10 Reasons Why You Are Still Single Even When You Are A Catch

Why You Are Still Single Even When You Are A Catch

Have you ever thought about why you are still single, even though you are quite a catch? Why is it that all your friends are committed, except you?

Your friends keep telling you that you’ll make a great girlfriend (and yes, you will 🙂 )

You know that you possess all the qualities that a man looks for in his girl. Yet, for some reason, you are single currently. Being single is a blessing but something keeps you wondering, why you aren’t hooked yet.

Here Are 10 Reasons Why You Are Still Single Even When You Are A Catch

10 Reasons Why You Are Still Single Even When You Are A Catch

1. Settling Down Is Not Your Thing.

You are not the kind of person who believes in getting married and having kids. For you, this is not the end of life nor will it be ever. You know that sooner or later you’ll find the man of your dreams and you are ready to wait for more.

2. A Boyfriend Cannot Define Your Existence.

You know that having a boyfriend won’t bring much change in your life. Having a boyfriend doesn’t mean that you make him the center of your universe. You don’t need to make a statement about having a love life and the reason that keeps you away from finding someone.

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3. You Love Yourself Too Much.

Your first love for you has always been you. You care about your happiness, your personal goals before anything else. You cannot compromise with loving someone else before loving yourself and this keeps your interest away from finding a boyfriend.

4. You Can Wait.

You know that you are a catch and someone worthy deserves you. You can wait for the time till he appears in your life. Loving someone who is equally a catch the way you are is worth the wait.

5. Right Now You Are Busy Enjoying your Life.

You have a list of plans that you need to complete. There are places to be, friends to make, thrills to experience. Why bring a guy in your life to screw up all your plans.

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6. You Need to Reach Heights In Your Career.

Your personal life is very important and so is your career. While shaping your personal goals, you don’t see room for a guy. It keeps you doubtful that how will you adjust in a relationship and focus on your career and love life at the same time. After all, there is nothing important than attaining your career goals.

7. Your Confidence Scares People.

With confidence like yours, no man can dare approach you without having doubts about their self-existence. Your confidence is intimidating and is capable of turning the cockiest of men into insecure children.

8. Your Friends Are More Important To You.

Let accept this, an awesome personality like yours will obviously select their friends carefully. Your friends are awesome, the heartiest bunch of people who are an important part of your life. Who needs a boyfriend when your friends are this awesome?

9. You Don’t Want to Settle For Mediocrity.

You believe that having that special man will really mean something in your life. But then you know that there is a lot of average crowds that you see on a regular basis. Your boyfriend should be someone who is awesome and the best of the best. You don’t want to end up in the pile of mediocrity and the reason why you are still waiting.

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10. Single Life Is Awesome.

The fact is that you know the worth of being single. You don’t have to make compromises and you get to live by your choices. You don’t want to bend your rules by letting a stranger in your life. This is a path leading to many more complications.

Someone awesome like you obviously deserves the best. Everyone you meet is either too insecure, average, or not ready for a relationship themselves. If waiting is the choice then why not make the best of it.

If you want to know more about why some women are still single despite being a catch, then check out this video below:

Brutally Honest Reasons Why You Are Still Single (even when you are a catch)
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29 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You Are Still Single Even When You Are A Catch”

  1. Avatar of Dolo Mercado

    I had a wonderful man for 30 years and did as I well pleased..we weren’t owners of each other but we belonged to each ..we loved and liked each other…. .now I can wait because I know there are men like him

    1. Avatar of Tanishka Sharma

      I don’t know what to believe.
      And what to not.
      Currently, I’m in a phase where nothing seems settled. Everything is in motion.
      Around me. Inside me.
      I’m running, trying to catch up. I really am.
      But it’s always a breath away. Just one tiny breath too far.
      I’ve been through lows. I’m numb. To what could possibly be lower.
      I feel. Only a little.
      I believe. In nothing.
      I used to know me. But do I anymore?
      It’s a blur. I feel I’m a blur. Changing in and out of personalities. Which one is really me? Or am I a composite compound, complicated yet basic.
      Where is my mind at.
      ^ignore that.
      I’m sleepy.

    2. Avatar of Jeel Vasa

      Have you seen the sky, Tanishka Sharma? It looks almost the same every night. The same stars, forming the same constellations.
      What we fail to observe is that every night, they move. (Or we do. You get the point.) A star leaves our horizon and another moves in.
      It is too minute to be noticed, of course.
      We get too used to the constellations in our vision inspite of knowing that something so permanent is also so temporary.
      Until one fine day, we notice that an entire constellation is gone. That’s when we actually realise how mobile they are.

      Tanni, we were always moving, everything back home just seemed settled.
      But now, a constellation just moved too drastically for us, that’s all.

      But yet again, love, another also has appeared. And I’m glad you two are around when my sky changes just as yours does.

      We’ll be fine, hell, much better than fine, I promise you that.

  2. Avatar of Donna Jo Hines Smith

    I agree with only a couple of these reasons. I’ve been single for about 7 years. I’d love to have a partner but I work allot and don’t “go out” that much. I’d rather stay home and enjoy a movie.:)

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