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7 Traits You Are a Deep Thinker

Traits Deep Thinker

What does it take to be a Deep Thinker? In the past, mulling over profound things, big ideas and questions were left to the philosophers. Today, the modern-day philosophers are usually theoretical scientists, writers or regular people who are considered too deep.

But most of these individuals who think too deeply, and people avoid conversing with them because their ideas hurt their unstretched minds, would have been great philosophers in the past.

They look at themselves, to the way things are, and how they affect the world. They connect everything with everything else and see how things affect each other. They try to find answers to some of the deepest questions.

The profound knowledge Deep Thinkers gather from playing with big ideas can be powerful wisdom in this fast-paced world.

I Like Deep Thinkers

But not all people who think more than usual have what it takes to be a Deep Thinker. To be one, you must have at least 1 of the following traits:

Traits Deep Thinker Info
7 Traits of A Deep Thinker

1. Deep thinkers are introverted

Introverts are quiet on the outside but pretty loud on the inside. They are always busy thinking about something.

This is the one biggest reason why introverts aren’t socially inclined. They are very busy finding solutions, figuring things out or over thinking details inside their minds.

Being the center of attention is not their cup of tea. Instead, you find them sitting in a quiet corner talking to only one person, most likely about subjects that are very deep.

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2. They are observant.

Deep thinkers are keen observers and speak less than other people. They prefer to digest a certain topic first before giving their opinion.

They are not easily swayed by popular opinion because they have the tendency to allow things to settle within themselves before coming to a conclusion.

They make decisions deliberately and based on facts they gather: an excellent trait which others who are seeking immediate answers find quite frustrating.

Their every decision has been inspected through every angle to ensure giving the best possible outcome.

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3. They have a good sense of humor.

Deep Thinkers really do. This might come as a surprise but the depth of their thinking enables them to find humor in certain situations others are limited to perceive.

They may not be typically the life of the party, but they have a side that’s funny, silly, and quirky.

Deep Thinkers are a bit of an oddball, they are clever, witty and if you start understanding their deep humor you might even see them as one of the funniest people you know.

Some of the greatest philosophers found in history who looked at humor as an important tool to learning are Cicero, Aristophanes, and Thomas Aquinas.

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4. A deep thinker is forgetful.

Because their minds are so busy sorting things out and juggling with huge ideas, Deep Thinkers have the tendency to forget other things people find important.

They forget important dates like birthdays and anniversaries, no matter how much they love you. They may forget to turn up on social or family gatherings because socializing isn’t on their priority list.

There’s nothing personal about it, nor are there malicious intentions hidden. Give patience, understanding and a gentle reminder to your deep thinker partner or friend. Most of the time, their focus is on the next big idea.

5. A deep thinker is always curious.

Curiosity is the button that once pressed, sends the deep thinker into deep thought.

They seek for answers to deep questions most people leave for philosophers like how things work, why things are done in a certain way and not the other way around, they try to connect things others won’t even consider putting in the same category.

They’re interested in almost every field of history, politics, literature, science, and others. Accumulating lots of knowledge makes them feel fulfilled.

If you want to know a little something of everything, deep thinkers could give you that. For them, life is fascinating and never boring.

They don’t need anyone to entertain them because they are passionate for more than enough things to make life interesting.

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6. They are a problem solver.

Because deep thinking is their way of life, deep thinkers have a knack for problem-solving. They don’t have a hard time seeing the bigger picture.

They easily see the patterns and potential obstacles much quicker than others. People love them for having the patience to see every possible solution from different angles.

When you’re stuck, seek help from deep thinkers. Not only that, you also can rely on them to check the last minute details. Just don’t demand and have the patience to wait.

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7. Deep thinkers are socially awkward.

In a sense, deep thinkers aren’t conformist. You don’t expect them to act in culturally accepted norms and behaviors. Small talks don’t interest them. It takes important matters to make them speak.

Even in elevators, they’re as comfortable as a baby in silence. They don’t find any awkwardness in silence because it’s the best time for them to get to their deepest thoughts.

Because they quickly disengage from gossips and mundane talks, people misunderstood them as snobby or aloof.

People who see them this way fail to enjoy their down to earth, pragmatic, and genuine souls. The truth is they don’t see talking about people behind their backs as a brilliant idea.

Deep thinkers love to connect with someone on a deeper level. Thus, they mostly prefer one-on-one conversations about subjects that would either excite you or scare you!

Every deep thinker is more afraid of being understood than of being misunderstood.” ― FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE

Are you a deep thinker?

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7 Traits You Are a Deep Thinker
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