The 8 Types Of Guys Who Don’t Deserve You

guys who you dont deserve

The world of dating can be a very trying experience. Be it being in a relationship or just simply dating, there are certain guys who you should always avoid because honestly, they don’t deserve you. You might learn it the hard way who you shouldn’t be with, but that’s only for the best. Why settle for someone who will never understand your importance, when there is someone else who will give you the respect you deserve?

Life is short and it isn’t worth spending time trying to improve some men who will never give you anything but disappointments and stupidity. It’s best to know what sort of men you should stay away from in the first place so that you don’t have to put yourself through all that trouble.

In order to understand which kind of guys you should stay away from, you need to look for some red flags that are visible just beneath the surface. Once you see them, make a conscious decision to stay away from those men, because you will just be wasting your time. You don’t deserve half-baked efforts at building a relationship, you deserve someone who will treat you as his equal and will work with you to have a strong relationship.

Here Are 8 Types Of Guys Who Don’t Deserve You

1. Guys who lack maturity.

Maturity is a very important trait to look for if you expect your relationship to stay strong and have a future. That is why you need to be with someone who has the maturity to handle a serious relationship. Immature men may seem attractive initially because of their charming and devil-may-care attitude, but that is not going to help you sustain your relationship in the long run.

Immature men will never think about doing those things that will help the relationship, in the long run, they will only focus on having fun. They will blow hot and cold, and they will stick around as long their mood allows them, otherwise they will leave the very next moment. Don’t waste your precious time on immature guys, because they don’t deserve you and your efforts at all.

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2. Guys who are married to their work.

Having the drive and ambition to be successful is important and admirable. But just like his career is important, so is his relationship with you; compromising one for the other should never be the case. If the man you are with never spends enough time with you because he is busy working, and expects you to understand that, then that’s a red flag. You cannot keep on understanding his priorities when you are not even a part of them.

If you let him treat you as his second option, then you will only get to hear from him when he will want a quick hook-up, and nothing more. And you definitely deserve more than that. If he is not making you his priority, chances are he will never do so, and the more you try to stick it out with someone like him, the more pain you will go through.

Be with someone who will work hard and also spend quality time with you, because he knows that both are equally important.

3. Guys who sleep around.

All women swear that they’ll stay away from playboys but many women tend to go back on this resolution when they come across one. That’s because men who sleep around have a very magnetic and manipulative personality, because otherwise how would they get to sleep with so many people?

They might turn on their charm at full force on you, but always remember that is entirely superficial. Chances are the only reason he seems nice and ‘perfect’ to you, is because he wants to get into your pants. Don’t fall for physical appearances and smooth-talking. Try to talk to him about his thoughts, opinions, and mindset. The more you dig deep, the more you will get to know him. If he indeed is a playboy, his carefully crafted facade will slip off, and you will see him as he truly is.

4. Guys who keep you hanging.

Guys who keep you hanging and run whenever they hear the word ‘commitment’ don’t deserve you even a little bit. No matter how strong feelings you might have for him, if you both are going out for quite some time, but he still refuses to get committed to you, then you should leave. If he is still running away from commitment and asking for more time to ‘be ready’, then he is just keeping his options open; he is not interested in a long term relationship with you.

Waiting for him to come to his senses and realizing that you are the one for him, is not going to do you any good. There’s no point investing your energy and emotions for someone, who is not at all interested in thinking about a future with you.

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