Why Twin Flames Meet Later in Life?

Why Twin Flames Meet Later in Life

We all have heard the term Soulmates. There are lots of definitions but essentially Soul mates are the people who are part of our soul tribe whom we have known from our previous lifetimes.

We can have more than one soul mate and they can come into our lives in any form, romantic relationships, platonic relationships, family or closest friends.

They come into our lives to awaken us, challenge us and help in fulfilling our soul lessons and soul contracts.

Soul mates are a beautiful part of our journey and help us in self-actualization and are important milestones in our journey towards meeting what many spiritualists refer to as “Twin Flames”.


You must be wondering Twin What?

What is A Twin Flame?

It is said that while we may have many soul mates. We have only one Twin Flame. Our Twin soul is said to have the exact same energetic frequency as ours and they are our divine counterpart.

The difference between meeting our Twin flame and soul mate can be distinctly felt. It is because the purpose of twin flame relationship is different from any other relationship. When Twins meet a process of awakening called Ascension is triggered where all the blocks and negativity that have been holding them back come up for clearing.

Our twin flames are like our perfect mirrors and complementary counterparts who reflect back to us all the areas where we need to work on ourselves.

Twin Flames come together to unite in the energy of unconditional love and serve a purpose higher than themselves. Their sheer magical connection and vibration of unconditional love has the power to uplift and inspire others.


Signs of a Twin Flame Relationship

You have an extremely telepathic and psychic connection

Since you and your twin flame share the same energetic frequency, it is no wonder you would share an extremely telepathic and psychic connection with them.

Even if you are miles apart you would be able to feel connected to them and no matter how much time has elapsed between your meetings, you would always pick up from where you left.


You evolve into a higher version of yourself

The whole purpose of Twin Flame relationship is to awaken you to the reality of who you really are. They will mirror back to you all your self-limiting beliefs and make you question your entire worldview that is not serving your highest good.

Their purpose is to enable you to expand into the type of person who can embody divine unconditional love first for yourself and then for the whole of humanity.


You feel an insanely magnetic pull towards each other

Even though you and your twin flame might have different personalities – underneath all the traits and behavior patterns, you two share the same energetic frequency.
This is the reason the kind of pull and attraction you will feel for them will be unlike you have felt for anyone before.


Your relationship helps you uncover your soul purpose

Your relationship with a twin flame will trigger you to uncover your soul purpose.
They will rip apart all the facades, excuses, deepest fears or addictions that you have been carrying consciously or unconsciously that have kept you from becoming who you are really meant to be.
They will trigger you to look deep within and uncover your soul purpose.


Why do Twin Flames meet later in life?

Twin Flames are not the typical romance fairy tales that we have been fed since childhood and to expect that they will follow the traditional paradigms of relationships where we can plan and set timelines and milestones for dating and courting would be futile.

However, there are a lot of reasons that suggest that Twin Flames meet later in their lives:


1). Twin Flame relationships are a path to Enlightenment and serve a higher purpose

Your Twin Flame will be your biggest catalyst on the enlightenment journey.

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