101 Things To Be Grateful For Today


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Things To Be Grateful For Today

Life can be tough, challenging, and very very hard sometimes, and during these times, you will feel bleak and negative. And honestly, that’s okay because you’re human after all. But no matter how bad everything may seem, you will always have some things to be grateful for in your life.

Being Grateful

Gratitude has an untapped power that I am not sure we always fully realize or appreciate. I have seen it transform not just my life but the lives of my clients. When you find the things to be grateful for it will reshape your thinking and perception about your life, past, present, and future. I write about gratitude a lot as I believe it is one of the most important keys to happiness and fulfillment in life.

However, sometimes we struggle to find those things to be grateful for and take so much for granted. This is why I put together this extensive, yet simple list of the things that you can be grateful for today!

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101 Things to Be Grateful For in Your Life Today!

1. The sunrise

For mother nature’s morning greeting, try to grab one every so often, and take in the colors, a new day brings new possibilities.

2. Your Family

You may not always feel the love, families are complicated, but they are yours, and appreciate what they bring to your life and the lessons they have taught you, through the good and not-so-good parts. There are always lessons to be learned.

3. Parents

They gave you life and connect you to a family legacy.

things to be grateful for
Things to be grateful for today

4. Ice cream

Being grateful for the little things is really where it’s at. Ice cream will turn a bad day into an ok day and an ok day into an amazing day! It just makes everything better!

5. Your fur babies

Members of the family, who offer pure love and devotion.

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6. Greenery

The trees, flowers, plants, and grass around you, offering color, life, and good smells along the way.

7. Smiles 

From a stranger on the street, to a colleague at work. You get what you put out, smile at someone, and see if they smile back, I bet they will.

8. The Ocean

It’s powerful, mysterious, vast, and tranquil. It is also a system that connects us, this enormous body of water on one side is a different country, place, state, or community, and on the other side is a completely different but connected world.

9. The Stars 

Look up and find some, they are millions of miles away! They offer perspective.

10. Convenience 

We have soooo many conveniences in our daily lives today that we don’t even realize it. We 1000% take it for granted most of the time, things like a refrigerator to keep your food fresh or grabbing coffee at a local coffee shop.

11. Technology 

It is transforming our lives practically by the minute, things we do naturally today, was new 10 years ago, think about streaming music or Netflix.

12. Running water/indoor plumbing

A thing to be grateful for in the biggest way, if you have ever been without running water in your home, you will easily connect with this one… it is mindblowing how this basic commodity can create such hardship. Water is so essential, I would personally rather be without electricity. #RPCV

13. The wheel

Be it on your bicycle, your car, your bus, or your train… for it gave you the ease of getting to where you needed to get to, your wheels are your access to the world.

14. Your home 

The shelter is protection from the elements, the world, and your oasis from a busy hectic world.

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15. Garbage pickup

Freeing your life from clutter and trash.

16. Your sight 

Adding richness, color, and makes most of what you do in life much easier.

17. Your hearing

Allows you to communicate, take in information, and a way to experience the world around you through sound.

18. Your sense of taste

Those who had COVID will probably appreciate this the most, what is life without flavor?

19. Your sense of smell

Can alert you to danger or trigger a powerful memory, and smell gives life texture.

20. Your ability to move around

Allows you to do and participate in different aspects of life and the world around you.

21. Your mind

To think and to reason, is one of the gifts that make us human, yours is unique, appreciate the way your mind works.

101 Things To Be Grateful For Today
Some things to be grateful for

22. Your ability to create

Is a talent and a special gift, we all have them, they also give us a means of artistic expression which can evoke feelings and connections.

23. Your job

For the paycheck it gives you, the sense of purpose you derive, and the opportunity to showcase your strengths and talents.

24. Your accomplishments

You’ve worked hard to achieve them, they may be in some cases, your blood, sweat, and tears, another part of your story and life experience.

25. A fresh-cut lawn

The smell of spring and summer, newness, freshness, naturally grounding.

26. Zoom

Keeping us connected with distance and ease. Without video conferencing how would we have survived this pandemic?

27. Your cell phone

This mini-computer that we carry in our pocket, gives us access to life and the world, with the push of a button, from almost anywhere.

28. Food

It nourishes us, keeps your body performing optimally, and in today’s world, more accessible than ever, taking it off the shelf rather than having to procure it yourself through hours of labor.

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29. Your bed

The warm, safe place where your body and mind find rest.

30. Stories

However we consume them, be it in books, movies, or TV shows, they convey meaning, values, and lessons of life. Stories evoke powerful feelings, not to mention the entertainment factor.

31. Community 

It gives you a sense of belonging and roots you in life.

32. To create change

You have the ability to make the changes that you need and want in life, they may take time and planning and it may be scary, but you can create change. If there is something you are not happy about, plan to make changes in your life.

33. Wildlife

Birds, squirrels, turtles, ducks, and rabbits… it is the diversity of life with which we coexist and share this planet.

34. Possibility 

Anything truly is possible, never forget!

35. A warm fire

For it sets a mood and creates an atmosphere for sharing, as well as the source of heat it provides.

36. Music 

What would life be without it? It soothes and energizes, the melodies and harmonies that become symbolic of the periods in your life, wax nostalgic.

37. Art

The gift of expression, and creativity that defines you, a community, a period of time, communicate feelings and values.

38. Education

One of the few things in life that no one can ever take away from you is your education, in many cases, it is achieved through hard work, discipline, and investment of time and money, it shapes the way you see the world.

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39. Your Experiences

They have made you who you are and brought you to where you are today.

40. Scars

Reminders of the pain in life, the adversity you have overcome.

41. A place to go every day

Grounded in obligation and responsibility, activity gives us purpose and a reason to engage.

42. The ability to read

Words educate, and tell stories, are a way to communicate, a way to think, a way to find perspectivea way to organize.

101 Things To Be Grateful For Today
Small things to be grateful for

43. The vacuum

A favorite modern invention removes the lint, dust, and dirt magically!

44. Modern appliances

You push buttons and what historically took a lot of time and energy, is done almost effortlessly.

45. Medication

They keep you healthy and ease your pain and suffering.

46. Health

Never fully appreciated until you don’t have it, health influences the way you feel about yourself and the world around you. Taking care of your health ensures a better quality of life.

47. Your Passions

Give you a reason to keep at it, working towards something that you believe in.

48. Your Drive and Motivation

The energy to excel and push yourself, fueled by your passions.

49. The mountains

They are majestic and awe-inspiring, vital to our ecosystem, natural line of defense, and offer a challenge to us physically and mentally, like no other.

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50. The seasons

For the way, they mark the passage of time, the opportunity to begin anew connect with nature, and enjoy variety.

51. The sun

For the light and warmth it provides, and the cheeriness it can bring.

52. Chirping birds

For their song and a reminder of the wildlife around us.

53. Fireflies

Whether you caught them as a kid or just admire their sparkle of light on a summer evening.

54. Chocolate

Adding sweetness and a little something special to savor and just enjoy.

55. Hot coffee (or Tea)

Warms us up on a cold day, and gives us the oomph we sometimes need to get our day going, it gives us an opportunity to take a break, and have a conversation.

56. Dance

Be it our own or that of another, the movement to rhythm is a release, lifts a mood, and is an art form in motion.

57. Change

How wonderful that things change, spoken from someone who thrives on change, it can be hard and unpredictable but change brings about opportunity and newness, a fresh, unique perspective.

58. Camping

For the connection to nature and appreciation for how easy life is in our modern world.

59. Freedom

To choose what you want for yourself and how you want it to be.

60. Rainstorms

Cleansing, rejuvenating, supporting life and growth.

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61. Sunflowers

For their eye-pleasing color and sustenance for life.

62. The genius of others

They have laid the groundwork for your achievements.

63. Your Mentors

The teachers in action and on the ground, role models for who and what you want to work towards.

64. Air Travel

The opportunity to be transported in time and space to a world, unlike anything you know.

65. Adventure

For the unknown, the excitement, the adrenaline, the experience, the wonder…

66. Challenges 

For they push us to get better and to overcome obstacles, they make you stronger and more resilient

67. Ability to learn

To be able to get better and grow in yourself, your abilities, and your capabilities.

68. Collaboration

For none of us can do it alone, we build on each other’s ideas and help each other achieve the task.

69. Talk radio, podcasts

Podcasts seem to be the modern version of talk radio, it can offer surprising enrichment, fascinating information that we had no idea existed.

70. Information/knowledge

Is power and easily accessible, we forget that information was not always so easily found, like everything else we had to work to find the answers, now it falls in our laps. It is for sure, a thing to be grateful for!

101 Things To Be Grateful For Today
Llittle things to be grateful for

71. Science

Is awesome, as a non-science person, I can back this, mysteries are solved through science, possibly the backbone of advancement.

72. For people who have come and gone

Sometimes there is sadness around this but there is also something to be so thankful for and so appreciative of, they touched your life and influenced who you are today.  And that is a very cool thing!

73. Connection to your past

Who are your ancestors, the people who contributed to your present-day life.

74. Sleep

Nothing like a good night’s sleep, the difference it can make on how you feel and your outlook on life.

75. A fresh Shower

For its soothing, cleansing, and refreshing powers! Leaves you feeling fresh and alive.

76. Your shoes

They protect your feet and carry you through life, yes in some cases they become “old friends”.

77. Clean clothes

It doesn’t just feel good but keeps you healthy from bacteria, clothing gives an opportunity for expression of self.

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78. The beginning of something

New, filled with possibility, maybe some challenges, something that will push you to learn and adjust.

79. The end of something

Because it happened, there’s an accomplishment, an experience for the record books, or your resume.

80. A waterfall

It’s powerful and beautiful, mesmerizing and relaxing, negativity seems to just wash away.

81. A powerful river

They offer transportation, a time to recreate, an opportunity to cleanse (back in the day for bathing and washing clothes), and a powerful reminder of the strength in nature.

101 Things To Be Grateful For Today
Things to be grateful about

82. Sport

For the healthy competition it offers and the opportunity to exert physical energy, it is cathartic and a connection to other people.

83. A good haircut

An essential part of self-care, it just feels good to walk out of the hair salon or barbershop with a fresh cut!

84. Snowstorms

An excuse to be gluttonous on chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate, take naps, and Netflix all day. A reminder of the ferocity of nature and peaceful tranquility found in the still after the storm.

85. Friendship

A precious connection to our past and present life, friendships need to be cared for as friends challenge us and help us be better people.  They are an intricate part of who are and who we become, something to be truly grateful for!

86. Cuisine 

Eating good food is synonymous with contentment, an art form, creative expression, and a way of taking care of those around us.

87. Outdoor space

Around your home, where you can take in many of the things on this list, enjoy fresh air, feel the wind or watch the sunset. Enjoy a drink with friends or say hi to a neighbor.

88. Batteries

They power almost everything around us, our cars, our phones, our portable speakers, and outdoor lights, where would we be without something as simple as a battery.

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89. Your Photographs

Ever lost that picture that you loved or wanted?  They tell our story, we have access to more of them than ever before which we can easily forget.

90. Your voice

To communicate your thoughts, ideas, feelings, and talents.

91. Driving with the windows down and a favorite song playing

No explanation needed, it’s just bliss.

92. The scent of blooming flowers

For their fragrance and the moment to slow down and be in the present.

93. Your failures 

For they are the first steps toward your success.

94. The unexpected

For it keeps you on your toes.

95. History

For the teachings of life and experiences lived.

96. Walks on the beach

Respite for the soul, a time to relax and reflect, take a break and live in the moment.

97. Companionship

Knowing you have your person in the world that you are not alone.

101 Things To Be Grateful For Today
What are things to be grateful for

98. The sunset

A burst of color to remind you that despite what the day has brought, there is beauty in nature, bask in the glow, and marvel at the colors.

99. Language

Is culture, and when we learn another language we learn most about our own!

100. The night sky

For its beauty and depth.

101. And for the Bonus, the ultimate thing to be grateful for: TODAY!!

There will never be another today, get out there and make the most of it!!

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In Closing

Hope this list gave you food for thought and helps you find the things that you are grateful for in your life!

Please share what you are grateful for in the comment section below or tell me which one of these resonates with you! And don’t forget to share this article with friends and family!

Want to know more about the things to be grateful for on Thanksgiving? Check this video out below!


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List of things to be grateful for
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101 Things To Be Grateful For Today

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