10 Ways To Start Feeding Your Inner Life To Thrive

Ways To Start Feeding Your Inner Life To Thrive

Are you malnourished in your life? Not physical malnourishment. I’m referring to being malnourished in your inner life. This type of malnourishment feeds depression, loneliness, lack of purpose, and more. Read on to know the ways to start feeding your inner life to thrive.

Childhood and emotional trauma cause malnourishment in adults. So does lack of proper self-care…which oftentimes is due to trauma as well.

The good news is that no matter how malnourished your inner-life is, you can stop it. You can thrive if you’ll feed yourself the proper inner nourishment.

I’ll show you 10 ways feeding your inner-life will stop malnourishment so you can start to thrive.

You matter and deserve to be nurtured and cherished.


ONE – Understand & Take Ownership

The first and primary way is to understand what the word nourish means so you can take ownership of your choices to nourish yourself with intention. A healthy vibrant inner-life doesn’t happen by accident.

The word nourish comes from the Latin word nurture. It means to feed or to cherish.

If you think this sounds self-centered, it’s the trauma in your life distorting your perception of your value.

Consider the opposite definition of nourish: starve, abandon, neglect, and deprive. Those are things that cause trauma.

You matter and deserve to be nurtured and cherished.

TWO – Inner Joy-Laughter

A healthy sense of humor is critical to your wellbeing for multiple reasons.

This powerful combo of inner joy-laughter is more than making jokes and laughing. It operates like a pilot light for your sense of humor. It’s a joy-filled undercurrent in your soul.

You nourish this joy-laughter through playing and having fun in childlike ways.

Joy-laughter is about *Getting Your Inner Laugh Back.

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THREE – Positive Life Filled Words

Words are powerful containers. They build up or tear down depending on what they contain. Negative, destructive words malnourish the inner-life. Truthful positive, encouraging words contain life that nourish your soul.

There’s a lot of negativity in the world, and in a malnourished inner-life.

Life-giving words feed nourishment to your inner-life causing it to thrive. What words exactly do YOU need?

You identify that by listening to how you talk. I’ve learned it’s true that “out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks”. When I started to listen to what came out of my mouth it revealed the malnourishment of my inner-life – what I lacked. *How Do You MIND? Ask Your Mouth.

Feed your inner-life the positive life-filled words – it tells you it needs.

FOUR – Quiet Solitude

solitude - inner life
10 Ways To Start Feeding Your Inner Life To Thrive

The world is a noisy place. That noise creeps in, turning your inner life into a noisy place as well. One evidence of this is sleep problems.

You need time alone with your thoughts. This can be *difficult if you’re not used to it, or have *unresolved trauma. But it’s imperative for a well-nourished inner-life.

Times of quietness are needed to process unresolved issues, decompress from the busyness of life and/or new experiences.

Some people need more time than others. If you are an introvert you will need more than an extrovert will.

Quiet solitude feeds the soul peace.

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FIVE – Being Part of Community

This may seem to contradict the above need for time alone but it doesn’t. A healthy inner-life needs both because they work together.

Knowing you’re loved and feeling like you belong is a byproduct of good community. Getting the needed support from others, as well as being able to give support feeds the soul well. Online communities are good but you need face to face relationships too.

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