11 Things That Make You A Pineapple Girl

Things Make You Pineapple Girl

Don’t know what a pineapple girl is? A lot of you might be a pineapple girl without even knowing about the concept. Do you stand tall and stay your ground? Do you wear a crown and sometimes find guilty pleasure in living in your own castle?

But, even though you may appear a little arrogant, are you the sweetest and nicest person on the outside.

Well, then you are a pineapple girl. We are sure that many of you are pineapple girls without even realizing it. And if you are not, we wish many of you become pineapple girls.

Here are some of the characteristics of the Pineapple Girl:

1. You protect your heart

and that’s probably something that you are extremely meticulous about.

Just like a pineapple has a strong outer cover, you also have a guard around your heart. You protect yourself from the bad influences around you.

Moreover, you want that a place in your heart is untouched by the vicious demeanor of this material world. This guard protects you from negative energy as well.

2. You are sparkling confident

and people see that in your stride.

You are confident and you feel complete in yourself. You feel that you can deal with anything that happens to you and you don’t let things around you affect you very much.

You deal with all the problems around you with poise and strength and you overcome all the problems with courage. Your confidence is enviable to the people around you. They really try to imitate you but, oh, it’s hard to be you. Isn’t it?

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3. You are very sweet and warm inside.

People just are sometimes a little unaware about this bit.

You may have a hard exterior, but you are sweet inside. You are a nice person from within and most people around you know it.

Sometimes, you may come off as arrogant but mostly you are sweet and generous and helpful to the people around you. You invest in people because of this sweetness that you have inside you.

4. You are the kind that people take a lot of time to understand

because you have so many layers to your personality.

Oh! Everyone assumes a lot of things about you initially. But the more they talk to you, the more they understand the kind of person that you are. They understand the differences that make you one of your own kind.

Moreover, they understand the importance of being the person that you are. Thus, people take their time to understand you but once they do, they are there for you always.

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5. You are unique in a very inimitable fashion

Of course, you are! You are different from everyone around you. This difference makes you very interesting for the people around you.

Everyone wants to know the secret to your uniqueness. Everyone wants to know what makes you special and what sets you apart from everyone else. But, how much ever they may try; they will never know that secret.

6. If you are mistreated or if someone hurts you, you prey and then you kill.

Guess, they should not mess with you. Well, you are sweet and all but if someone hurts you, you will go to any extent to defend yourself.

Yes, you protect yourself and you have got your own back. You fight your own fights and you know how to deal with the bad people around you. Sometimes, you even scare the bad people, haha!

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