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5 Types of Spiritual Healing And The Dark Side of It

Types of Spiritual Healing

So in summary, there are five different types of spiritual healing:

  1. Physical healing (of the body)
  2. Emotional healing (of the heart)
  3. Mental healing (of the mind)
  4. Spiritual healing (of the spirit or soul)
  5. Holistic healing (of the body, heart, mind, and spirit)

The type of spiritual healing that you’ll need will depend on the following questions:

  • What is your main struggle in life right now?
  • Do you have more than one pressing issue?

Depending on your answers, you’ll be able to determine what type of spiritual healing modality you need. For instance, if you suffer from chronic pain (for which no other methods work) and also depression, you would need physical and mental healing – ideally, some kind of holistic healer would benefit you the most.

If, on the other hand, you only have one issue, like an unshakable sense of grief from a lost relationship, seek out healers who specialize in emotional healing.

Common types of spiritual healing include chakra healing, crystal/herbal remedies, breathwork, reiki, traditional medicine (Ayurveda, Chinese medicine), aromatherapy, meditation/visualization techniques, and so on.

But what about soul healing? What does that mean? And does it apply to you?

How To Heal My Soul?

If you’re interested in spiritual healing, it’s likely that you feel something fundamental is missing from your life.

Some people are able to verbalize this feeling, while others just feel a stark, bone-chilling absence of something vital. When a person is able to pinpoint what’s wrong, usually they discover that it’s rooted in the soul.

“I’m a lost soul,” they might think, or, “my soul is broken.”

But this is a fundamental misunderstanding. Yes, something is certainly wrong, but it’s not that the soul is broken (which is impossible from an objective standpoint), it’s that they’ve lost touch with their soul. In other words, they are living in a lifeless, colorless world that lacks the joy and succulence that the soul brings.

So the question isn’t how to “heal” your soul (because the soul is Divine and incapable of being fractured – you can experience this while meditating), but how to find your soul.

Informed spiritual healers (i.e., those who understand the nature of the soul), and spiritual healing resources out there (such as this website), will recommend a host of different methods. Some of them include:

Click on any of the above links to get further guidance if you’d like a place to start with your spiritual healing. I also highly recommend that you check out our article on Ensoulment which goes into great depth on reconnecting with the soul.

It’s important to be educated and use spiritual discernment here. Not all spiritual healing modalities are equal. Not all healers or teachers are in it for your best interest. And sometimes, our motivations for spiritual healing are wrong. I’ll explain why next.

The Dark Side of Spiritual Healing That No One Talks About

5 Types of Spiritual Healing And The Dark Side of It
5 Types of Emotional And Spiritual Healing

There’s a reason why no one talks about the dark side of spiritual healing. Number one, most people aren’t even aware that there’s a dark side. And if they are aware then number two: they are uncomfortable facing or confronting it.

Here’s where I come in: your friendly neighborhood shadow worker. I will help to outline exactly how seeking spiritual healing can be self-destructive and why. Sounds paradoxical, doesn’t it? Well here’s the thing, it is! Spiritual healing can feel like an enigma wrapped in a riddle, and I’ll explain why.

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