The 3 Kinds Of Men Who Don’t Deserve You

The 3 Kinds Of Men Who Don’t Deserve You

Stepping out into the world of dating can be a very trying experience. More so now that all sorts of social media platforms exist for that sole purpose, women find themselves in a precarious position. It is difficult having to navigate through multiple strange men before finding someone who is the right fit for you.

But don’t be worried, life is short and it isn’t worth spending time trying to improve men who will never give you anything but a disappointment. It’s best to know what sort of men you should stay away from in the first place so that you don’t have to put yourself through all that trouble.

In order to make this happen, you have to start looking for the red flags that are visible just beneath the surface. Once you learn to spot them, you’ll find yourself automatically staying away from certain men because you’ll understand that they’re really not worth your precious time. When you meet a man you can actually see a happy future with, someone who doesn’t show signs of being toxic, then only you can think of putting in efforts to take it to the next level.

Below are some general red flags that you can watch out for. But keep in mind that these are just guidelines. If your gut tells you that there’s something wrong, steer clear at once.

1. Lacking In Maturity

Maturity is a very important trait to look for if you expect your relationship to have a future. But it is easy to be swayed by immature men because they’re usually very charming and entertaining. They tend to go with the flow and they won’t expect a lot of effort and intensity from you because they don’t expect to give that you. If you show them any kind of intensity, then they’ll drop you for being ‘clingy’ and if you’re chill, they’ll just take you for granted.

These men aren’t going to actually give any thought as to where the relationship is going or what they are expected to contribute. As long as they’re having fun, they’ll stick around and when they get bored, they’ll leave without a second thought. They’ll flow hot and cold all the time and you’ll never be sure where you stand with them.

When you see that he’s just charm without any actual substance, and when he never wants to talk about where he sees this going, don’t waste your time on him.


2. Workaholics

Good work ethic is important for every person. However, there are people, especially those who are just getting started in their careers, who will never give you priority in their lives. All their concentration will be on climbing to the top of the ladder in their chosen professions and on getting as rich as possible.

Being focused on your career is essential if you want to make it anywhere in life but it isn’t worth it if you cut out all the people who want to be in your life. This is a sure way of ensuring that you wake up one day and realize that money isn’t everything and that you’re all alone in the world.
So, it is okay if the guy is busy but when he puts little to no effort in actually treating you like a girlfriend, it’s not worth it. He’ll only reach out to you when he needs something from you. The occasional hook up is all you’ll get. If you demand it, he might take you out for a nice evening but he’s not going to be mentally present with you there.

When he truly has feelings for you, he’ll make sure that you take up time and space in his life. If he’s a true workaholic, you’ll just be an object for him to come to when he needs to relax. Even if you are patient and giving, and you guys stick it out in the long run, he won’t really be present for his family either.

They will one day realize the importance of these relationships but that day will be a long time coming and sometimes it might never come at all. Remember that you have a life to live as well and just let him go.