How to Continue Being Yourself In A Relationship


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Continue Being Yourself In Relationship

Sometimes we tend to forget what to do in order to continue being yourself in a relationship. We become so consumed with the idea of being in love that we forget how to be our unique selves. “You cannot truly love another person until you learn how to love yourself”.

Remember how we told ourselves how we wouldn’t change before going into relationships. Candlelit dinners, watching movies, dancing to music, and celebrating love is such an amazing experience. But more often than not we forget to continue being our unique selves. You don’t realize it until you look yourself in the mirror and think to yourself “is this really me?” It’s definitely an important question to ask how you can be yourself even while you’re in a relationship.

Growing in love doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to lose yourself in your relationship. It’s essential to give importance to the things you like doing and keep working on what is important to you.

Being you is important, whether you are in a new relationship or if you’ve spent years with that special someone. Sometimes we also find it hard to be our true self when we are in a new relationship. But the best way to start a relationship is, to be honest. If it means that it will not work out then it’s probably for the best.

If you are looking for a sign and you want to finally be ready to continue being yourself even while you are with someone then here it is. Here are some tips to be you and to enjoy being you.

1. Take your time and space to be yourself in a relationship

Ever considered taking some time for yourself just to sit back and relax and not be on the phone all day with your partner. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling just to watch Netflix and have some time for yourself? Spending all your time with your partner is definitely not healthy. It is essential for both of you to have some personal space. Make use of this time to try out new things or reconnect with your old self. You may miss your partner but spending time with yourself can actually help to keep the spark alive.

Being in a relationship doesn’t automatically require you to follow someone else rules of how it should be. You and your partner can define how your relationship should be like. In order to have a healthy relationship with your partner, it is important to continue spending time with yourself. No one else’s opinion should matter when it comes to your relationship with your significant other. So keep taking your time and space as much as you need until you are you again.

2. Go on a date with yourself

Sure it feels wonderful to go out with your partner but learning to enjoy spending time with yourself is equally important. Learning how to be alone and enjoying it, is an essential part of life because the relationship you have with yourself is what is going to define every other relationship you have.

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3. Focus on your hobbies

Do you like singing or reading? Maybe it’s time for you to start focusing on the things you love. It’s important to understand that a person cannot be your entire world. That’s just putting too much pressure on one person. Instead of expecting everything from just one person, how about diversifying it into several different ways. So if you are bored, instead of expecting your girlfriend or boyfriend to save the day, how about you try and save the day yourself. You can do that by doing the things you love. Read a book, take a walk, or do whatever you think can make you feel good. Take charge of your life instead of depending on your partner.

This is how you take control of your life and relationships in a healthy and meaningful way. Doing things on your own doesn’t mean that you don’t love your partner but it simply means that you are balancing the relationship between you and yourself.

4. Set boundaries in order to be yourself in a relationship

While it’s important to make compromises sometimes, you can’t just keep doing it all the time. For example, it’s okay to have access to your partner’s phone, but it is just not right to go through his or her social media profile, read messages, and send messages. That’s an invasion of privacy and it should be off-limits. It’s important to talk to your partner about what’s acceptable and what’s not. Having a clear set of boundaries will enable you both to have a long and fulfilling relationship.

5. Be Honest

Admit it…we’ve all pretended to like something we didn’t just because he’s cute or she’s beautiful. Is it killing you to say something you really want to say? Sometimes it’s best to be honest in certain situations. Tell your partner what you do and don’t like and be absolutely honest about it. 

Not being honest can later lead to fights which can even foul the relationship in the future. So it’s best, to be honest about your likes and dislikes and see how your relationship plays out. Not being honest with your partner also means that you are not honest with yourself. Being you also means that you have to be honest with yourself no matter what happens.

6. Don’t forget about your friends and family

Of course, it’s completely normal to go “all in” in a new relationship and not be able to think about anything besides your partner. But as the relationship grows and deepens it is essential to take some time out for all the other people in your life. If you are worried about being lost in a relationship, consider how many times you have got together with just your friends or your family. Did you go out with them or have you just been avoiding their calls because you are busy with your partner? Having a separate life with your friends and family is essential. Maintaining a balance between your life and the life with your partner will not only make you happy but also give you a sense of peace. It is important to honor commitments outside of your relationship. A good partner will always understand the importance of having friends and family around.

7. Make Mistakes

As the saying goes, “people make mistakes” and that is true in your case as well. Making mistakes is a part of being human and you are allowed to do it sometimes. Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean that you are perfect. Sometimes we all make mistakes because we are human. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and taking chances. Take responsibility if you have made any mistakes. You don’t have to please your partner all the time. But make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes. Always remember that no relationship is perfect and neither are you.

8. Saying No is sometimes okay

We all want to make our partners happy but sometimes it’s okay to say no to something you don’t like. It’s a problem if you are saying yes out of fear of losing them or disappointing them. When this happens it is essential that you understand your self-worth and start saying no to things that you are not comfortable with.

9. Respect yourself

Don’t forget that respect is an essential ingredient for any relationship and that includes the relationship you have with yourself. Don’t forget to respect yourself even while being in a relationship. Respecting yourself means giving importance and time to yourself and also giving value to what matters to you the most. If you ever feel like you are already being violated and your partner is being disrespectful towards you, don’t allow him or her to treat you in that way. Fight for your respect. Hit the pause button and reassess if this relationship is worth being disrespected.

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To conclude, it is essential to love yourself while also being a part of a relationship. Don’t ever lose sight of what you are and don’t ever let anyone overshadow how awesome you are. There is only one constant throughout everything in your life and that is you.

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