12 Signs You’re A Deep Thinker Who Enjoys Being Alone

Signs You're A Deep Thinker

Do you set boundaries? Do you enjoy being alone? Are you a deep thinker? Read on to know!

It is said that we are a product of our environment and when we are young, lasting impressions are burned into our minds about what love is, how the world works and what we ought to do when we are older. As if settling down, getting married and having children is the benchmark for success. But who is really to say what happiness is and what it looks like?

Maybe some of us are perfectly happy, just being alone…

Signs Deep Thinker Enjoys Being Alone

1. Dogmas and social conditioning don’t phase you

You have navigated the emotional concourse of societal expectation and found that it just doesn’t resonate with you. Instead, you listen to your heart and follow your inner voice, wherever it might lead.

2. You screen your phone calls.

If you find yourself waiting to respond to text messages and emails after they light up on your screen, this is a sure-fire sign that you prefer your privacy. Setting your own boundaries for what you allow into your personal zone and when.

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boundaries - deep thinker

3. You aren’t desperate to make plans on the weekends

You are confident enough in yourself and do not seek externally for the temporary and fleeting satisfaction that others bring. You prefer to set your own schedule and make plans that you know you’ll enjoy.

4. You enjoy your freedom


A cluttered calendar leaves no time for numero uno and you strive to clear off as many duties as you can, to allow more time for your own personal freedom.

5. You are confident as a party for one. 

You are complete and well-rounded and don’t feel uncomfortable being the ‘fifth wheel’, neither do you mind eating alone. You find clingy couples a bit needy and prefer others who are more self-reliant.

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6. You put yourself first

You don’t allow the pressures of others to persuade you from achieving what you want to get out of life. You know that every minute is precious and you always make the most of it.

7. You do what you want when you want

You follow your gut and trust your instincts. You find that living in the flow of life, is the best way to stay balanced and centred.

8. You’re genuinely happy

she was a girl

Constantly being bombarded with people can be draining, especially for an introvert like you. Being alone brings you happiness, and relieves you from all of the personal drama of others.

9. You bask in peace and quiet

You would prefer to live in the countryside, or outside of the city. Apartment buildings and condominiums are a living nightmare for you. You strive to take time out in nature, finding remote spots with serene views to just read a book or meditate.

10. You enjoy your own company

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You prefer dining, watching movies, taking a walk in nature or exercising by yourself and are very comfortable in doing so. You laugh at your own jokes and enjoy the lightness of just being you.

11. You sleep better alone

Cuddling is nice, for a few minutes… and then the blanket war, leg war and breathing war all begin. Quite simply, a nice big bed all to yourself is your vision of perfection.

12. You are a deep thinker

Last but not least, you prefer the time and space to be with your own thoughts and highly regard this time. You enjoy the self-exploration and inner transformation of giving yourself the moments needed to just think it out.

Are you a deep thinker?

by LJ Vanier

12 Signs You Are A Deep Thinker Who Enjoys Being Alone
Signs You're A Deep Thinker Pin

36 thoughts on “12 Signs You’re A Deep Thinker Who Enjoys Being Alone”

  1. Solitude is a great thing I love being alone lost in my own thoughts getting ideas for my first book and its characters so I tumble into a little world of my own .I listen to music and I have quiet reflection time. .I have time with which too calm my mind and soul . I think its a good thing to learn to cope on your own it means your not relying on or leaning on anyone else can manage independently and don’t mind your own company .I’m so used to time alone I find having to be with people a chore. I like my own company I could be happily left to work on my own .I do all my own cooking and cleaning and so on and it don’t bother me ! I love to meditate and talk to god in my mind . I’m happiest on my own really because I’m used to spending a lot of time alone .

  2. Its with solitude that you meet with yourself ,it is with solitude that you find yourself and know who you are your purpose here ..how can you meet someone else fall in love and have a loving partnership with them ,if you haven’t met with yourself first ? You need to have self respect and love for you before you love another .

  3. Me all the way. We all definitely have different ‘paths’ in this thing called being human. Not everyone is understanding of this fact. And that, also, is OK. Peace everyone.

  4. Nice read, thanks. Be careful not to mix up the definitions of introvert and extravert, though. Please don’t assume that introverts may be the shy loners and extraverts are the people persons and great at making new friends. It’s how we are wired, how we recharge, how we think and react that make us an introvert or an extravert. Or an ambivert 🙂

  5. Definitely describes me. I love traveling alone and especially love doing it if it’s a long drive. I find the time in the car, listening to music and focusing on the road to be like meditation. Also love when I don’t have any plans on a weekend and if I have too many weekends in a row that I don’t have much alone time because of social events, I start to get annoyed and hope that plans get cancelled.

    1. Homm… (as i sit in my apartment in my trackies after getting up at 7am and going to breakfast by myself), circling the travel section of the weekend paper…

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