13 Everyday Struggles Of A Straightforward No Filter Person

Struggles Of A Straightforward Person

A straightforward person can speak their mind no matter what the situation is, and whatever the consequence might be.

These people are fearless and confident and never give other people the wrong ideas about themselves. They also possess sharp tongue and caustic humor which lands them in very difficult situations. Most people want to avoid them as they cannot bear their direct and blunt attitude.

Here are 13 struggles which every acutely straightforward person has to go through:

Everyday Struggles Of A Straightforward Person

1.  You can never stop yourself from pointing out things in the most direct manner.

If someone’s action is annoying you, with no qualms, you will tell them to get the hell out. Neither will you think twice, nor will you sugarcoat the words. They will fly out of your arsenal automatically. Others at the receiving end can only label you as a “weirdo”

 2. When it comes to expressing your views, you cannot restrain yourself.

If a thought arises in your mind, it will always make its way out of your mouth, unadulterated. You can be quite out of place in situations that require you to be otherwise. Whether it is celebrity gossip or political views, a straightforward person can express all of it without any embarrassment even to strangers.

3. Your “no holds barred” attitude makes you pretty unpopular among others who are far more sensitive than you.

Most people don’t like you because of what you say, but you don’t give a damn about what they think. They find your views piercing and hurtful and that makes them avoid you in any social gathering.

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 4. You prefer to tell the truth because you feel that telling lies only brings temporary relief.

But, little do you understand that not everyone likes to hear the truth. No matter how much they hate it you are always going to put the facts plane and clear in front of them.

5. Being straight on face attracts wrong people to you.

The clingers, gossip mongers, loudmouths, and all their types. You have to constantly put off their invitations to hang around, but they think you are a great addition to their circle. When you tell them how irritating they are, they just take you to be hilarious. When you want people to understand exactly what you mean but, they don’t, it’s a very big struggle.

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6. You are never afraid of calling a spade a “spade”.

If that means hurting someone’s feelings, you won’t bother. Your mind doesn’t function in any other way and nothing can stop you from saying what you feel at any given moment.

7. Your boss doesn’t intimidate you.

She is certainly in a powerful position and superior, but that won’t turn you into a sycophant. You would respect her for her qualities, but consider her a person, who is your equal. You will complete all tasks with energy complying with all the “do’s and don’ts” but, you will also not accept that is unreasonable or crazy.

8. Your friends will never tell you of anything stupid they have done.

They know you will judge them instantly and tell them how thoughtlessly, the way they have conducted themselves. Even though, they know you always accept your stupidest mistakes, they won’t take the chance and save themselves the shame of being weighed against your standards.

9. Because of your straightforward nature, you always take the lead.

Whether it is a work-related assignment or a day out with friends, your friends know you will arrange everything. They rely on you because you always do the best planning.

Watch out this video to know about some perks of being a straightforward person:

10. Your sense of humor is soaked in sarcasm.

A straightforward person can deliver it bluntly and with no regret whatsoever wherever it implies. There are several situations when you find people staring at you blankly because they try to perceive, what you said was a mere joke or a proof that you are just a mingy person.

11. Open as you are, you can give a vivid description of all that had happened in the bed last night with your lover; down to the finest detail.

Such candid relay of your sex life may be too much to digest for some people.

12. You can’t tolerate stupidity.

And when someone takes up your time with their stupidity you want to scream on their face. Many times you find yourself walking away in such situations because you know how blatant you can be.

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13. You are one with passion and enthusiasm in whatever you do.

People who lack drive as much as yourself, are usually not part of your circle. There is no one who can come in your way when you want to achieve something. You make sure people don’t have false expectations from you and if they do you won’t thick twice to banish them from your life.

Are you a straightforward person? Could you relate to the everyday struggles mentioned above

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13 Everyday Struggles Of A Straightforward No Filter Person
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