10 Ways To Develop Logical Thinking Skills

Ways Develop Logical Thinking Skills

Want to sharpen your logical thinking skills? When you develop logical thinking, you can make the right decisions, solve problems and find out the truth easily. Here’s how to get started.


What is logical thinking?

Logic refers to the analysis of proper and improper reasoning. It allows our mind to distinguish between what’s correct and incorrect and what’s right and wrong. Logical thinking can be defined as observing and evaluating a situation to find out a logical solution to a probable problem. By utilizing your reasoning abilities, you can objectively look at the problem and reach a rational conclusion regarding how to move ahead. You can sharpen and develop logical thinking by utilizing your logical reasoning skills and using available facts to overcome a problem in your life.

Logical reasoning skills are the ability to focus on the presented task by following the chain of the thought process by relating one statement after another, until finding the most logical conclusion,” explains Vladimir Zivanovic in a Lifehack article. He adds “All of us face challenges on a daily basis which we overcome thanks to our reasoning skills.”

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ScienceDirect explainsLogical thinking is the rational cognitive process of reflecting objective reality actively with the help of concepts, judgments, reasoning and other forms of thinking.By thinking, analyzing, and abstracting, we can develop logical thinking which helps us to understand the unique nature and properties of different things. This enables us to develop notions and concepts and utilize them to understand the objective of our reality. 

ScienceDirect adds “The basic forms of logical thinking include concepts, judgments, and reasoning. Logical thinking ways mainly include induction and deduction, analysis and synthesis, as well as from the abstract to the concrete, and so on.



Logical reasoning and emotions

Recent studies have found that our ability to develop logical thinking and reasoning is significantly influenced by our emotions. According to a 2014 scientific study by Nadine Jung and associates, it was found that “Emotions can have a significant effect on the way we think, decide, and solve problems.”

It further revealed that “Results showed a clear effect of emotions on reasoning performance. Participants in negative mood performed worse than participants in positive mood, but both groups were outperformed by the neutral mood reasoners.” The experiment also found that our ability for logical reasoning is also affected by the content of the problem and anxiety disorders related to specific phobias.

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Why develop logical thinking skills

Logical thinking enables you to solve various problems you encounter in life through logic and reasoning. It allows you to make practical decisions, develop productive and creative ideas, set realistic goals, and create strategies to achieve them. 

Logical thinking equips you with the tools to achieve success and move ahead in life while overcoming the numerous obstacles that come up throughout your life. By sharpening your logical reasoning and thinking skills, you will be able to find solutions that will help you thrive and live happily.



How to develop logical thinking

So you want to improve your logical reasoning skills? There are many ways to develop logical thinking in your daily life. 

Here are 10 effective ways for you to boost your logical thinking skills and get your brain to achieve more.

1. Use psychological distance

Psychological distance refers to a cognitive separation that is created between you and other crucial elements like a person, an event or a certain problem. According to Construal-Level Theory (CLT) of Psychological Distance, the further an object is from you, the more you will think about it in a more abstract way. Psychological distance includes various dimensions like –

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