul on fire; something that makes you wanna jump out of bed and conquer the universe.

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letting go can help you
how to let someone go

While time is the best healer, here are 5 ways to let go someone you love.

How To Let Go Of Someone You Love?

1. Cut off contact.

Cut off all sorts of contact with the person. The more you see the person, the difficult it is for your mind to dissociate the memories you have formed with him/her.

Unfollow him/her on all social platforms where necessary. Keep away from the places where you had formed memories with this particular person. It seems that the saying “Out of sight, out of mind” really holds true when it comes to letting go of someone you love.

2. Let go of the fantasy.

One of the ways to let go of someone you love is to break free from the illusions that bind you. Escaping into fantasy may seem tempting, but embracing reality paves the path to liberation.

It’s true, facing harsh truths can be daunting, yet confronting them hastens your journey towards letting go.

While they once played a significant role, that chapter has closed. However, cherish the invaluable lessons they bestowed upon you. Release the chains of nostalgia, for in embracing the present lies the key to your future freedom.

3. Make peace with the past.

Embrace serenity by making peace with your past. Time flows incessantly, carrying both cherished memories and painful moments. Acknowledge that just as the good times have passed, so too will the hardships.

Release the grip of the past and find solace in the present. Embrace the lessons learned and the growth attained from those experiences. Forgive yourself and others, allowing healing to wash over your soul. Grant yourself the gift of tranquility by accepting that the past does not define your future.

Letting Go of Someone

4. Know it is fine to love the person from a distance.

In a world that often equates love with possession and obsession, we must remember the essence of true love. Love isn’t about acquiring someone or having them within our grasp. It transcends conditions and expectations.

Sometimes, the most profound act of love is to embrace it from a distance. It may be painful, yet it is a testament to the depth of our affection.

For in loving someone from afar, we honor their journey, their growth, and their happiness, even if it means not being physically present. Love knows no boundaries, and sometimes, it flourishes best when given space to bloom.

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5. Love yourself more.

The power of self-love is hugely underestimated. When the focus is on self-discovery and self-love, no amount of negative energies can influence you in any form.

let go someone you love
when you love someone but have to let them go

Gradually your heart will be happy enough to forget about the sadness that bothers you when you think about any memories together.

The truth is unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward. ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

If you want to know more about how you can let go someone you love, then check this video out below:

How to let go of someone you love

how to let go of someone you love
How To Move On From Someone You Loved
Help Let Go Someone You Love Pin
How To Move On From Someone You Love
how to let someone go

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    i have felt this way for 5 years. i coparent and still have strong feelings for my ex. i feel sad most of the time.

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