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14 Tips and Tricks To Master Your Intuition

Master Your Intuition

The power of intuition is unbelievable! Your subconscious mind is the best guide to help you move forward in the right direction. But, not many of us know how to improve our intuitive abilities as it needs us to develop greater insight and tune in to your inner voice. So, here is a 14 Step Guide is designed to help you recognize and master your intuition.


Even though we might live in a predominantly logical society, every one of us relies on inner guidance in countless ways – every single day.

In fact, whether you realize it or not, an intricate network of information is constantly speaking directly to you through all your senses – this continuous stream of physical, emotional, and intuitive information gives you the ability to live your life and make conscious choices.

For example, if you eat something that tastes rotten, you spit it out, if you smell smoke, you check for fire, and if you touch a hot stove, you instantly let go.

Even though intuitive guidance might seem more allusive than physical or emotional guidance, the only difference is our level of awareness. While most of us are experts at identifying physical and emotional sensations, no one ever taught us how to identify intuitive sensations, and as a result, most of us are barely aware of these sensations.

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Although an intuitive sense can be just as strong as a physical sense, if we don’t know how to recognize it, we might miss it altogether!

Nonetheless, whether we call it intuition, inner guidance, psychic ability, or a gut feeling, we all have direct access to an omnipotent vantage point that can guide our way, and believe it or not, with a fair amount of practice, it can be just as clear and obvious as knowing when to take your hand off a hot stove.

Therefore, the following 14 Step Guide is designed to help you recognize and master your intuition.

14 Tips and Tricks to Master Your Intuition

1. Mind Your Own Business

No doubt, it’s difficult to trust inner guidance if you’re worried about external judgment or even the opinions of family and friends. In fact, as long as external opinions are important to you, and you’re filtering everything through the perception of others, inner guidance will be distorted and difficult to perceive.

Therefore, in order to master intuition, it’s important to clear the filters of perception, and this means that you cannot allow others to influence your preferences or choices. Therefore, the more you mind your own business and think for yourself, the more your intuition will thrive!

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2. Dare to Make Mistakes

We often don’t trust intuition because we are afraid to make mistakes, but, in actuality, we’re more likely to make mistakes when we don’t listen to intuition. Therefore, even if you start small, dare to trust your gut feelings and intuitive hits…and just notice what happens.

3. Forgo Comparison and Competition

As long as you compare yourself to anyone or you’re competing for external gains, it’s impossible to be fully conscious of your unique inner voice. Therefore, don’t allow societal norms, peer pressure, or cultural expectations to keep you in a familiar comfort zone, and don’t allow comparison and competition to block your inner guide.

4. Slow Down

If you are constantly busy and running from one activity to another, there’s no time and space to receive intuitive guidance, and in fact, stress is an indicator that you are not listening to your intuition. So, slow down, be here now, and pay attention to what you are experiencing in the moment.

5. Be Conscious


Since you never know when or where guidance will spring forth, always be conscious of your environment. Whether through books, billboards, signs, symbols, numerical sequences, synchronicities, songs on the radio, or even random messages from strangers, when it comes to delivering a message, the Universe is creative and will stop at nothing.

6. Remember to Ask!

While the Universe has the benefit of a much higher perspective and can provide specific guidance on virtually anything, you often have to ask in order to receive! So, if you want to know the best foods for your body, the most ideal place to live, or how to improve your gifts, remember to ask, and, once you do, stay open and receptive to the answers.

7. Quiet the Mind

You cannot expect to access inner guidance when your mind is going a mile a minute in ten different directions, and in fact, it’s nearly impossible to receive any type of intuitive information or inspiration until your mind is quiet – and open to receive. If this is not a good reason for regular meditation, I don’t know what is.

8. Don’t Depend on Spiritual Arts

Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with numerology, astrology, or going to psychics, don’t give away your power. Above and beyond anything or anyone, including angels, guides, and masters, trust your own inner guidance!

9. Listen to Your Body

While the physical body is an intuitive vessel that picks up and transmits information nonstop, you must be in your body in order to receive messages – and you must also pay attention to what your body is telling you.

Although the entire body is a conduit for guidance, the energetic heart and gut often speak the loudest, and the more you listen, the clearer the messages become. Also, consider that every bodily issue is a form of communication, and in fact, our bodies always tell us when we are in unhealthy jobs or relationships.

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10. Follow the Energy

Even if we don’t consider ourselves intuitive, we all feel the energy and we all have an innate sense that tells us if we’re going with the flow or against the flow. Whether we realize it or not, inner guidance directs us through energy, and this includes the flow of energy in life as well as the overall energy in our physical bodies.

By going with the flow, we usually have more than enough energy to follow through on the things we’re guided to do. On the other hand, whenever we force ourselves to do things that aren’t right for us, not only do we end up going against the flow, we also lack the physical energy to see things through – and this is when we become tired and drained.

If you trust the energy as your guiding force and you go with the flow, that same energy will provide everything you need along the way!

11. Emotional Guidance

An integral aspect of inner guidance is the technology of emotion. Just as dread, stress, and overwhelm often indicate you’re going the “wrong way,” following inner guidance generally generates positive emotions, such as intrigue, fulfillment, joy, and delight.

However, in order for emotional guidance to be a reliable guide, it’s imperative to live in the present moment, and since unhealed emotional wounds can trigger emotional reactions that are tied to the past, it’s also important to heal past issues.

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12. Trust the Process

By jumping to conclusions as soon as something seems to go astray, many of us stop trusting and start controlling way too quickly. I know it’s difficult to maintain trust under pressure, but, oftentimes, unplanned circumstances or delays can lead to amazing opportunities and all types of synchronicity. So, why not learn to trust the process?

13. Get to Know Your Intuitive Self


Since we each experience intuition differently, it’s important to identify specific nuances that are unique to us. In other words, how does your inner voice speak to you? And, keep in mind that it might not “speak” at all.

For example:

Do you see, hear or sense intuitive guidance?
How does intuition feel in your body?
How is intuition different than mental chatter?
What are the best times and conditions to receive guidance?
How do signs and synchronicities play a role in guiding your life?

To get to know your intuitive self, it’s an excellent idea to dedicate a notebook to intuition, and every day record the guidance you receive, along with the method of reception (gut feeling, sense of knowing, synchronicity, vision, dream, etc…).

Then, once a week, review this record and note the accuracy – including whether or not you followed the guidance. Before long, an emerging pattern will help you understand, cultivate and trust your intuition.

14. Follow Your Inspiration!

Did you know that intuitive guidance often shows up as inspiration? In fact, there’s a big difference between inspiration and motivation? While motivation is generally ego-driven and often convoluted (doing one thing to get another), inspiration is a form of higher guidance.

Although motivation and inspiration could manifest as the same type of action, the quality of action is vastly different, and, consequently, the outcome can drastically change. For instance, a book written through inspiration is miles above the same book written through motivation.

While actions driven through motivation can feel forced and difficult, actions guided by inspiration often result in a natural flow of effortless movement.

Nothing’s Set in Stone!

One last thing…when you receive an intuitive hit or vision, you are just seeing one possible outcome or path (out of many), and although this may be the path or outcome that you’re most aligned with at the moment, nothing is set in stone….until you believe it!

Therefore, if your intuition shows you something unwanted, don’t just believe it!

By refocusing your attention on the desired outcome and simultaneously taking positive actions that support that outcome, intuition gives you the power to change the future before it even unfolds!

You are love, you are light, and all is well!

Written By Nanice Ellis
Originally appeared on: Wake Up World
republished here with permission
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Nanice Ellis

As a Conscious Creation Coach since 1997, Nanice Ellis teaches mastery level manifestation. Using quantum principals, human dynamics, consciousness techniques, and real life experiences, her powerful coaching style is often referred to as the “Nanice Effect.” Bridging the gap from imagination to realization, Nanice coaches people to live their true dreams. Nanice is the author of several inspirational books including, “Is There a White Elephant in Your Way? – a comprehensive guidebook to awakening and self-empowerment” and “Seducing the Field – the masters guide for manifestation.” To find out more, please visit www.Nanice.comView Author posts

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