14 Signs Of Weak Men And The Things They Say To Put Down Strong Women

Signs Of Weak Men And What They Say To Put Down Women

In a world that is constantly pushing for equal rights, it’s important to be aware of certain characteristics in people. And while we stand and celebrate all of our strong men and women, it’s also important to recognize that there are certain signs of weak men and women that can hinder personal growth and positive relationships.

In this piece, we’re going to shed light on the signs of a weak insecure man, and the phrases weak men use to put strong women down. By recognizing these traits we can go a long way in fostering a culture of equality, respect, and personal development.

First, let’s talk explore the signs of weak men.

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14 Signs Of Weak Men

  • Lack of emotional intelligence: He often struggles to understand and express his emotions properly, which stops him from building genuine, meaningful relationships with others.
  • Inability to take responsibility: He has the tendency to shift blame onto you rather than taking ownership of his actions and the consequences.
  • Constant need for validation: One of the biggest signs of a weak insecure man. He seeks constant approval from others, and instead of working on being self-confident, he relies on external sources to define his self-worth.
  • Insecure competitiveness: He engages in unhealthy competition with you, because he feels threatened by your success rather than celebrating it and using it as incentive for personal growth.
  • Reluctance to communicate openly: He avoids difficult conversations, because he is scared of confrontation and also of being open and vulnerable.
  • Disrespectful behaviour: He is extremely disrespectful towards you, and often resorts to belittling, demeaning, and even uses derogatory language as a way of showing his dominance.
  • Inability to handle criticism: One of the profound signs of a weak man in a relationship. He tends to become defensive whenever you give him constructive criticism, because he sees it as a personal attack rather than an opportunity for growth.
  • Lack of empathy: He just cannot imagine putting himself in someone else’s shoes and even try to understand their experiences, due to a lack of compassion and understanding.
  • Toxic masculinity: One of the biggest signs of a weak insecure man. He rigidly adheres to societal norms of masculinity, suppresses his emotions and works towards perpetuating harmful stereotypes.
  • Insecurity-driven aggression: He might even resort to aggression or violence sometimes, in an attempt to control you, or compensate for his insecurities.
  • Extremely jealous and possessive: He treats you like his personal property, keeping an eye on your every move and getting upset even if you talk to someone of the opposite gender.
  • Never fights for the people he loves: Instead of defending you, he’ll just stay silent when things get tough and might even throw you under the bus to save his own skin.
  • Never makes anyone feel safe: This is one of the saddest signs of a weak man in a relationship. You never feel safe around him. You constantly feel like something bad might happen or he might harm you in some way or the other.
  • Constant complaining: He can’t seem to see the bright side of anything. Instead of trying to improve things, he only focuses on what went wrong, and keeps on cribbing about it.
Signs of weak men

Now that we discussed in detail the signs of weak men, or the signs of a weak insecure man, let’s delve deep into the phrases weak men use to put strong women down.

9 Things Weak Men Say To Put Strong Women Down

1. “Why are you always so emotional?”

The phrase that pierces the heart when it’s thrown at you in a vulnerable conversation. It’s like a punch to the gut. Suddenly, your emotions are invalidated and being used against you as if there is something wrong with being in-touch with your feelings.

Well, let me make one thing clear: there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being emotional. Emotions are what makes us human. So next time someone tries to put you down by saying this, remember that they are wrong and your feelings are valid.

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2. “You’re way too ambitious for a woman.”

One of the most despicable things weak men say to women is this.

Can you believe people still say this? It’s like they expect all women to sit back and look pretty while not having any dreams or aspirations of their own.

This phrase is meant to diminish your goals and aspirations by hinting that you should stick to what society expects of you instead of following your passions. Well guess what? We refuse to let outdated stereotypes limit our progress.

Keep reaching for the stars because the sky is the limit and focus on breaking through those glass ceilings like a boss.

3. “You are a woman and you should stick to traditional gender roles.”

Again, this is probably one of the most despicable and sexist phrases weak men use to put strong women down. Who even came up with this stuff anyways? Whoever it is needs a serious reality check because ladies can do just as much as men can!

This phrase is just another way of trying to put women into cages and trap them in roles that they are not limited to. However, women are not dependent on men anymore for their needs, wants and happiness; they can very well take care of themselves.

4. “You’re being too sensitive.”

It’s like telling someone “Hey your feelings don’t matter so just toughen up and get over it.”

Your emotions are valid and you have every right to express them. By using this phrase men try to ignore women as if we are children throwing a tantrum. It’s like they know that our emotions have power and it scares them so they avoid any real conversations about it.

Well now, you won’t be silenced, you’ll keep speaking up, expressing yourself, and demanding the respect that you know you deserve.

Signs of weak men

5. “You must be on your period.”

Again, this is one of the most tone-deaf and ignorant phrases weak men use to put strong women down.

Is it actually cool to blame everything on a woman’s hormonal cycle, or am I missing something?

Being fiery and strong-willed isn’t the result of hormones — it’s intelligence, confidence, and determination. Just because you are taking a stand for yourself, or just because you are refusing to get bullied, that doesn’t mean you are on your period.

If a man thinks that your boundaries are just a mood swing, then call him out for being ignorant and move along. He’s certainly not the one. Actually, he is never going to be anyone’s ‘The One’!

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6. “You just hate men.”

Why is this even a thing? Whenever someone says this I’m like, “Really?”

The assumption that if a woman asserts herself she must be a man-hater is so absurd, and frankly, stupid. This is one of the biggest signs of weak insecure men; only they can say stuff like this and get away with it. A real man will never even think along these lines.

Challenging patriarchal ideologies and outdated expectations of how women “should” be is necessary for growth and evolution. You can question the system and also appreciate the good men out there.

7. “You’re too independent for a relationship.”

A woman’s independence is never a bad thing, nor should it be used to shame them. The idea that women can do everything on their own is somehow threatening to a relationship is just sad and backdated. Unsurprisingly, this is one of the glaring signs of a weak man in a relationship.

Your independence should not be used against you as a red flag. Men who have a fragile ego and are not capable themselves will always try to bring women down, especially strong, independent women who can stand on their own two feet.

It means you’re a complete person who doesn’t rely on someone else to define you. So if a man ever tells you that your independence is a flaw, kindly remind him that healthy partnerships thrive on mutual respect.

8. “You’re too stubborn and assertive.”

Definitely one of funniest things weak men say.

Being strong-willed and standing your own ground are like having superpowers. It’s what empowers you to conquer mountains and achieve greatness. So instead of feeling intimidated by it, maybe take a page from the book of determined women and find some of their magic for yourself.

Strength of will is not something to be ashamed of; it’s something to be feared (in the best way). Keep being fierce and unapologetically strong-willed because you’ve got what it takes to show the world just how amazing you are.

Signs of weak men

9.“You’re just looking for attention.”

This is probably one of the most exasperating phrases weak men use to put strong women down, and is one of the major signs of a weak man in a relationship. Really guys? One of the most classic signs of weak men, this serves as an attempt at undermining your achievements and diminishing your worth.

But guess what? You’re not looking for attention, you are simply celebrating how awesome you are, and why shouldn’t you? Why shouldn’t you celebrate your wins? And why do such weak men feel the need to bring you down rather than raise you up?

Supporting each other is how we all rise and evolve so all the weak men out there, take note: instead of bringing women down, join the celebration and open yourself up to the power of women lifting each other up. It’s time to spread love —not hate or negativity.

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Understanding and addressing these signs of weak men, and the absurd things weak men say to put women down is crucial in creating a society that values equality, respect, and personal growth.

By recognizing these traits, we can strive for healthier relationships, open communication, and a culture that empowers everyone — regardless of gender.

Have you ever been on the receiving end of these things weak men say? Do you recognize any of these signs of weak men in the men you know and are close to? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

phrases weak men use to put strong women down

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