What Narcissists Can’t Stand: 11 Things That Make Them Miserable


Things Narcissists Can’t Stand

Narcissists can’t stand your happiness at any cost; as long as you are unhappy and miserable, they feel on top of the world. But there are certain things narcissists can’t stand and which make THEM miserable. This insightful article will speak in detail about what narcissists can’t stand.

I will take you on a fascinating journey in today’s article regarding the 11 things narcissists can’t stand.

I’m sure you’re curious to know exactly what stops them in their tracks and causes them to run the other way.

And, believe me, you actually have way more power to stand up to them and repel them than you think you do. You ARE totally capable of stopping them from hurting you and making your life unbearable.

On this journey I want to start with the things that get under their skin, leading all the way up to what is ABSOLUTELY intolerable for them!

Including the number one thing, above all else, that narcissists simply cannot stand!

Right, let’s get going.

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What Narcissists Can’t Stand: 11 Things That Make Them Miserable

1. Not Getting Enough Narcissistic Supply

If a narcissist is running low on supply, which means the attention that allows them to feel like they are significant and exist, then a gnawing emptiness and anxiety start to bubble up from within them.

And, it is obvious. You will see the stark difference between when a narcissist is high as a kite with enough narcissistic supply (attention) to feed his or her insecure and demanding ego, and when he or she is not being fed supply how a darkness and moodiness become apparent.

This is the danger zone, where the narcissist can turn on you or must abandon the scene, escaping to access much-needed supply out in the world in an attempt to escape the self-annihilating inner feelings of the defective and deeply insecure Inner Being.

2. People Not Believing They Are An Authority

Narcissists need people to believe that they are special, talented, and knowledgeable.

They can suffer big-time narcissistic injury if someone who has more experience and knowledge than they do, enters a conversation. They may try to take over and not let the other person speak or change the subject.

If this is not possible, they will leave. Then, of course, dismantle this person’s credibility afterward.

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3. You Being Happy

This is such a reminder to the narcissist that you are able to access and experience good feelings, whereas he or she feels dead on the inside.

This is an added insult to the narcissist if your good feelings are to do with someone or something other than the narcissist.

The narcissist believes that they should be the center of your universe. And, how dare you be happy, when the narcissist can’t be. He or she will do anything to take away your good feelings.

what narcissists can't stand
Narcissists can’t stand your happiness

4. You Being Successful

As far as the narcissist is concerned, it is they who should be receiving all the acclaim, attention, and accolades.

He or she is pathologically jealous and envious if you receive any recognition. It is likely that you will be punished for taking away some of what narcissists need to survive – precious significance.

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5. Others Being More Attractive Than Them

Narcissists, due to their delusional version of self, believe that they are the most desirable person going.

If someone else turns up commanding attention for their looks or personality, then the narcissist will be furious and will attempt to demean them as much as possible. They may purposefully keep their partners away from such a person, because of their horrific insecurities.

6. Having Limits Imposed

Narcissists hate boundaries. They hate being told what to do, as they feel like this is intolerable control. They like to be completely non-accountable to others. To be like a normal person feels like a terrible horror to them.

They are a law unto themselves. Narcissists believe they should be able to have what they want, when they want, and how they want. And how dare anybody tell them differently!

7. Being Questioned

The narcissist believes that he or she is beyond reproach. How dare you question the narcissist in any shape or form? They believe that you are supposed to allow them to do whatever they want to do, without question.

If you do question a narcissist, which of course you will, then you will be met with extreme defense mechanisms, rage, or abandonment. A narcissist will not tolerate it, let alone meet you reasonably to work things out.

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8. Being Exposed

If, when the narcissist tries to mess with you, you have healed yourself from any fear, guilt, or terrors of persecution and just calmly and clearly bring facts to the table, they become incredibly uneasy.

This is especially true when you bring other people’s attention to the conversations and interactions.

A narcissist can’t mess with you unless you allow them to drag you into the shadows. Once you stand tall and true and bring things out into the bright light of exposure, a narcissist will shrivel up as much as a vampire does when a big bright light is shined on them.

What makes a narcissist unhappy
What makes a narcissist unhappy

9. You Refusing To Be Hoovered

When you know and hold your value, and no matter what the narcissist tries to do, you do not succumb and allow yourself to be narcissistic supply again – the narcissist will perceive it as a huge insult.

Why aren’t you caving into the charms anymore? Why do you believe you deserve better or that you can live without them?

All of these questions plague and haunt a narcissist horrifically, and strip them of their self-importance.

10. Being Ignored

There is an incredible ego injury that happens to a narcissist when he or she is ignored.

When you become “anti-fear” as a result of doing the work on your Inner Self to have zero emotional inner triggers, then you are no longer interested in the games, rubbish and power plays. You will detach and refuse to feed them any more supply.

Without your fear, anxiety, and heartbreak as the energy to keep powering up and hurting you, the narcissist runs out of fuel.

He or she feels powerless and despises that you cannot be affected anymore. The narcissist will and must take their nastiness and manipulation to somebody else to get a feed.

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11. You Thriving

It is the greatest insult to a narcissist that you have been able to let go, rebuild your life, move on and create more success and happiness for yourself than you ever had previously.

The narcissist believes that you should have been forever affected, and completely devastated and desecrated for life. It makes him or her feel oh so important!

What is so wonderful about this community is that these old outcomes (personal unhealable devastation), which sadly were often the case for people who have been narcissistically abused, are now firmly a thing of the past.

You can Thrive.

You can prosper.

You can experience a better life than you ever have before.

You can restore your health to incredible radiance and wellbeing, completely free of all narcissistic abuse symptoms.

You can move forward into greater trajectories, in every area of your life, than you ever had access to even before narcissistic abuse.

This is what I stand for and have the greatest joy in helping you generate in your life.

That is exactly what the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program (NARP) creates.

And you too can get going on this incredible journey that myself and others live every day.

So please remember to like and share this article with people who you know could benefit.

If you feel inspired, and you wish to be a Thriver who leaves narcissistic abuse and the narcissist behind in the dust, then write in the comments …

“I’m done with you because I choose me!”

As always, I look forward to answering your comments and questions below.

Want to know more about what narcissists can’t stand? Check this video out below!

How to make a narcissist miserable

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