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5 Types of Spiritual Healing And The Dark Side of It

Types of Spiritual Healing

If you want to heal yourself on a spiritual and deeper level, here are 5 types of spiritual healing techniques to consider and some of its downsides.

Spiritual healing has been practiced in many areas of the world for centuries. But it is more than it meets the eye, spiritual healing doesn’t follow rational thought and that’s why there are many conflicts are there regarding the authenticity of this healing process.

There are types of spiritual healing that are practiced not only as energy medicines but to increase our overall well-being. But, just like everything in the world, this has got it’s dark side too.

At the roots of most chronic physical, mental, and emotional illnesses is a basic wound: a lurking spiritual malady. The basic philosophy that accompanies most spiritual healing traditions is that when we are disconnected from the Divine, we are severed from true wellbeing.

Since the Divine is the source of our energy (our life force), when we are alienated from it, we experience numerous illnesses that manifest in endless forms. And the purpose of these illnesses is to help us reconnect with our Divine inner Center – to point the way back to Wholeness.

This is where spiritual healing comes into the picture: It’s a path of healing; of reuniting us with our true Spiritual Nature.

But not all approaches to spiritual healing are healthy. In fact, it’s wise that we practice discernment and caution. We need to look out for ourselves because there is the possibility of being used by so-called spiritual healers and preyed upon by false ideas.

As a person who has a lot of experience with spiritual healing, who works in the spiritual field, and who has published numerous spiritual books on the topic of healing (for spiritual seekers, empaths, and couples), I’ll be sharing key advice in this article.

What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing is the practice (and experience) of restoring, harmonizing, and balancing our Spirit or Soul. Spiritual healing is also seen as a transcendental experience of reconnecting with our true nature. As author and teacher Shakti Gawain write:

“Spiritual healing occurs as we begin to consciously reconnect with our essential being – the wise, loving, powerful, creative entity that we are at our core.”

Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Awakening

Types of Spiritual Healing
5 Types of Spiritual Healing And It’s Dark Twins Of Soul Healing

For many people, spiritual healing is a crucial part of the spiritual awakening journey. By revealing and soothing the wounds that other modalities (such as psychology or nutrition) fail to heal, a doorway is opened to deeper inner spiritual alchemy. In other words, spiritual healing can offer us the chance to grow and transform in a way that no other path can.

Many sensitive and receptive beings, such as empaths or old souls, are drawn to spiritual healing. Some even become spiritual healers themselves. For many spiritual seekers, spiritual healing becomes a regular part of their spiritual awakening path.

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5 Types of Spiritual Healing

There are many different approaches to spiritual healing. For example, some new-age healing practitioners focus only on bringing balance to the etheric or non-physical energy field of the human body. Shamanic healers focus on restoring the spirit and curing soul loss.

And other holistic healers focus on unifying the body, heart, mind, and spirit. Even psychologists and therapists are starting to incorporate spiritual healing into their work such as those operating in the depth and transpersonal fields of psychology.

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