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Here’s The Amount Of Sleep You Need To Avoid Depression

One of the most effective ways to get rejuvenated and restart afresh and anew in life is to have some sound sleep at night so that the brain as well as body gets a chance to relax from the ordeals that go on throughout the day. However, nowadays owing to increasing levels of stress and tension in personal as well as professional lives, the levels of sleep have reduced as these thoughts keep haunting while sleeping and as a result, the disorder that affects individuals is insomnia. Usually, this insomnia problem is more prevalent in the women and old people. The women suffer because of the dynamic changes in the levels of hormones inside the body and the old people are more prone to chronic problems such as diabetes, asthma, etc. that do not let them sleep peacefully at night.

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Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Of Insomnia: The issue of insomnia is very common and can be found in every one out of three people in the US. This is not a very healthy situation as sleep deprivation can lead to extreme situations because whenever an individual suffers from lack of sleep, the total balance of the body gets hampered. Since the body and brain do not get proper relief owing to less amount of sleep, therefore, the person tends to feel fatigued leading to lack of energy or interest to do any kind of activity that can affect the fitness of the body to a great extent. Following are the two major scenarios related to sleeplessness:

  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a condition where the person owing to too much of depression face the problem of insomnia as the oxygen does not an outlet to reach the body because of prevention in the passage way of air. Due to this reason, the person often wakes up at night intermittently and hence, sound sleep is hindered.
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is another peculiar condition that leads to sleeplessness mainly during the fall season when the night become longer and days become shorter. This results in reduction of sunlight, which affects the circadian rhythm of a person that is responsible for maintaining the sleep/wake schedule of a person that is essential for restorative sleep. This obviously comes in the way of sleeping schedule or rather sleeping habits of a person and causes insomnia as a final result. However, as soon as the spring sets in, the problem subsides to a great extent.

Nevertheless, whatever is the cause, it is important to maintain the standard sleeping timings and schedules so that the health of the body is not affected. This is because adequate sleep helps the body to re-energize, toughens the immunity and cleanses the toxins of the brain. Not only that, sleeping also controls the emotional factors like mood as well as enhances the information processing capability and memorizing capacity of the brain. Therefore, in order to avoid any of these to be coming in the way of fitness of a body, it is crucial to have ample amount of sleep. The main factors that must be kept in mind are:

  • One must refrain from having too much of caffeine or alcohol related products because these can affect sleep.
  • It is advisable to do yoga, deep breathing or meditation before going to sleep. In fact, if one gets to hear some mild music notes, then this may also help a lot in having a good night’s sleep.
  • In order to stop the mind from brooding too much, it is better to pen down a to-do list for the next day so that some amount of the anxieties are let out by writing. This will in turn help to have sound sleep.
  • Exercising and appropriate amount of physical activity result in the release of endorphins that help to aggravate the mood and pep up a person who is suffering from depression. This in turn helps to sleep easily.
  • It is also wise to have a warm bath with some lukewarm water before going to bed and also maintain a cooler temperature of the bedroom. All these factors together will enable a person to have a satisfactory sleep.

Above all, it is vital that a person compulsorily sleeps for at least seven to nine hours at night because this must be the standard duration of sleep for maintaining a healthy body and mind. Sleeping less than this time frame can lead to exhaustion, bad temper and consequently, to other disorders as well, whereas, sleeping more than this normal time frame can create problems like elongated depression and breeds negativity as well. Hence, in short, it is extremely essential to have a well-balanced sleeping schedule so that ultimately, problems like depression and insomnia are resolved by getting right amount of restorative sleep.

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