7 Signs You May Still Be Codependent And How To Change This Fast


I love that as I continue developing my “self” I get to teach you the things that I most needed to learn!

Please put your score (and any other details you would love to share) in the comments below. This also encourages others to step into accepting and evolving and healing themselves. It gives them permission to BE their own SELF!

Now … I am so proud and excited to say that, myself and the incredible MTE team can help you take the healing of codependency even further than this article today …

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My upcoming Thrive Membership Program is all about that. Go check out what it involves and you will see how much this 10-week healing Bootcamp grants healing for what we have talked about today (plus so much more). My greatest commitment and gift to you with the Thrive Program is this – You will meet, establish and KNOW your “self” after these 10 weeks!

Spots are filling very quickly. “Thrive” starts in September!

Any questions you have about Thrive, write below, or you can send them to support@melanietoniaevans.com and one of my lovely team members will get back to you soon!

And, of course, please let me know where you are at with your journey of healing from codependency.

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7 Signs You May Still Be Codependent And How To Change This Fast
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