7 Types Of Emotional Baggage And How To Unpack Them

types of emotional baggage and how to unpack them

Do you find yourself ending up in similar dead-end situations or feel that you always get the short end of the stick? Do you keep attracting the same kind of toxic partner time and again? Chances are you are carrying one or more types of emotional baggage, meaning you are stuck in a pattern, and you need to unpack right now!

Although the term “emotional baggage” has become quite mainstream, just like our travel baggage, they are unique to each of us. As the types of emotional baggage vary, so do their effects. If you think you or your loved one might be carrying some unwanted load that is stopping you to live your best life, read on!

What Is Emotional Baggage?

Emotional baggage is a metaphor to describe our emotional stress or burden that though originated in the past, we still carry its residual energy in the present. It is essentially our unresolved mental blockage that dictates our behaviors and influences the life choices we make. A study says our emotional baggage can prevent us from making better life choices.

For instance, if you have suffered neglect or abuse in your first romantic relationship, it might have scarred you so deeply that you have grown to become hyper defensive regarding your heart. As a result, you keep seeing red flags in all your relationships and drive away perfectly good suitors.

What Are The Different Types Of Emotional Baggage?

As we have already covered that there are several types of emotional baggage, now let’s look at the most common ones and learn to deal with each one of them.

1. Inner-Criticism

Often times when we grow up with overbearing parents who keep dishing out a volley of criticism and derogatory remarks with little to no encouragement or positive reinforcement, we lose our confidence in our potential. We become our harshest inner-critics and remain so even after we grow up.

We need to resolve this toxic pattern so that we can have a healthy self-image and can take decisions that are ideal for us, not for impressing anybody else. Our parents wrongly assumed that their negative comments would inspire us to apply ourselves more in our academics or sports, but we must not give any power to that kind of unhealthy behavior and must never carry the cycle on to our next generation.

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2. Psychological Trauma

Psychological trauma, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can leave deep-rooted and long-lasting behavioral and emotional implications. Trauma severely affects our Emotion Regulation, causing us to feel overwhelmed and anxious whenever we get the slightest trigger that reminds us of the dreaded incident. We can manifest traumatic responses through physical, cognitive, or emotional symptoms, including flashbacks, outbursts, nightmares, and so on.

It is ideal to seek medical intervention and therapy to cope with psychological trauma. Mental health professionals can help us to process these haunting memories of ours so that they don’t consume us or control our lives.

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3. Grief

Losing a friend or family member to death is one of the most difficult experiences of life and it is absolutely natural to go through a grieving process. However, if we don’t allow ourselves this period of processing our loss or somehow fail to resolve our grief in absence of a nurturing environment, we may fail to get on with our lives.

Thus, it is important to take time and process our feelings so that our love for the parted loved one does not pose a threat to our emotional well-being. If we want to move on with our lives, we must seek the support of our friends and family while we go through this grieving process.

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