What Your Sleeping Position Reveals About Your Personality


Sleeping Position Reveals About Personality

What is your favorite sleeping position? Do you sleep on your back or belly or side? Believe it or not, the way you sleep reveals a lot about your personality. The color you like, the music you are drawn to, your creative skills, the life paths you choose, and so on. So, if you want to know about someone, you may watch them sleep and get insights into their inner self. 

For instance, Charles Dickens slept facing north as he believed it improved his creativity. 

We don’t plan much about how we are going to sleep or in which position to lie down on a bed. Dr. Lillian Glass, a body language expert in California, says that the sleeping position of an individual is a subconscious choice. Your posture when sleeping reflects your emotions and what is going in your mind.

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Your sleeping position is nothing but your subconscious movement and we can’t control it. So, it says a lot about who you are when you’re awake. This is why they say the secret’ is in the slumber.

Read on to know what your sleeping position says about you.

1. Fetal

The fetal position (curling up like a baby) is one of the most common and popular position among women according to professor and sleep specialist Chris Idzikowski. People who prefer this position are known to worry unnecessarily. They appear tough, but are shy, sensitive, and seek comfort and security in life. Sleeping in a fetal position signify that you are feeling emotionally vulnerable.

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2. Log

Sleeping like a log with arms on the side and legs extended straight is the second most popular position. People who sleep in the log position are known to be friendly and trustworthy, also popular in their gang. If you find yourself sleeping in this manner, then you are an easygoing person and mostly prefer an A-list crowd.

3. Yearner

The yearner position looks a lot like the log but both arms stretched outwards (parallel to the pillow), your head to the side of the pillow and knees bent. According to some studies, people who sleep in this position are open and inviting. Yet, they are often very cynical and suspicious. They struggle to make decisions but once decided, there is no turning back.

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4. Soldier

Soldier sleeping position involves sleeping flat on the back with arms straight down at their side something like standing at attention. This sleeping position indicates you are reserved, quiet, and have a high standard for yourself and others. Soldier sleepers are very structured and strong personalities. But, this sleeping position can make you snore, so be careful. 

5. Starfish

Not so popular, but this slumbering style is very funny. People who choose this position lie on their backs with their legs stretched out and arms above the head. This is known to be the worst sleeping style for people with breathing difficulty or snoring habits. Please be noted that starfish sleepers are prone to neck pain as well unless you balance your neck with your hands. 

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If you sleep like a starfish then you are a very loyal friend and value genuine friendships.  You are the go-to person for those in trouble because you are an active listener. You won’t mind going an extra mile for the well-being of your closed ones. Yet, you don’t prefer being the center of attraction. 

6. Freefaller

Do you sleep on your stomach with your arms curled above your head and head to the side? Then you are a freefaller! This sleeping style signifies a playful personality. You are open and straightforward, but sometimes, you may become anxious during challenging situations or take criticism personally and crave control. 

What type of sleeper are you? Let us known in the comments. 

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