Insecurity in Men: How To Tell If A Man Is Insecure

insecurity in men

We all have a lot of insecurities that we deal with. Even the people who seem the most confident about themselves deal with a lot of insecurities all the time. Men have tons of insecurities to deal with.

However, not many men out there would be willing to accept it and talk to someone. They are afraid of coming out as vulnerable and weak. Thus, they often suffer in silence without telling anyone.

Insecurities In Men- An Overview

Insecurity in men is much more prevalent than what is normally perceived. The reason is that most men and by that I mean the majority of men out there are insecure about themselves. This is because when we generally talk about insecurities, we often refer to women. This is because women are perceived as the ‘weaker sex’ in our society. Thus, insecurities in men is a topic which most people would never believe exists. Unfortunately, this is far away from the truth. Men tend to suffer from insecurities, just as much as women do, if not more. Our society along with our mainstream media needs to share the blame for this. Mainstream media has projected such clichéd images of men, their muscularity, and how men need to behave, that it has given rise to a preconceived notion that insecurities = women.

Men suffer from a variety of insecurities, which often go unnoticed, as stated by a 2018 study. The study goes on to explain that “men as less able and less interested than women in building emotional and supportive relationships with others.”  This explains that men are able to suffer emotionally the same way as women and also are not able to seek emotional support for the same. In a society where men are perceived as the stronger sex, it is not uncommon to have situations where men find it difficult to open up to other people. 

Men tend to suffer from insecurities just like women and some issues are similar for both sexes. The study goes on to state that “While some men differentiated between their social connections with men and women, others experienced difficulties in mobilizing support from existing connections.” In an era where there are plenty of ideological discussions about machismo, gender equality, and feminism, it is important for both genders to understand each other’s psychological and emotional needs. Stereotypes about both genders are prevalent and while the focus is currently on females, important aspects of men’s emotional health get left out. Men’s insecurities are often ridiculed and not talked about and its symptoms can build up and manifest in a lot of different ways.

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Causes Of Insecurity In Men

Men suffer from a variety of struggles, difficulties and issues about which they are often unwilling to talk about. They feel that discussing these personal worries or shortcomings are a sign of weakness, which is supposedly seen as a taboo in our society. Some of the insecurities which men suffer from are:

1. Physical attributes

Men, just like women, tend to be concerned about their body image. They too have insecurities about their height, weight or simply the way they look. While most products and treatments in the market are targeted towards women, men feel left out in this part. They develop anxiety about the way they look and often look for ways to improve their appearance.

Gynecomastia is a condition where men tend to develop breasts, similar to that of women. This can result from hormone imbalances in the body, excessive stress, age or due to a variety of other factors. This can be a reason for embarrassment in men where they feel they are starting to acquire feminine characteristics and are losing their masculinity. Men suffering from this condition experience humiliation in public and develop anxiety disorders.  

The most common condition of hair loss in men is alopecia. It causes one’s hair to fall out and reveals small bald patches on the head. Other causes of hair loss can be stress, anxiety and hormonal problems, which can arise due to age. Some men tend to associate baldness with old age, being less attractive or appearing less masculine. Hair loss treatments are few and most of them are costly and usually do not show any significant results.

2. Financial in capabilities

Men are usually looked upon as the provider of the family. This has been prevalent since ancient times, when primitive men were the provider for the family. Coming to recent times, men today have an intense pressure of securing a high paying job or being financially stable in life. They are expected to provide for the woman they marry and raise a family together. Thus, men tend to have deep rooted insecurities about their current financial condition. They often find themselves worrying about their current standing in their career and where they will be after five or ten years.

3. Emotional insecurities

Men, just like women, tend to suffer from relationship insecurities. In the past if they have been cheated on by their partners, they develop doubts on their capabilities to provide as a partner. Due to the breach of emotional trust in the past, they find it hard to trust women and often suffer from loneliness. They fear that their future relationships will also turn out to be the same and shy away from giving other women a chance.

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