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How Self Love Is The Key To Codependency Recovery

self love is the key to codependency

When we can really be anchored and rooted in this love that exists within us, then we’re not dependent on this other person, fearfully holding them to be responsible for a love that actually we can only ever find and access from within us.

-Meggan Watterson

3 Ways Healing Yourself Is A Collectivist Act

Healing Yourself Collectivist Act

While all of us, could work to be more aware of the people and things in our life that need extra love and care, we cannot offer this to anyone if we do not first get our own feelings and thoughts and broken pieces in healing order.

The Hidden Dangers Of Toxic Positivity

Hidden Dangers Of Toxic Positivity

Trying to feel positive, no matter what can end up doing more harm than good to you, and the more you understand the dangers of toxic positivity, the better off you will be.

When Someone You Love Relapses

When Someone You Love Relapses

It’s impossible to describe the pain you feel when someone you love relapses. Your world turns upside down. You discover so many lies and falsehoods, you don’t know what’s real anymore.

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