6 Signs A Man Is Carrying A Broken Heart

Do you want to know whether he’s carrying a broken heart?

If yes, I’ve got you covered here.  I will give some signs that will help you see whether he has a broken heart. It’s hard to understand the dark corners of the human heart – and that’s why I usually say – we all need ‘heart surgery’ on matters of love and relationships. But before anything happens, there are always warning signs. Nothing appears out of nowhere in this world – everything has as a sign.

It’s not wrong for a man to carry a broken heart, but it’s wrong for a lady not to know that he’s carrying a broken heart. A man who carries a broken heart will eventually break yours. The earlier you determine the signs, the better for your heart.

Whoever said that love dwells in the heart, I don’t know how he/she arrived at that conclusion – and I won’t contradict him /her either– all I know is that it dwells in our body and that’s why we feel it inside ourselves.

Based on the dark tunnels that men tread, I can tell you that while some men carry broken hearts, others carry crushed hearts. Yes! And every time a woman stretches her hands, out of love to embrace him, he groans with pain from the wounded heart. You just can’t tell how to love such a person. 


Here are 6 signs that he’s carrying a broken heart – screen them and make your decision.

1.  Does he often switch off?

If he switches off from time to time during a conversation, get warned. A man will switch off when he has some unresolved  feelings for his ex partner. So why does he switch off?

He does so when he compares your gestures with those of his ex

He lifts you. Puts you on a seesaw and watches the two of you, balance. Every time he engages in this task, he definitely switches off. And you know men and multitasking don’t share the same table.

If that’s your man, then stay rest assured that he has a broken heart.


2.  Appears withdrawn

Withdrawal for men coupled with some silence is not uncommon. If you are living with a man who unsays without apparent reason – and would never discuss it – know that your guy is carrying a perforated heart. There are two things that a man can never think of or do until he recants. One – examination of the past, two – thinking about nothing.

He can’t really understand why his past relationship was so unfair.

A close examination of the past gets him to think about nothing. When he has thought about everything, and he can’t get a reason for the breakup, he embarks on nothing. The two are reasons enough to give a man a license to withdraw.

If your man retreats from you he has not moved on from his past.

Austine Sila
English and literature teacher, relationship coach and a motivational speaker.


  1. I love the powerful humorous introductory statement of this article. I couldn’t help laughing at the mention of ‘ heart surgery’. More so its informative. I would like to hear more from the same. Themindsjournal. Com you are gifted.

  2. Great content! My new catch exhibits three of the mentioned signs. I have of late witnessed queer behavior with him. I think you just wrote about him. I am new here and i find this helpful. I will keep following your site. Keep more coming.
    Thank you.

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