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5 Ways To Get Over Someone You Once Loved and Start Healing

Ways To Get Over Someone You Once Loved

Answer the question: Why did it have to be this particular person that you were with? What did this person teach you about yourself? What do you need to become better at in your future relationships?

Once you’ve completed the letter set it aside for a few days. Then pull it out, read it aloud, and create a ritual by burning it. When you do, say aloud, “I release this for the highest good of all.” If you don’t have a fireplace or a safe place outside to burn it, a great spot is your kitchen sink.

Finding the golden nugget allows you to free your heart so you can open up to love again.

5. Release what no longer serves you

Now is the time to take an inventory of yourself and who you were in that relationship.

  • Are there places you need to grow into in order to attract a better match for what you desire?
  • Are there skills you need to learn to make sure you don’t fall into the old habits and behaviors that block you from the love you want?
  • Are there signs you can recognize earlier to spot who is not a long-term match for you and move on quickly?

When you approach your relationships in this way, you learn new ways to date and to select a better partner. You are able to navigate conflict more confidently. You are able to express yourself more freely and honor yourself by speaking up.

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Learning how to move on from a heartbreak may be one of the toughest of growing pains that you’ll experience but you can use the time to create a new relationship with yourself.

As you grow as a person, you’ll attract a new kind of man. Rather than swearing off men for good (until you forgot you did that) and go out to find love by accident yet again, maybe it’s time you found a new approach altogether — one that creates love on purpose.

Long-lasting love is a skill that you can learn because you are in charge of the selection process.

Written By Orna and Matthew Walters
Originally Appeared On YourTango
5 Ways To Get Over Someone You Once Loved and Start Healing
How To Heal A Broken Heart and Get Over Someone You Once Loved
Ways To Get Over Someone You Once Loved pin
5 Ways To Get Over Someone You Once Loved and Start Healing
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