10 Signs He’s Just Using You and Is Not Genuine

Signs He’s Just Using You and Is Not Genuine

Sustaining a relationship can prove to be a challenge at times, and no matter how many problems crop up, you might end up ignoring them because you want it to last. There comes a point when you need to sit back and judge whether the man you are dating genuinely loves you, or is simply using you.

Everyone want’s a man who will love them sincerely, will be there for them, and be loyal. Unfortunately not every man is built this way, and there are several men out there who will treat their partners badly, and simply use them as long as it pleases them. They might seem perfect in the beginning, but that’s not what the real truth is.

With the passage of time, they reveal their true colors when someone starts loving them blindly and fails to notice that their love is not genuine and that they are just using you for their own selfish needs.

Here Are 10 Signs That Say He Is Just Using You

(1) He doesn’t care about your emotions.

He’s always thinking about himself and doesn’t bother if you are hurt or upset by his behavior or actions. If you try to convey your feelings, he will react in such a way that you will feel you shouldn’t be thinking along those lines. Whenever you will try to talk to him about how his actions hurt you, he will twist the whole conversation, make it about himself, and portray him as the victim.

The sad part is that he knows exactly what he is doing, but he will always manipulate you and your emotions, and make you dance to his tunes. Your emotions are not important for him, and they never were.

10 Signs He’s Just Using You and Is Not Genuine

(2) He just contacts you when he needs favors.

He always gets in touch with you when he needs any sort of help, be it financial or something else. Of course, you can always ask your partner for support but if that’s the only reason he calls you while ignoring you the rest of the time, then that definitely means he is just using you. True love is not just about asking favors and then disappearing.

You know a guy is using you when he behaves like the best boyfriend ever when he needs something from you, but the moment everything’s done and dusted, you will not find him anywhere; he has gone MIA. Again.

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(3) He’s always “busy” and avoids going out on dates together.

Life might be busy at times, but a relationship also needs to be nurtured. No matter how busy you might be, you can still find time for your loved ones, if you genuinely love them, that is. It’s not really an impossible thing to do. So, when the guy you are dating tends to ghost you for days, and claims that he is just “busy”, know that he is simply not interested in spending time with you.

When you really love someone you will always try to find time for them, and if your man is not doing that, then he is just using you. Giving your partner time is one of the most important parts of a relationship, so if you are not getting that, it’s a huge red flag.

(4) He never introduces you to his friends or family.

He might have met your friends and family, but strangely, you have never met his. Whenever you broach this topic with them and tell him that you want to meet his loved ones, he either tries to avoid it or gets irritated very fast. Or he might tell you that he will make plans accordingly, and end up never go through with them.

Meeting your partner’s friends and family is an important step, so when he is not working towards that, know that you are in the wrong relationship with the wrong person.

(5) He never talks about commitment.

A man who is not serious about you avoids topics like engagement or marriage. When you are in a healthy relationship, it’s a very normal thing to talk about your future commitments with your significant other, be it long term goals or short term goals. When he doesn’t participate in all this and behaves negatively whenever you bring up these things, know that he is not at all serious about you.

He also never expresses his love because he doesn’t love you truly. Having genuine feelings for someone looks different, and is always very clear, but when you don’t, that also shows in their attitude and behavior.

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