To The Girl Who’s Fallen For A Narcissist – You Should Read This

To The Girl Whos Fallen For A Narcissist You Should Read This

You don’t know what you are into till you are left devastated. This is to the girl who has fallen for a Narcissist.

“A narcissist, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of an empath. Emotionally, narcissists are like brick walls who see and hear others but fail to understand or relate to them. As a result of their emotional shallowness, narcissists are essentially devoid of all empathy or compassion for other people. Lacking empathy, a narcissist is a very destructive and dangerous person to be around.” ― Mateo Sol

Not all beasts are princes in disguise. Yes, he’s definitely not one of them.

You love him but stop right there. Don’t take a step forward because it’s now or never. Just, RUN!

You need to get hold of yourself and run away from him, get away from his sight because your dreams will become a nightmare.

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You are smart and you need to think logically. Use your brain. Spot those warning signs.

Are his deeds reciprocating his words? Does he really love you? One of the important tricks the narcissist plays on their victims is that they convince them they are not narcissists. Don’t fall into the trap. You are a nice girl and people take advantage of your modesty, of your trust. Your narcissist lover is the one who is using it to his fullest.

He will convince you and your family that he’s The Prince Charming. He will put up a well-scripted play and none in your family and friend circle will ever notice until the play ends leaving your tragic heartbreak. He knows well how to deceive people and he’s going to do exactly that.

Now that you have fallen for him, his true colors will come out. But by that time, you have become too blind to see through them.

All of a sudden, he becomes a completely different person.

You don’t know this guy. He looks like a clone of the guy you have fallen for but his emotions are different, his attitude, his feelings are not the same months back when you fell in love with him.

You will be the one who is blamed. Instead of supporting you, he will make you responsible for your failures and also his failures. It will seem that you are the one who is guilty of anything negative that happens around you. Slowly, you start losing your self-worth.

This will make him claim he is superior to you. He will dominate, make you do things he wants and follow his ways because he has already established in your mind that you have no worth.

And then, he slowly starts distancing himself away from you. It hurts because you have become completely dependent on him. He will not receive your calls or reply back to your texts. He will always come up with excuses to avoid meeting you. It will occur to you that all of a sudden that he has gone to a completely different world.

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Welcome to the nightmare now: you’re hurt! You love him but you are succumbing to pain within. You understand he’s not into you but you can’t help yourself from loving him. There’s a void in your heart. You can’t leave.

The worst part is, you will feel that you know everything but you can’t save yourself. He comes to you when he needs you and then he disappears. It makes you feel there’s still hope.

But NO! There’s no hope for a narcissist to change because a narcissist will never change. You can’t make them change.

True love won’t win here because you are dealing with a narcissist. It’s impossible for him to understand your value, to think beyond himself. He will give you a little attention as long as you benefit him. Once he’s done with you, he will look for another victim.

Leaving you broken, hopeless and zero faith in love.

But dear girl, you deserve much more than this. You are beautiful and you are loved. Don’t ruin yourself by falling in love with a narcissist. Just run away. Stay away from him. Don’t let him kill you.

To The Girl Whos Fallen For A Narcissist You Should Read This
Fallen for a Narcissist.

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