14 Tips and Tricks To Master Your Intuition

Master Your Intuition

The power of intuition is unbelievable! Your subconscious mind is the best guide to help you move forward in the right direction. But, not many of us know how to improve our intuitive abilities as it needs us to develop greater insight and tune in to your inner voice. So, here is a 14 Step Guide is designed to help you recognize and master your intuition.

14 Tips and Tricks To Master Your Intuition

Even though we might live in a predominantly logical society, every one of us relies on inner guidance in countless ways – every single day.

In fact, whether you realize it or not, an intricate network of information is constantly speaking directly to you through all your senses – this continuous stream of physical, emotional, and intuitive information gives you the ability to live your life and make conscious choices.

For example, if you eat something that tastes rotten, you spit it out, if you smell smoke, you check for fire, and if you touch a hot stove, you instantly let go.

Even though intuitive guidance might seem more allusive than physical or emotional guidance, the only difference is our level of awareness. While most of us are experts at identifying physical and emotional sensations, no one ever taught us how to identify intuitive sensations, and as a result, most of us are barely aware of these sensations.

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Although an intuitive sense can be just as strong as a physical sense, if we don’t know how to recognize it, we might miss it altogether!

Nonetheless, whether we call it intuition, inner guidance, psychic ability, or a gut feeling, we all have direct access to an omnipotent vantage point that can guide our way, and believe it or not, with a fair amount of practice, it can be just as clear and obvious as knowing when to take your hand off a hot stove.

Therefore, the following 14 Step Guide is designed to help you recognize and master your intuition.

14 Tips and Tricks to Master Your Intuition

1. Mind Your Own Business

No doubt, it’s difficult to trust inner guidance if you’re worried about external judgment or even the opinions of family and friends. In fact, as long as external opinions are important to you, and you’re filtering everything through the perception of others, inner guidance will be distorted and difficult to perceive.

Therefore, in order to master intuition, it’s important to clear the filters of perception, and this means that you cannot allow others to influence your preferences or choices. Therefore, the more you mind your own business and think for yourself, the more your intuition will thrive!

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2. Dare to Make Mistakes

We often don’t trust intuition because we are afraid to make mistakes, but, in actuality, we’re more likely to make mistakes when we don’t listen to intuition. Therefore, even if you start small, dare to trust your gut feelings and intuitive hits…and just notice what happens.

3. Forgo Comparison and Competition

As long as you compare yourself to anyone or you’re competing for external gains, it’s impossible to be fully conscious of your unique inner voice. Therefore, don’t allow societal norms, peer pressure, or cultural expectations to keep you in a familiar comfort zone, and don’t allow comparison and competition to block your inner guide.

4. Slow Down

If you are constantly busy and running from one activity to another, there’s no time and space to receive intuitive guidance, and in fact, stress is an indicator that you are not listening to your intuition. So, slow down, be here now, and pay attention to what you are experiencing in the moment.

5. Be Conscious

14 Tips and Tricks To Master Your Intuition

Since you never know when or where guidance will spring forth, always be conscious of your environment. Whether through books, billboards, signs, symbols, numerical sequences, synchronicities, songs on the radio, or even random messages from strangers, when it comes to delivering a message, the Universe is creative and will stop at nothing.

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